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Mr. Abhi defines drawing as delineation. That doesn’t tell you how much of a real “bang” there is in it. Maybe He never knew. Most folks Love to draw even when they know little... More > about it. It Started with the cave man, and still survives on the Walls of public places... Because It’s so much fun, and So easy, it’s a shame not to be able to do it better.< Less
Enjoy Piracy By Andrew Collard
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This book is a stream of consciousness collage of disparate images and subjects. The images are presented in a regular grid format but their subject matter varies wildly.
To Still Enjoy By Jared Dybzinski
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A journey of one of God's prophets who learns that God is a good God and that He knows what He is doing.
Enjoy Your Wife, Enjoy Your Husband By Solomon Okpa
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Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured - this describes the totality of this book. The perceived fact that a lot of couples are distracted and tend to focus their attention on another woman or man... More > outside is the bane of marriage. The author makes it clear that: “That man outside is not better than your husband, neither is the woman outside sweeter than your wife.” You would realize from the book that you are not to endure life, but to enjoy life. One of such free gift of enjoyment is your spouse. The sad truth is that the majority of married men and women are enduring their marriages rather than enjoying it. Why? Their eyes are outside looking at the unmarried, married, young and old men and women who belong to another person. If you think that is all, you would be shocked to find more reasons inside this book and when you do, you would learn how to value your spouse more than ever, protect your spouse and above all enjoy your spouse.< Less
4 U 2 Enjoy (For You to Enjoy) By Rochelle Lambiris
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The quirky poems in this book are easy to read and aim to cheer you up, so necessary in these days of doom and gloom. They even appeal to those who don’t usually like poetry (the author... More > included)! They cover a wide range of topics such as corruption, depravity, plastic surgery, espionage, infertility etc. The unique characters include Jason (drop-dead gorgeous, but doesn’t take nice ladies to bed); Sabrina Boonga-Bong (a glowing chocolate treat); Sir Jeremy Twat (Minister of I don’t know what); Melissa (not ugly, but wouldn’t win a prize)… and many others!< Less
How to Enjoy Public Speaking By D Keys
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How to Enjoy Public Speaking in 60 to 90 days. Change the limiting beliefs that hold you back from enjoying a fuller, more successful life.
Enjoy Learning Homeopathy By John English
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A collection of homeopathic poems by Dr John English, compiled to celebrate his 80th birthday. Many original full-colour illustrations. Helps you learn more about eight different homeopathic... More > remedies, through rhyme, rhythm, colour and humour. For more of Dr English's homeopathic learning materials see< Less
101 Ways to Enjoy Coffee By David Roman
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Coffee humor at its simplest. If you are a coffee drinker, take a moment to imagine yourself in each of these scenarios. You can consider these coffee jokes of the list variety, and somewhat... More > nonsensical humor.< Less
Enjoying Your Espresso By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Imagine you are sitting on the beach, listening to the waves hitting the shore, drinking a hot cup of espresso, life can be good. Drinking coffee, especially espresso has been my passion. I enjoy... More > the nice fragrance of coffee surrounding me while I'm reading a book. If you want to learn more about espresso making, this ebook is for you. Inside contains tons of information from espresso expert around the world, giving you tips on brewing the perfect cup of espresso. It's so perfect you can even start your own cafe. Try making your own coffee from your house today!< Less
Blip It and Enjoy the Small Moments By Patricia Edwards
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The Blip is that moment that is your destiny. It is the path you are on somewhere to a moment happening now. It is awareness of life around you. It can be a burst of happiness. It can also be a... More > tragedy.Life can be wonderful indeed. Then come the windmills and the giants and the Armageddons and it is up to you to recognize which is which. Are they really true battles or merely diamonds that shine and rainbows that end with a pot of gold? This is when you need to spot the blips, those little hits of happiness, the oases of love and joy and peace amid life’s volleys. Then we can really enjoy Rocky Road ice cream and flowers and hummingbirds. This is where the parable or the story shows us how this works because we need those awesome stories to take us to that other level where it is our turn to look down from a height and observe the ups and downs that make up our lives. Maybe it takes an outer body experience or a drug arrest to turn on the light and flee the chasing shadows.< Less

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