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1,207 results for "Event Planning" 4th and 5th Grade Practice Packet - Year 1 By Sonya Land
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As a mathleague sponsor and site coordinator for the past 20 years, Sonya Land has organized and encouraged participation in math contests across Missouri. After her own children became old enough... More > to attend elementary contests, she found an absence of ready-made materials for use at the elementary contest level that emphasize problem-solving instead of computation. The following materials were created to be used by parent or teacher sponsors who wish to prepare their elementary students for the elementary contest. This packet contains a sample timeline of topics, lesson plans, and activity sheets with solutions for use in a typical school year before the in-school contest in January or early February. Each activity takes approximately 45-60 minutes and can be used in a before-school or after-school setting with fourth and fifth graders. The activities cover topics that are frequently found on contests as well as incorporate actual past events.< Less
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Duane The Great Writer IS, ReWriting Human History as we have all come to know it, because what we have come to know is a lot of Purposely Planned Deception. It will take most people a while to sort... More > things out, that of the Real Historical Events. The Masses have been Cleverly Marketed to 'Agree' with the Deceptionizts and all their Marketing Tactics, to where they take something Wonderful & ALLNatural and make it into a Science Fiction. They must be trying to get a laugh by making GMO JokeFood, and then telling people it is better and will save the world. I would suggest to consult the Bees and Butterflies that are still around and they will tell you that their friends have gone from not being able to pollinate the GMO Chemical Crop. All Deception shows up and those who have eaten a lot of GMO are now paying the price and have to take the Deceptive Ploy of Pharmaceuticals, as they have trusted their over educated doctors who usually prescribe something artificial.< Less
Dark Nights By Christopher A. Gray
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"Innovative and well-paced... part scientific exploration, part action, part political intrigue, the combined result is a page-turner." - Publishers Weekly The thinking quantum computer... More > believed it knew best how to save humanity... even if doing so meant destroying half the population. Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood has made the discovery of a lifetime: another planet has appeared in our solar system, in orbit opposite that of Earth. Its sudden appearance is unexplained, but the danger presented by the alternate Earth is real, kicking off a chain of events that will carry Lockwood into the grasp of a formidable artificial intelligence bent on accomplishing its goal at any cost. With the survival of our Earth at stake and time running out, Lockwood and his team must find a way to counter this unprecedented threat before the powerful new enemy completes its plan. Two civilizations are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for survival that may lead to Armageddon for both worlds.< Less
План Сталина: Борьба за войну и против политики мира. 1927–1946. Книга 1 By Альберт Зейдель
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Book One "How to Start a World War" is the first book of the trilogy "Stalin's Plan: The Struggle for War against Peace Policy 1927-1946" proves that the events at the beginning... More > of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union were only one episode in the implementation of Stalin’s gigantic plan for the future world war, which was developed and put into effect long before the war itself actually started. By analyzing the events that preceded the outbreak of war, the author proves that the main reason for the Second World War was the targeted policy of Stalin and the Soviet Union.< Less
План Сталина: Борьба за войну и против политики мира. 1927–1946. Книга 2 By Альберт Зейдель
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The main focus of Book 2 of the trilogy is the events in the early period of the Great Patriotic War. The author proves that Stalin deliberately put the Red Army in the path of Hitler’s... More > devastating attack, with the aim of securing a German attack on the Soviet Union. The subsequent long retreat of the Red Army was not due to its weakness or inability to repel Hitler’s attack. It was a consequence of Stalin's planned defeat. A separate chapter is devoted to the events surrounding the execution of Polish prisoners of war by the NKVD in the Katyn Forest in the spring of 1940. A compelling examination leads to irrefutable proof that the execution at Katyn was directly connected to Stalin’s Plan for the future war and his preparations for Germany’s future attack on the USSR. The essence of his strategic aim will be revealed. The book will also answer the question as to why the veil of secrecy has not yet been lifted from the Katyn events.< Less
RIOOLYMPICS By Christopher Roach et al.
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Rio Olympics [or how to utilize the olympics opportunistically to accelerate change] is a project about developing a strategy for using the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro as an opportunity to... More > accelerate a self-propelling process for change. The report consists of three parts: First, the case of Barcelona '92 is studied and its success explained, showing how, by contrast, Rio is lacking ambition and scope in its Olympic plan; second, by applying the model of Barcelona to Rio, opportunities are to be found in the backstage of this city: the discovery of a city behind the city and of an event behind the event. Finally, based on the first two parts, a systemic strategy for Rio is developed for avoiding the Olympic hangover and triggering change. This strategy is embodied at the urban scale with a set of interventions on a specific site. This project was the result of a studio at Harvard GSD led by Bjarke Ingels and Paul Nakazawa.< Less
Dyman Management & Associates Business Solutions By Finette Heeringa
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Is your company ready for a new direction? Do you need help writing a business plan or are you planning to sell your company? Wanna see a dynamic Judo demonstration and find out how it relates to... More > day to day business and relationships? Dyman Management is here to help! From school assemblies to tailored business seminars let Dyman Management show you the other side of dealing with challenges and turning them into opportunities! Book your seminar now. Email for upcoming seminars and events: Get your copy of “That Book About Management” and see what all the hype is about. All Business Solutions, Seminars and Special Engagements are tailored to your company’s needs. Visit our website at< Less

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