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Eurozone crisis for High Schoolers By Yannick van Dam
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This book will provide high schoolers with a better understanding of the Eurozone crisis and potential implications
Credence Independent Advisors Eurozone needs an unconventional approach to its economic crisis By Gerard Lambert
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Mario Draghi, the head of ECB calls for more unconventional and growth friendly policies to end eurozone crisis. Within the Eurozone, it has been a long-time since the living standards were at peak.
Euro Crisis By Yannick van Dam
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Eurozone Crisis for High Schoolers. Learn about: - The Euro adn all its history - The beginning of the end - The Crisis that is currently taking place - The Solution for the Euro Crisis - The... More > Consequences of a Collapase< Less
Working the night-shift in the German austerity sweatshop By Leigh Phillips
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The European programme of austerity does nothing to tackle the fundamental contradictions at the heart of the eurozone and by associating austerity in the minds of European citizens with the European... More > Union, leaders threaten the entire project.< Less
An American Spectator in Paris By Joseph Harriss
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ABOUT THE BOOK: In his third book on France, veteran international journalist Joseph Harriss cautions that it is probably not the country you expect. He explores persistent myths about that complex... More > nation and analyzes its rapidly evolving situation today. The result is a thought-provoking assessment of France today. Foreword by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Editor-in-Chief, "The American Spectator." (This is a special edition to benefit the American Spectator Foundation.) ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A career American foreign correspondent, Joseph Harriss studied French and international relations at the Sorbonne and the Institut d’Études Politiques before joining the Paris bureau of TIME. He later covered Western Europe as a roving correspondent for the European bureau of "Reader’s Digest" in Paris. His articles and columns have appeared in many newspapers and magazines, such as "The Dallas Morning News" and "Smithsonian." He is now the Paris correspondent of "The American Spectator."< Less
Troikapocalypse By Inês Costa, Gary Dougall, Rita Costa
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This is not a self-help book, it is a survival guide about the new economic crisis tearing Europe apart. It seeks to analyse and seek answers on how Europe got into this mess, consequences, possible... More > solutions and even tips on to minimize its effects on a person's life.< Less
AEONews #0052 - Cyprus and Maastricht - An excursion into cubewano Astrology By Klaudio Zic
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Possible predictions for Cyprus and Eurozone for April 2013 from a cubewano angle.
Dealing In Cracks. . .Political, of Course By Abi Desta
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In the complex realm of international politics, every utterances and positions try to reflect on a self-fulfilling prophesy. Every move is calculated. Every deal measured. Every alliance made to... More > last. Every nation fights a silent war to claim a position it deems is deserving. How the world is sorted out – in political terms – demands that no one nation stands isolated, even when it is powerful. Economic and political factors force any nation, anywhere in the world, to seek regional and global influence. The book tries to trace China’s global chain of political and economic influence. This nations world view and outlook is contrasted against its recent desire and possible role in Europe to solve the continent’s economic problems. And when one sets out to detail on Chinese influence, one cannot go without touching on the role Russia plays. The two eastern powers’ complementary global influence is explained in the book as adequately as the writers global political understanding can allow it.< Less
Euro Crisis Aggregate Demand Control is European Single Currency Weakness By Peter James Rhys Morgan
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The evaluation of European Economic Governance assessing weaknesses in aggregate demand control.
COMPOPOLY By Senake Atureliya
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This book describes a desperately needed solution to re-balancing our society and economy. It recreates demand, alleviates risk and opens up markets to small and larger suppliers alike. To find out... More > more, click the image to read the free 11 page preview.< Less