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The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn By Harry Collingwood
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2017 | Adventure First Calendar By Eric Harris, Kim Baker
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A series of landscape photos collected by Eric Harris and Kim Baker. Featured locations include: Iceland, Washington State, Utah, Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Antelope Canyon & Grand Teton... More > National Park.< Less
The Waterman Chronicles 3: Red in the Waters By Patrick Harris
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Waterman, aka Eric Atl, returns to protect his city of Elko, Nevada, one last time from the Listeners.
The Waterman Chronicles 3: Red In the Waters By Patrick Harris
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Eric Atl, also known as Waterman, must return to face the Listeners and save his city of Elko, Nevada, one last time.
Obsessica By Martin Harris
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Eric Younger recounts his boyhood infatuation with a friend’s older sister, Jessica. When Eric’s friend is unexpectedly killed in a car accident, Jessica suspects her brother was... More > murdered. She enlists his help to solve the mystery, providing Eric a distraction from his parents’ impending divorce and a chance to get to know Jessica and her strangely obsessive ways.< Less
Rachel's Heart By Denmark Harris
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Eric never dreamed that his tutor would be Rachel Thompson; the Africa-loving girlfriend of his worst enemy. After school, he must meet with her in private, angering her boyfriend, Gary Miller. It... More > will take the you-can-do-it attitude of this nineteen year old drop-out, and the frequent tormenting by Gary to motivate Eric to change his academic life for the better. From the suicidal Korean girl with a passion for poetry, to the sweet Indian girl whose advice he uses to combat the harsh words of his peers, to the vampire-loving girlfriend of a disgruntled teenager he's never met, with a raw, gritty, unrelenting voice, Eric gives anyone who listens to him a taste of just how far a porn-addicted teenage boy will go to capture a girl's heart.< Less
Alf KIng and the PCG By Eric Brady
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For those who like satirical send-ups and the puncturing of pomposity. Alf King, a minor Gang Boss 'Thinks the Unthinkable' and plans to steal the Home Secretary's limousine. Harry Cuthbertson,... More > despite other evidence is certain Alf did it. Alf gives it to Esmarelda and the Duke in Spain - and only then finds it has a Tracker fitted - but it can be switched off. So a trap is set for Tubby Grimshaw. Following a 'hot lead to grab Alf' found by Harry, he and DS Ford go undercover as villains with 'money to launder' to liaise with Grimshaw to get Alf. Wanting to 'get' Grimshaw Alf and the Duke plant the car (now with the Tracker switched on) on him as he is going to London to 'sort out' the delay in the hot money coming through. Harry, already enamoured of the beautiful Home Secretary Felicity Harbison,is alerted to the the return of the limo and roars off to grab Alf. He finds it's Grimshaw with a false Passport and arrests him. And finds he has more UK arrests Warrants. He's promoted - to Alf's fury.< Less
Alf King behind bars By Eric Brady
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Detective Sergeant Cuthbertson gets his dearest wish - Alf King finally behind bars. Offered inducements Frankie Lane has fingered Alf and The Gang for Handling Stolen Goods. Just to make sure Harry... More > says he 'suspects' Alf has connections with Mafias, Yardies and Triads. It boosts Alf's criminal Rep. fantastically. He uses it Inside all ways. They get 6 months. Released on Bail, The Gang face a new threat - a Takeover Bid by Martha for the Gang Bosshood. At the Appeal, Sir Septimus 'has a quiet word' with the Judge so Alf gets another month 'for Reports', while Fred and Sid are released. Alf uses his experience of prison ways. But his Brief is worried why the Judge (a Golfing Partner)made that weird decision and uses 'certain' methods to find out. In Court again, all the Reports proclaim Alf is a 'Reformed character'. Harry daren't repeat his allegations of Alf's underworld connections he'd used before despite the Judge hints. So he can make only one decision.< Less
Alf King - Politician By Eric Brady
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When Alf King, Gang Boss is told he could get on the Local Council and so be on the Police Authority, he thought he could become a Police Boss at the same time. To the benefit of his friends and... More > himself. His old enemy DS Harry Cuthbertson is furious (he reveres politicians)and the Home Secretary sets up a Focus Group to stop Alf - but see no practical strategy. Alf wins the Election with a thumping majority and goes to the Town Hall intending to solve all the Housing problems of the area in a matter of days. He meets Top Officials for the first time who take their routine steps to 'housetrain' newly elected Councillors. Alf is quickly reduced to subservience. He becomes assertive about his intentions for the Police though - which calls the Focus Group into Emergency Session. No practical solutions emerge - until Tarquin (the Home Secretary's Personal Secretary) provides the answer. Which infuriates Harry but also provides Alf with a welcome 'out'.< Less
Jambanja By Eric Harrison
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Harry, a white Zimbabwean farmer, has fought to create a life out from under the shadow of war. From meagre beginnings he carves a successful citrus farm from the “Dirt” of a newly-built... More > settlement, only to have it ripped away in a series of vicious and shocking attacks. His family, friends and faith are sorely tested as he struggles to fight back “by the book” - a book that has become a very sick joke in Zimbabwe. Eric Harrison has farmed in Zimbabwe for over 30 years. He recently relocated to Harare to continue his fight towards restitution of the rights, dignity and self respect of himself and the many affected families and staff, after losing his farm, “Maioio”. He was inspired to write Jambanje after realising how un­informed those outside Zimbabwe are about the thuggery and intimidation policies implemented by the government of Zimbabwe in the name of Land Redistribution.< Less