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The Entertainment By Lem Doolittle
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This volume collects two of Lem Doolittle's short plays, as slightly modified in 1973 for a simultaneous performance at Buffalo Street Student Theatre. The one-act play "A Reckoning," set... More > in a tavern in central Kentucky, is Doolittle's take on the sort of barroom tragedy made popular by O'Neill, Gorky, etc. Experimental short "A Bar-fly" sees this subject matter further explored in pantomime. Also included are notes on the 1973 production, and a few selected reviews.< Less
Physics for Entertainment By Yakov Perelman
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Physics for Entertainment
Physics For Entertainment By Yakov Perelman
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Physics For Entertainment
Entertainment Engineering By John W. Wesner
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"Entertainment Engineering." You may ask, "what has Engineering to do with Entertainment, other than the design of roller coasters?" The reality is that engineering lies behind... More > almost every type of entertainment, from the press that printed this book, through special effects in many movies, to the creation of "rides" based upon flight simulators and industrial robots. Entertainment has more influence on popular culture than almost anything you can name. In this book we begin in Part 1 by looking at the entertainment industry in general, with a focus on delighting the customers. We ask what is unique/special about the domain Entertainment, we look at the broad scope of Entertainment, and end by asking the reader to think about their own entertainment preferences. In Part 2 we examine exactly how the behind-the-scenes engineering contributes to many specific types of entertainment.< Less
The Art of Entertaining By M. E. W. Sherwood
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In America the art of entertaining as compared with the same art in England, in France, in Italy and in Germany may be said to be in its infancy. But if it is, it is a very vigorous infant, perhaps a... More > little overfed. There is no such prodigality of food anywhere nor a more genuinely hospitable people in the world than those descendants of the Pilgrims and the Cavaliers who peopled the North and South of what we are privileged to call the United States. Exiles from Fatherland taught the Indians the words "Welcome!" and "What Cheer?"—a beautiful and a noble prophecy. Well might it be the motto for our national shield. We, who welcome to our broad garden-lands the hungry and the needy of an overcrowded old world, can well appropriate the legend.< Less
It's Entertainment! By Parniya Whitehead
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Quick Entertainment! If you love to entertain or want to serve a meal that leaves an impression - this easy cookbook is for you! Entertain with style and ease! Cook a simple yet elegant meal for your... More > family, a party, or just a few friends. The recipes are easy to follow and quick to make. It's Entertainment from Breakfast to Dessert! Enjoy!< Less
Tasty Entertaining By Tameka McSpadden
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Have you ever wanted to have a few people over for dinner but had no idea what to serve or how to plan? We have all been in that situation at one point and planning a fun, family-friendly dining... More > experience doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right recipes, careful planning, and a fun group, entertaining at home can be even better than going out to a fine dining establishment. Inside I have included some of my favorite recipes and tips to help you and your guests get the most out of your time together. Once you’ve read this cookbook, you’ll never have to dread entertaining at home again!< Less
Physics for Entertainment By Yakov Perelman
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Published in 1913, a best-seller in the 1930s and long out of print, Physics for Entertainment was translated from Russian into many languages and influenced science students around the world. Among... More > them was Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman, the Russian mathematician (unrelated to the author), who solved the Poincaré conjecture, and who was awarded and rejected the Fields Medal. Grigori’s father, an electrical engineer, gave him Physics for Entertainment to encourage his son’s interest in mathematics. In the foreword, the book’s author describes the contents as “conundrums, brain-teasers, entertaining anecdotes, and unexpected comparisons,” adding, “I have quoted extensively from Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Mark Twain and other writers, because, besides providing entertainment, the fantastic experiments these writers describe may well serve as instructive illustrations at physics classes.”< Less
Entertaining Lies By Samuel Charles Capri
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Madison Avenue bridges the entire world’s motivation. Your HDTV, computer and smart phone will never be looked at the same after reading this cool thriller about a beautiful, smart, and sassy... More > lead field agent of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), A young handsome high tech TV repairman and a corrupt high powered wealthy advertising mogul as they lead you through a suspenseful, thrilling adventure to save our freedom. This fascinating story takes place today and will change your mind about being a couch potato. If Helen and Max are unsuccessful, all humanity’s future will go down the tubes. This fast paced exciting, romantic, thought provoking eBook is a fun short read. Look out! Entertaining Lies may shortly be in a movie theater near your home.It is a must read and top SCiFi Romantic Thriller ebook< Less
Green Entertaining By Strategic Sustainability Consulting
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Whether you are playing golf, or going out to dinner, there are usually eco-friendly options to choose from. This is a guide to eco-friendly entertaining.

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