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Salvation Island By Louis Evens
Paperback: $3.73
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Based on the wonderful parable by Louis Even, "The Money Myth Exploded". For all ages!
Cannabis Security - Keeping the Stash Safe By Ivan Money
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The problem is that in Canada even though cannabis has been legal since 2017 the major banks are still reticent to do business with the cannabis industry. This is despite that in Canada for example... More > which has over 100 licensed cannabis producers and some start-up companies are considered to be unicorns – business that are worth $1Billion dollars or more. Table of Contents >> State and National Security Regulations. >> Retail Outlets. >> Transportation. >> Security on the Farm. >> Greenhouse and Indoor Farms. >> Why all these Security Regulations? >> What can the Professional Cannabis Security Companies do to Help? >> Top Tips for Choosing a Cannabis Security Company. >> Conclusion.< Less
The Money Tree By Steve White
Paperback: $9.95
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Known as the town's Cemetery Caretaker and loved by many, Donnie Jenkins has exactly what he needs to die a happy man. Or does he? One particular evening while digging a grave, Donnie discovers a... More > very rare and possessive object that causes him to choose "Greed" even over his own wife, Kathy Jenkins. Kathy decides to take matters into her own hands due to a vague premonition she has. She is then accompanied by a curse that is only to be broken by her 10 year old neighbor Elijah Williams, who has no clue what it's like to have responsibilities -until the night his curiosity changes his life forever.< Less
Credit & Money By Dave DeKeesh
eBook (ePub): $29.95
Money and Credit are important to any economy and the foremost expert is: Ludwig von Mises Austrian Economist He foretold the Great Depression is yet to come to America: Even more devastating than... More > the one in the 1920's-1930's due to irrational Economic Policy of Printing Money. von Mises pg 14 (The Government) "chooses inflation and credit expansion although he knows that the boom they create is short-lived and must inevitably end in a slump. He may even boast of his neglect of the long-run effects. In the long run, he repeats, we are all dead; it is only the short run that counts. "But the question is, how long will the short run last? It seems that statesmen and politicians have considerably over-rated the duration of the short run." War, famine and economic carnage will ensue on unprecedented scale from Bankers Corruption and untold Greed. < Less
Money Handbook By Brandon Glanzer
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This is not a get-rich-quick book. This is not even a get-rich-slow book. This is a book for young adults and adults from fifteen to twenty-five that have had no financial concerns through their... More > childhood and have relied solely on their parent’s money. For Individuals that need a launching point to becoming a financially independent adult. This book is a become-financially-stable-and-independent adult, book. Stop relying on money from your parents. Become self-reliant financially. Discover how to be your own financial safety blanket rather than looking to your parents for financial security. This book is about the basics of money. It is the basics of organization from budgeting to bank accounts. A launching point to financial success. A launching point to becoming a financially independent adult. It is your life, it is your money, make something of it.< Less
Forgetting the Money By Dina Gofman
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Forgetting the Money: 10 step framework to harness true project value brings together the various learnings that minimises financial risks of failure, increases transparency and drives project... More > success. It is divided into 10 steps that offer guidance in standardising processes, structures and functions required in a business to improve project transparency, governance and decision making. This is required for project success from a financial point of view. Any organisation or team can implement all 10 steps, but even picking or choosing some of the steps will help achieve outcomes for your desired output. The time has come for project professionals to embrace their financial project value and not merely maintain projects. Knowing your project’s true value is your best friend to know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done. Using this financial information you can improve your decision making and project impact and prove your projects’ true value.< Less
Banks and Money By N. M. Gwynne
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The author is a lifetime student of banking and money. In these pages he subjects both to critical explanation and appraisal based on reality and justice rather than on profit and greed. Banks and... More > Money sets out, as no other book has ever done before, exactly how money comes into being in the present system. Gwynne also explains why — as few respected financial experts realise — the current means of money creation by the world-wide banking system is immoral and suicidal, though useful and even indispensable for bringing about the “New World Order”. N. M. Gwynne is a graduate of Oxford University, and a retired Fellow of the British Institute of Chartered Accountants. After valuable experience at the leading financial and industrial conglomerate of its day, Slater Walker Securities Ltd., including being a director of its Australian subsidiary, he was the founder, chairman and chief executive of a successful international public company, Cork Investments Ltd. (later renamed Camden Park Estates Ltd.)< Less
The Money Maze By Debra Avara
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Do you love a good maze? Over and over until you get from Point A to Point B. Great fun! But do we really want to hit all those wrong turns when we’re talking about the Money Maze? No, of... More > course not. If there was a rope or a line on the floor, that is what we would follow. We don’t want to make wrong turns because we know it could be a very expensive mistake to go back to the beginning and try again. Written for Middle/Junior High School Students, The Money Maze, Don’t Get Lost in the Middle! is your rope, your line on the floor. Grab the rope before you even start, learn now how to get from Point A to Point B. The Money Maze provides you with some basic information on how money works so you can get from cents to dollars without making all the wrong turns people usually make. With a little knowledge and a little discipline, you can navigate through the Money Maze and arrive at Point B successfully!< Less
eBook (PDF): $39.95
The COURSE ON MONEY couldn´t be easier. We made the COURSE ON MONEY to feel as if you have your own coach. He´ll help you create a MAP to your future. You´ll learn the mental... More > attitude secrets to Success and how to apply them. You´ll be able to mentally see how you´ll live with abundance and prosperity. You´ll discover Pro-Activator programs for success and plan every goal along the way. You´ll take a self-inventory exam and discover a self-talk method to wealth. You´ll learn to solve your problems and evaluate risks that may interfere with goals. You´ll look at scientific research providing the method works. And then you´ll learn the secret to spending your money wisely. Listen to the audio course: The Millionaire´s Ten Commandments, and other audio programs that help you become richer, even in your sleep. Start right now I and at every step along the way, give thanks. Free audio programs to help you develop the success attitude and to draw prosperity into your life< Less
The Money Monkey By Steve Quinn
eBook (PDF): $11.11
en·tre·pre·neur person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. The Money Monkey is a unique collection... More > of practical tips and advice for anyone who has ever dreamed of being his or her own boss. We asked some of the worlds best known entrepreneurs and business gurus what it means to be an entrepreneur? What are the critical characteristics that make this breed of people different from the average employee? Just exactly what is it that makes some succeed and some fail and makes some not try at all. The results sometimes surprised even us; entreprepreneurs are, by definition, different. The good news is that these character traits and behaviours can be modelled. By studying, adapting and utilising the information contained within these pages you can, quite literally change your life. Actual methods,techniques and ways to develop the critical behaviours, habits and skills that make the entrepreneur succeed where others fail.< Less

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