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A Primer of Phonetics By Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
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A primer of phonetics is designed to support EFL learners in achieving native-like pronunciation: Chapter one deals with the history of phonology and phonetics and provides a brief overview of the... More > impact of philosophy and psychology on the emergence of phonology. Chapter two defines the notion of phoneme, describes IPA phonetic alphabet, and distinguishes between broad and narrow transcriptions. Chapters three and four provide an in-depth account of traditional and systematic articulatory phonetics respectively. Chapter five discusses the place of suprasegmentals in phonology. Chapter six seeks to explain phonemics. Chapter seven provides a brief introduction to the rudiments of acoustic or physical phonetics. Chapter eight introduces the reader to the notion of auditory phonetics. The tables, figures, and photos that are presented throughout the book are designed to give the reader an instant reference for the precise articulation of English phonemes.< Less
Comprehensive Articulatory Phonetics By T Cleghorn, N Rugg
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Comprehensive Articulatory Phonetics teaches how to recognize, record, and reproduce the sounds of any language. Phonetics is the study of sounds. Specifically, it is the study of human speech... More > sounds. A person who only speaks one language may not realize that there are hundreds of different consonants and vowels spoken by humans in different parts of the world. This book will introduce the reader to almost every sound spoken by man. Since the English alphabet is inadequate to represent every speech sound known to man, the reader will be taught the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This is a special alphabet containing numerous symbols that represent sounds for all languages. This edition does not contain audio.< Less
The Sound of English By Joseph Hudson
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'The Sound of English' is a practical course in English pronunciation. It shows the reader how to pronounce all 19 vowel and 26 consonant sounds of a neutral English accent (Received Pronunciation /... More > BBC English). It also covers the rules of turning English spelling into correct pronunciation, how to join sounds together and the weak/strong structure of speech. Intonation patterns, stress and pitch are all covered in the context of conversation practice. The course contains notes, repetition drills and exercises all with audio professional audio accompaniment. It can be used for self-study and classroom teaching with an easy to follow ESL methodology. The course contains 130 pages over 9 chapters and can be covered in 20 hours of study. The product is fully supported by Pronunciation Studio speech school in London where it was made by IPA certified linguists led by Joseph Hudson.< Less
Beginner's English (Children's Edition) By David Hall
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Beginner's English (Children's Edition) is a phonetics based vocabulary colouring-in book. Using unique characters (such as Angry Ant and Crazy Cat) from our Roman Alphabet, this textbook creates an... More > easy way for children to take their first steps into the English language.< Less
The Pronunciation of English: A Reference and Practice Book By Tamara Piankova
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The Pronunciation of English deals comprehensively with the English sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation in a single volume. The description of English sounds is based on the sound classification... More > and on the symbols used by Prof. Daniel Jones, a great authority on English phonetics. Our practice exercises are developed specifically for foreign learners of English. A sound is practiced separately and in contrasts, moving from syllables and words in transcription to those in standard spelling, spelling forms, and sentences (with stress marked and intonation patterns shown by and ). The pronunciation of words is in accordance with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Work through the book and you will receive a sound training in expressing meaning in English speech, will understand native speakers, and will be understood in a communication.< Less
Read Write Speak Better English By Dennis Brooks
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Read Write Speak Better English teaches speech and reading with phonetic decoding. Students learn to read and speak English quickly with this new multi-sensory learning process. The study techniques... More > include visualization, syllabication, pronunciation, syllable stress, and say-spell-say study drills. Read Write Speak Better English does three things: It speeds up the process for people who are just learning to read or speak English. It helps those who already speak English improve their speech and reading vocabulary. It is also for ESL students who want to improve their reading and speech by studying on their own.< Less
English Letter-Sound Drills By Tamara Piankova
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The handbook English Letter-Sound Drills presents: • Different ways of pronouncing the same letters & letter combinations • Pronunciation of vowel sounds in stressed & unstressed... More > positions • Pronunciation of consonants, consonant clusters & sequences • Linkage in connected speech. The book is prepared carefully and with a lot of attention to detail. A reading (pronunciation) item is drilled in single-purpose exercises before different items are brought together in a jumble. Other things being equal, such exercises are more effective than those aimed at practising several difficulties at the same time. Three Appendices are added at the close of the book: (1) Words with the Same Sound but with Different Spellings and Meanings, (2) Spelling Forms for Consonant Sounds, and (3) Spelling Forms for Vowel Sounds. The Glossary of Terms contains the elements of English phonetics and related grammar.< Less
Singing American English: Textbook for Diction for Singers By John Blizzard
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Singing American English helps singers, teachers, and directors to negotiate the many difficulties involved in singing beautiful American English. Designed for use in diction for singers classes,... More > this book is the fruit of more than a quarter-century of teaching by Dr. John T. Blizzard. Now in its second edition, Singing American English is useful also as both a reference and a workbook, full of drills designed for the student to master new information. Readers will learn how to use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as a guide to their understanding, singing, and hearing. Chapters include discussions of the International Phonetic Alphabet, vowels and consonants, diphthongs, triphthongs, glides, and several articles on the relationship of diction to many facets of the performance of songs and arias. Students learn about the concept of the Hellwag Triangle, which, the author states, may be the most important chapter in the entire textbook in terms of their own singing.< Less
Scolded Child / Shikararete (Diction and English translation) By Katsura Shimizu, Ryutaro Hirota
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Diction and English translation of "Scolded Child" (the original title "Shikararete" in Japanese). "Scolded Child" is one of Japanese popular classical songs, with... More > brand-new redaction by Yoshio TSUKADA. Lyric by Katsura SHIMIZU (1898-1951) Music by Ryutaro HIROTA (1892-1952) This set includes the followings: - Original Japanese text (mixture of Kanji and Hiragana) - Original Japanese text (Hiragana, Japanese phonogram characters) - English translation of the lyric - Word-by-word English translation - International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and pitch indication copyright: Japan Traditional Culture Interchange Association, Foster Japanese Songs (FJS) Classics, 2013< Less
English Dialects: From the Eighth Century to the Present Day By William Skeat
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In this fascinating book Cambridge linguist Walter W. Skeat (1835-1912) offers a short, accessible introduction to the history of English dialects. Beginning in early medieval times, he traces each... More > dialect through over twelve centuries of development, explaining some of the the factors that gradually shaped them. Viking invasions, the Norman Conquest, and linguistic processes such as phonetic decay slowly transformed vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, and grammar. The rise of the midland variety and its eventual acceptance as standard British English is discussed in detail. This reprint is a carefully prepared facsimile of the original edition published by Cambridge University Press in 1911. It includes Skeat’s rare reproduction of the thirteenth-century manuscript known as “The only English Proclamation of Henry III”.< Less