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Evilution By Jack Mambo, Frank Babylon, Ken Kamikaze
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The never ending galactic war between the prime alien races of the infinite universe has been countless cataclysmic space battle, the invasion and conquering of a billion galaxies as well as the mass... More > extinction of entire alien races. With each galactic faction armed to the teeth with apocalyptic war machines, endless throngs of synthetic alien soldiers and an abundance of resources gathered fronm a trillion colonized planes, the war that has lasted for hundreds of space ages has finally reached a most critical moment as they each battle for supremacy over the last galactic frontiers and for the ultimate survival of their own races. But as new and unknown alien faction begin to enter the war, the fate of the feuding races as well as that of their entire universe hangs in the balance...< Less
Evilution: A Collection of Conceptual Art By vyrus74
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A collection of conceptual artwork and sketches from the past 10 years. Strong images depicted in illustrative form. Artwork contained in this volume are black and white with full color front and... More > back covers. Viewer discretion is advised...< Less
2012 Chronicles #0032 - Evilution of Good By Klaudio Zic
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Much as in the year 2005 and 2011, London is exposed to underground Cetus movements.