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Ephesians By Dr. Nathan Ogan
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Paul exhorts the Ephesians to embrace Christ’s sacrifice in a manner in which he believes an environment of peace will occur within the church. "If Christ was sacrificed for your sake, be... More > like him and be in submission to one another."< Less
Ephesians By Teri Thompson
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A verse by verse study through the Book of Ephesians. Appreciate the eternal wealth given to you as a believer in Christ. Discover how to walk as a child of Christ. Stand faithfully through the... More > trials as one chosen in Christ. Each chapter lesson contains four days of both personal reflection and biblical referencing found as the reader digs into God's Word. Through this important message to the church of Ephesus, my prayer is that God would give you personal truths that will remain effective in your life as "nails driven in a sure place" (Ecclesiastes 12:11). This study is great for either personal use or for group study.< Less
Ephesians By book study
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Ephesians: book study (122pgs) Fairly comprehensive series thru-the-book, topic-by-topic. Death to life through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jews and Gentiles, both, reconciled to God. Put off... More > the old, put on the new. Specifics on living righteously. Spiritual warfare.< Less
Ephesians By Gerald Woodruff
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Ephesians is noted for two things. It is noted for its particular doctrinal exposition. It is also noted that it is the only Epistle that is also mentioned as church in Revelation. We note that it... More > also contains reference to the Bride of Christ and to Marriage. It talks of behavior of the believer in relationship to the world. Ephesians tells us what we have, what we were, what we become and then what we should do. Dr. Woodruff has also include a body of messages that he used to preach this book to the congregation of Old Fashioned Baptist Church in Vernon, MI. The book is listed as an Opinionary in that it is his opinion about what this all means. It is basically a commentary in this sense. He would like to remind the readers of this that in their study of this book that they should come to their own conclusion of course being guided by the Holy Spirit of truth.< Less
Ephesians By Shirley Sides
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Ephesus was a secular, godless city and obsessed with money and commerce. People turned to anything that they thought would further their selfish, worldly ends. They had false religion and followed... More > the cult of the goddess Diana. People elevated her image and worshipped her because they thought she would further their business ends and materialistic lifestyle. Paul came to this city and pointed the nominal disciples to the living Lord Jesus to the reality of the Holy Spirit. These disciples had a measure of faith, but the power of God was not in their lives. Paul tells them of the Holy Spirit and they receive His presence and power. This most loving and teaching and uplifting letter was written by Paul as he was captive in a prison cell in Rome. It was written about 60AD around the same time as the letter to the Colossian church. This letter is written to Gentile believers and would have been such an encouragement to them, as their Brother and Apostle Paul, was in chains.< Less
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Ethel Mae By Ephesian Franklin
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A woman named Ethel meets a guy named Ephesian. They fall in love and go on a spiritual self discovery journey. They go through hell and back to find heaven on earth.
Paul Wall Slim Thug Companionship By Ephesian Franklin
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Three guys from the hood meet in the streets of Houston. Ephesian, also known as 4thWardKingfish, a glamorous drug dealer on the feds radar. Also, a popular slab car driver connected in the streets.... More > He links up with upcoming Grammy Nominated music artists Paul Wall, and Slim Thug in a long devotional journey, that created soulful music videos that sponsors Houston’s Slab Culture. Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Ephesian, better known as 4thWardKingfish the slab legend, most importantly raised spiritual awareness worldwide about the new era epoch against humanity.< Less
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Paul Wall the Disciple By Ephesian Franklin
eBook (PDF): $10.00
The story of two friends with one guy in the streets avoiding the Feds. The other guy becoming a worldwide famous rapper. Unknown to them they were in a spiritual crisis. Both come to grips to spread... More > awareness about the spiritual warfare battle gobally.< Less

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