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It is Time for the Revelation By Unholy Erection
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Unholy Erection is the collaboration of Johnny B. Smooth and The B-Dazzler. It is Time for the Revelation is their first book. they laugh and fuss i try not to cuss tho' i feel i might bust when i... More > sniff seats on the bus -Bill Dazzler, 2000< Less
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Rules For Stronger Erections By R Smith
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Find out, as early as possible, what the cause of your dysfunction is. And, don't be too quick to jump on that "pill-popping" train, unless your doctor is sure it's completely safe.
Erect Penis Enemy - Diabetes By John Dugan
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Diabetes is no laughing matter and can lead to serious health difficulties. It can also have an impact on a man's erect penis (or lack thereof), thus affecting his sex life as well.
The Erect Penis and Varicose Veins By John Dugan
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A man like to display his erect penis for the admiration of his partners, but varicose veins on the organ can detract from its healthy, manly appearance and cause embarrassment.
Masturbation Materials for an Erect Penis By John Dugan
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Masturbation is one of man’s great pleasures and a surefire route to a happy penis. But sometimes a guy feels like pleasuring himself with something more than just the palm of his bare hand.
Erection, the user's guide By Ronald Virag
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Ronald Virag is a French surgeon. He is a pioneer in sexual medicine research and specially in the field of erectile dysfunction. His discovery of the effect of medications injected in the penis is... More > a milestone which helped million of patients and has open the road to the modern treatment of the disease (in 1996, Viagra©). With this publication accessible to everyone, his large experience, recognized all over the world, is now available to the public. He is a permanent member of the French National Academy of Surgery. The book has the ambition to give to as many readers as possible the best information about an organ that is not only essential for a satisfactory sexual activity but also pre-eminent for the construction of masculinity. Everyone, women and men, teenagers and elders will find an answer to all the questions they ask themselves and do not dare asking. The book is the result of more than 30 years of medical consultations with thousands of patients. A message of hope for all of us.< Less
From Ruins Erect By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
From ruins erect Young love starts in the garden houses, outside pit loos of a Hungarian village. It is 1944. The trouble is that one of the lovers is a Jewish boy. The two boys love, but Nazis... More > soon shatter their idyll. The Jews are taken deported to Auschwitz. Will the family survive? Will love reunite? Jews, Christians, Communism, homosexuality, …can there ever be peace, can there ever be reconciliation between communities? The story is based on a news report from Poland, ‘a man demolished his own home, looking for hidden gold that a deported Jewish family might have left. He found no gold and lost his home’. My story is not about him, he is the jumping off point.< Less
Erect Penis Usefulness: Motivational Masturbation By John Dugan
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A man with an erect penis is ready for some fun, but sometimes that erect penis can be put to motivational uses through focused masturbation techniques.
Erect Penis Peril: The Dangers of Priapism By John Dugan
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Many men joke about having a permanently erect penis as a means of expressing their "always ready" sexuality. But in fact, priapism is a condition in which an erect penis can cause serious... More > damage.< Less