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How to Drift a Car: Your Guide to the Best Drifting Cars, Race and Lessons By David Keel
eBook (ePub): $2.65
What You Need To Get Started In Drifting And What You Must Not Do! Would you like to learn the ropes to drifting, find sponsors or hire a crew? If so, the solution you have been looking for is... More > finally here! • Make Money Racing Once You Learn The Rules! • The Difference Between Racing Techniques That Win & The Ones That Crash And Burn! • Stop Paying For Equipment And Find Sponsors Willing To Invest! • Find Sponsors With Products You Like & Promote It By Winning Races! • Eliminate The Need For Expensive Maintenance & Find A Crew That Gets The Job Done! • Use This Information To Set Your Car Up The Right Way! • Where The Best Formula D Racers Hang Out! • The Secrets Of The Best Drifting Styles & Techniques! You will discover where to find sponsors that are eager for you to promote their products and make sales by advertising as you race. You will learn how to setup your racing team for maximum success.< Less
Cellular Cofferdams By Pile Buck
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This working manual covers everything from theory, practical design, templates, installation, filling, equipment, maintenance to removal. With the combination of the TVA Technical Monograph 75-Steel... More > Sheet Pile Cofferdams on the Rock manual and the US Corps of Engineers manual - Theoretical Manual for Design of Cellular Sheet Pile Structures our Cellular Cofferdams handbook make for an excellent reference book. Cellular Cofferdams, the large, barrel-like, interconnected structures formed of steel sheet piling and filled with coarse soil. Generally utilized for dewatering large construction sites as well as building piers, quaywalls, bulkheads, breakwaters and artificial islands. Over the years, a few papers on design theory have come forth, but only one complete publication devoted to the entire subject.< Less
What Is: Electro-Mechanical Packaging By JOHN L. BISOL
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Electro-Mechanical Packaging is a “Hybrid” engineering assignment. Electro-Mechanical Packaging is a major discipline within the field of Mechanical Engineering and includes a wide... More > variety of technologies. It refers to enclosures and the unique protective features built into the product itself, and not (only) to a shipping container. Electro-Mechanical Packaging applies both to end products and to components. Electro-Mechanical packaging of an electronic system must consider protection from mechanical damage, cooling, radio frequency noise emission, protection from electrostatic discharge, maintenance, operator convenience, and cost. Prototypes and industrial equipment made in small quantities may use standardized commercially available enclosures such as card cages or prefabricated boxes. Mass-market consumer devices may have highly specialized packaging to increase consumer appeal.< Less
Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings By Craig DiLouie, LC
eBook (ePub): $99.99
In this insightful and practical desk reference, veteran journalist and educator Craig DiLouie identifies, details and compares a variety of opportunities which can be effectively utilized, both to... More > improve lighting performance, as well as to save energy in existing buildings. The book explains in clear terms the decision-making process behind whether retrofitting or redesigning an existing building's lighting system will yield the best, most cost-effective results. A discussion of basic lighting design techniques, advanced lighting strategies, how to evaluate and compare lighting equipment, and the important role planned maintenance can play in saving energy and ensuring long-term performance are included. Also covered are details of the current status of lighting-related legislation and energy codes.< Less
Creating a Strategic Energy Reduction Plan By Scott Offermann
eBook (ePub): $99.99
This book provides a simple, easily followed process for auditing building operations in order to identify and reduce energy consumption. The crucial steps of this process involve assessing the... More > facility's current conditions, understanding and analyzing the operational and cost-based opportunities, reporting the findings, and then documenting the plan. The book discusses the full scope of building components and systems, including how each impacts energy efficiency, and then goes on to describe the operational energy efficiencies that can be gained by implementing no-cost changes or alternative maintenance activities already funded. Capital improvement opportunities, along with evaluating return on investment and life cycle replacement of equipment are also covered. The four step process described in this book will serve as a valuable tool for every building operator seeking to improve facility energy performance.< Less
