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Ethnic Heritage of Presque Isle County By Russell M. Magnaghi
Paperback: $11.99
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This booklet gives and very detailed report about the German, Italian, and Polish ethnicity in Presque Isle County of Michigan.
Counseling Ethnic & Racial Graduate Students By Offie Wortham, PhD
Paperback: $7.50
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This book is the result of a number of perplexing experiences of the author in some graduate classes. In this book he will attempt to forcefully make the argument that counselors-in-training should... More > be educated to see and treat all clients first as individuals, and second as members of an ethnic or racial group. The problem, as the author and others see it, is that people-of-color are all to often seen as members of an homogeneous group, without recognizing the vast differences that exist in the background, experiences, and psychological makeup of the individuals within their identified ethnic or racial group.< Less
Ethnic America: A History Study Guide By
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Ethnic America: A History Study Guide consists of approx. 36 pages of summaries and analysis on Ethnic America: A History by Thomas Sowell.
THE OSMANLI DIASPORA & The Development of an Ethnic Press By Muhammed al-Ahari
Paperback: $12.92
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This brief work has a focus on the concept of an ethnic press as it relates to the later primarily Muslim Osmanli Diaspora. This discussion of Ethnic Press will center on the publications of the... More > Osmanli Diaspora, which may be a newspaper, journal, or newsletter, that may or may not be written in English, that espouses the preservation of a culture, language or tradition distinct from the larger American society in the United States. This work contains sections on the Arab, Bosnian, Turkish, Croatian, and Albanian Muslim periodicals in the United States.< Less
Ethnic Sephardic Jews in the Medical Literature By Shelomo Alfassa
Paperback: $19.92
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[SOFT COVER] ETHNIC SEPHARDIC JEWS IN THE MEDICAL LITERATURE - The Sephardic Jews make up the second largest division of the Jewish population; they have their historic roots in Spain,... More > Portugal and North Africa, as well as due to migrations, in Mesopotamia and Arabia. Sephardic Jews comprise the second largest group in the Jewish population after Ashkenazic Jews that stem from Eastern Europe. Sephardim have developed and possess a shared relationship based upon unique religious traditions, collective ideals, customs and ethnicity. Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews were geographically and religiously separate populations. Because of this separation, these two populations often display significant differences in the incidence of genetic diseases and medical conditions. ISBN 978-0-9763226-0-3 < Less
Us and Them: Archaeology and Ethnicity in the Andes By Richard Martin Reycraft
Paperback: $19.95
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This volume brings together a corpus of scholars whose work collectively represents a significant advancement in the study of prehistoric ethnicity in the Andean region. The assembled research... More > represents an outstanding collection of theoretical and methodological approaches, and conveys recent discoveries in several subfields of prehistoric Andean anthropology, including spatial archaeology, mortuary archaeology, textile studies, ceramic analysis, and biological anthropology. Many of the authors in this volume apply novel research techniques, while others wield more established approaches in original ways. Although the research presented in this volume has occurred in the Andean region, many of the novel methods applied will be applicable to other geographic regions, and it is hoped that this research will stimulate others to pursue future innovative work in the prehistoric study of ethnic identification.< Less
PowWow Doll Ethnic Studies Pattern By Julia Sherman
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Native American Leather PowWow Doll Instruction book. This book takes the reader through a bit of history, mythology, and then onto creating their own 18 inch all leather Pow Wow doll. Full size... More > patterns, Illustrated step by step insructions.< Less
Vegans by Racial/Ethnic Identification in the USA By A. Breeze Harper
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This survey's results show identification of vegans in the USA by race and ethnicity. It may be useful for those doing food studies and race studies research. There were 1100 respondents. This... More > document is 8 pages long. It is only statistical information. As of October 13, 2009, these are the results.< Less
Ethnic Conflicts Causes and International Community Biases By Kelly Ngyah
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The necessity for dynamic and interwoven approaches into foreign government interests has becomes a prerequisite option to get the actual insight roots of ethnic conflicts. Major phenomenal issues... More > such as greed and the desire for discriminatory economic and political power may interfere and manipulate communities into struggles over values which promote conflicts. As such, Dr. NGYAH examines such links while uprooting facts from primordialist, institutionalist, political entrepreneurship and scarcity of resources as significant ethnic conflicts causal elements. In so doing, he probes in another debate question for researchers in the field, saying ‘the causal dynamics of an ethnic conflict needs to be sorted in [its gain searcher-roots undercover actors]’. Also, with help of a diagram flow and exemplary cases, he further explains how the international community, including major foreign government bodies could be involved in fueling up ethnic conflict strives.< Less
Salvation is not Complicated: Finding Your Ethnicity In The Bible By Mr. Devon L. Wilson
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The names of Noah's three sons are Shem, Ham, and Japheth. The meaning! The meaning of Ham is dark "dark" or "black"; Shem means, "name," "dusky," or... More > "olive-colored"; and Japheth means "bright" or "fair." One of the most intimidating questions that plagued the mind of many today is how could one son be of Black decent and not the others? According to medical research, it tells us it is possible to have children that are very different, particularly if one or both of the parents is dark-complexioned, but according to medical research it is impossible for a bright or fair-complexioned person to produce a dark-skinned child. (NOTE: NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD) According to historians and their findings, Ham is the ancestral father of the Blacks, Mongoloids, and the Indians. Shem is the ancestral father of the Jews and Arab nations; and from the loins of Japheth came the Caucasians, "nationalized" the Indo-European- Countries.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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