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Essex By Victor Allen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In a world filled with real horrors, can there really be anything terrifying in the backwaters of the country? Austen Jenkins thinks so. He convinces his fledgling TV network to greenlight a reality... More > TV show in which a family is placed in a haunted house. So is horror really dead? Not in the abandoned mining camp of Essex.< Less
Essex By Victor Allen
Hardcover: $19.95
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The abandoned mining camp of Essex doesn't lie nestled in its picturesque valley; it is more properly laid to rest there, out of sight and mind of decent people who would never want to know the... More > unspeakable things that have happened there. Atrocities so appalling that the mind would break to simply contemplate them. Like all sinister places, it has a history. Come along and take a tour with me down a dark memory lane as we learn what poison flows through the black heart of Essex...< Less
Essex Sundials By Peter Meadows
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Welcome to Essex and a booklet that gives a selection of sundials from throughout the county. Many sundials are located on churches but some are in other locations such as in town squares or even in... More > the middle of a roundabout. A variety of sundial types are included from the ancient scratch or mass dials to horizontal dials, vertical dials, analemmatic dials and armillary sphere dials. Included with the vertical dials are those that are direct (usually facing due south) and declining (usually facing either east or west of south) and unusually two are made from stained glass. There is a large sundial age range from the scratch dials, vertical dials almost 350 years old to more modern sundials made in the last few years.< Less
The Earl of Essex By Henry Jones
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Earl of Essex by Henry Jones. This tragedy was dedicated to the Earl of Chesterfield, who was the author's patron, and who, it is supposed, assisted him in the composition of the work. There... More > are two tragedies under the title of "The Earl of Essex;" but the following, by Henry Jones, brought upon the stage in 1753, was most favourably received, and became very attractive. The dramatist, who founds his plot and incidents on history, generally adds, from his invention, those scenes, which best describe the power of love. Here it has been otherwise, at least in the character of the queen; whom every distinguished historian has portrayed as more enamoured of her favourite Essex, than even this play will exhibit. The character of Essex is sustained with greater accuracy: the fiery quality of his temper; his alternate pride and humility, daring and servility, in presence of his royal mistress; with all his boisterous vows of loyalty to her; and tender oaths of love to another.< Less
Make Do and Mend By Jonathan Essex
Paperback: $14.60
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In this highly original report, Jonathan Essex points out the little appreciated importance of restricting development of the built environment as an essential component of any true sustainability. ... More > Construction produces huge emissions and other ecological damage in itself. But it also literally builds greater consumption into our lifestyles; bigger houses mean both more and bigger televisions for example. Improving the efficiency of appliances is almost irrelevant faced with this pressure for expansion. Essex's report in particular challenges green champions of greater infrastructure expenditure to think again.< Less
But a Moment In Time By Robert Essex
eBook (PDF): $10.33
A love story about time and very special human beings, who, when confronted with an emergency requiring neurosurgery, find they are not technologically advanced enough to carry out the... More > procedure. Decisions will have to be made requiring great professionalism, unshakeable teamwork and above all, a major step into the unknown. When Simone is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, the prognosis is death. Research has been taking place to perfect a life support system that is capable of holding a person in a state of preservation over a period of time, but the technique is difficult to achieve. As Mary and Michael continue their work, a devastating scenario presents and a chain of events that public opinion, the establishment and the law may find unacceptable, is about to unfold. The great love of one person for another will not stop to consider anything other than saving the life of Simone and it is then that disaster strikes again.< Less
Hawkesbury By Robert Essex
eBook (PDF): $10.35
Hawksbury, a magnificent country mansion set in 3,000 acres of British countryside. Bequeathed by Lord Kingsbury in 1947 with one proviso - that it must become and remain, a hospital. 53 Years on,... More > Hawksbury is a major hospital, and a centre of excellence for many medical fields. The story moves between Hawksbury and Egypt, where an expedition is taking place by an Egyptologist known to one of the surgeons at Hawksbury, thereby linking the 2 intertwined stories which later become one as a series of catastrophic events unfold. In Egypt a cartouche is found, leading to the discovery of a tomb in the desert. The Pharaoh Nemaktat and his Queen, Tha, are discovered in the tomb, along with a deadly ancient virus that is accidentally released and carried back to England. The virus rapidly spreads throughout England and Egypt and it becomes a race against time to find an antidote, a serum to beat the plague, which is now rampant. The human race stands on the very brink of destruction.< Less
Return To Hawksbury By Robert Essex
eBook (PDF): $10.35
Set immediately after the end of the first 'Hawksbury' book, where humanity stood on the very brink of destruction with the release of an ancient virus, 'Return To Hawkesbury' follows the Surgeons... More > and Egyptologists working at the hospital to understand the amazing artefacts discovered in Egypt. Their work is interrupted however with the destruction of a jumbo jet caused by Velton and The Resistance For Freedom movement. The specialists at Hawkesbury must now split their efforts between the ancient artefacts and the new terrorist threat. Just when it seems that the situation can't get any worse, the team makes a discovery that will change the fate of the human race…< Less
The Time Sledge By Robert Essex
eBook (PDF): $8.79
The Time Sledge is a fantastic adventure story, about a wonderful machine, that was given the name of the 'Time Sledge' when it was first discovered by Wendy and Tony. The 'Time Sledge' takes Wendy... More > and Tony back to the era in which their great grandparents lived. Once in the past they met and befriend their Great Grandparents, (without knowing who they are) and set out on a wonderful adventure. One which will probably be the most dangerous journey of their lives, taking them one thousand years into the future. What they did not know however, was that in moving into the future they would cross the mysterious Zort Barrier, locking them in the future with no way of returning home. Some wild and exciting adventures await them, but the big question is this - will they ever get back to the time they came from? And will they ever see their parents again?< Less
JUst A Cup Of Tea By Robert Essex
eBook (PDF): $8.77
ABOUT TO UNDERGO HEART SURGERY? HAD A HEART ATTACK? My book is about an ordinary person's experience of having a heart attack and cardiac bypass surgery. When the traumatic event takes place, I... More > want the reader to understand that most of us who suffer a heart attack do survive.< Less

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