High Performance Buildings: A Guide for Owners & Managers By Anthony Robinson, MS
eBook (ePub): $99.99
High Performance Buildings: A Guide for Owners and Managers, is a template - a blueprint for action for those making decisions about how to improve the energy efficiency and performance of new or... More > existing buildings. It is designed to have broad appeal, both for the seasoned veteran facility or energy manager and for the new manager alike, but can also be utilized as a practical desk reference by professionals such as architects, engineers, and construction managers. The full spectrum of topics relevant to achieving optimum building performance is addressed, including analysis of overall building energy use and performance, building commissioning, applicable codes, standards and rating systems, building envelope, onsite power generating options, optimizing performance of building mechanical and electrical equipment, and importance of effective building operation and maintenance practices. Fundamental principles are discussed and illustrated with case studies.< Less
Small Arms Training By Stephen Redgwell
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This historical reference is reproduced just for you! Learn how the Canadian army used the Lee Enfield in WWII. This book is a compilation of the four most useful and sought after manuals containing... More > information about all small arms in use during WWII. Over 140 pages with original illustrations. INCLUDES NOTES ON THE TRAINING OF SNIPERS. A hard to find publication that was the beginning of Canadian Army sniper training! Many tactics are still used today! Large 8.5x11 format makes it easier to read. 1. Weapons Training - Theory of fire, training and range work 2. Application of Fire - Searching for and locating targets, judging distance 3. Rifle - (Maintenance, cleaning & aiming) - includes the No 3 & No 4 rifles, 22 rifle, No 4 Sniper rifle) 4. Notes on the Training of Snipers - The No 4 rifle, field craft, cover, camouflage, concealment, equipment, training and observation, locating enemy snipers.< Less
U.S. Navy Diving Manual Volume 2 Surface Supplied Air and Self-Contained Diving (SCUBA) NAVSHIPS 250-538 By Periscope
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Originally published by the U.S. Navy as a training text for Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) members, deep sea divers and frogmen, this Diving Manual is an indispensible reference for anyone... More > interested in exploring the depths. Volume 1 (sold separately) presents the general principles of diving. Volume 2 presents information about surface supplied air and scuba diving. Special sections include technical descriptions of equipment, maintenance, medical aspects of diving, hazards, normal procedures and emergency procedures, This historical book is a carefully created copy of NAVSHIPS 250-538, originally created during WWII and revised periodically. If you're interested in diving, you MUST have this book on your shelf!< Less
Psychological Operations by United States. Department of the Army. By United States. . Department of the Army.
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Psychological factors are an integral part of all battlefields. Each unit movement and everyconquest of terrain psychologically affect the battlefield participants and an audience of... More > friendly,neutral, or hostile groups. The psychological effect of combat actions can be seen in theheightened morale of a successful unit or in the discouragement and fear of a defeated unit.Properly manipulated attitudes can modify the behavior and the combat effectiveness of thesoldier and the unit.This manual provides information and guidance for the conduct of psychological operations(PSYOP) in general, limited, and cold war. The doctrine, techniques, and procedures found hereinare applicable to conventional warfare, unconventional warfare (UW), and foreign internaldefense (FID) operations. This manual should be used in conjunction with other official manualsand publications that provide staff organization procedures and guidance for doctrine, fieldoperations, and maintenance of equipment.< Less
All about Car Detailing By Paul Simmons
eBook (PDF): $0.00
What Exactly Is Car Detailing? Aspects of Car Detailing. The Difference Between a Car Wash and Car Detailing. The Cost of Car Detailing. Looking For the Right Car Detailer. Car Tinting Tips for Your... More > Vehicle. Get Familiar With Window Tints. Know Which Tints are Best. Check Out UV Reflecting Tints. Be Aware of State Laws. Hire a Pro. Make Sure You Know Where to Tint. Get Information on Tint Maintenance. Finding the Best Car Tinting. Choosing the Right Company. Check for Certifications. Search for the Right Features. Design Inspiration. What to Look For In a Car Wash. Up-To-Date Equipment. Stay Dry. A Clean Facility. Check For Tire Shine. Do An Inspection.< Less

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