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All Access:A View Through The Lens Vol 2 By Christopher Stets
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A View into Central Ohio's Top Hard Rock bands, Professional Photographer Christopher Stets captures some of the most iconic bands today, this book Features; Downplay, Another Fine Mess, Dressed in... More > Electric, Fella, Fallside, Scrap Gold, Hollywood Red, Fear the Fallen, Saturnine Hello, & Exist Beyond Ruin< Less
The House on the Borderland By William Hope Hodgson
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The House on the Borderland is a classic novel that facilitated the bridging of the gap between the British fantastic and supernatural authors of the later 19th century and modern horror fiction. The... More > classic American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft listed this work by Hodgson as amongst his greatest influences. -- In 1877, two gentlemen head into Ireland to spend a week fishing in the village of Kraighten. While there, they discover in the ruins of a very curious house a diary of the man who had once owned the house. The diary’s torn pages hinted at an evil beyond anything that existed on this side of the curtains of impossibility.< Less
Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities By Henrik Sandbeck Harksen et al.
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What lurks in the damp recesses of urban existence? These new tales of weird fiction are a blend of urban horror, pulp noir and dark fantasy. Lovecraftian horrors and Cthulhu Mythos monsters have... More > never been this gritty. From haunted Kingsport across the globe to shadowy Berlin and the otherworldly music of Bangalore. From kind, sexy neighbors to cyberpunk paranoia an The King in Yellow. A journalist's search with unexpected results. What really happened to Walter Gilman, and what is the origin of the witch Keziah Mason? And witness humanity fail against the forces from beyond. From weird sounds to screams of madness. Entropy. Chaos. Disorder. Death. Beneath cities, on the outskirts of ruined, aeon-old cities and INSIDE cities. The stench, the decay, the hopelesness... it is everywhere. Welcome to URBAN CTHULHU: NIGHTMARE CITIES.< Less
Lily Rose is Dead By R Kay
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Love, tallbikes, and doom in New Orleans. A year or two after Hurricane Katrina, a troubled young man has finally found comfort in his post-storm existence, in bicycle craftmanship, and especially,... More > in the love of a woman. After a lifetime of wandering, despite the ruin, he is finally starting to settle down. But through no fault of his own he is unexpectedly stripped of his comforts, leaving him alone in the company of his greatest enemy- himself. His is a world of brutal ends, constantly rekindling for him the central dogma: what is beyond the end? This is a story that simultaneously weaves its way forward and backwards through time, luring the reader into the darkness and anonymity of the secret world of Lily Rose, and from the world of Lily Rose there is no return. (Fiction.)< Less
Legend Haunted: Chapter One By Peter J Larrivee
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Detective Diana Kenny is chaperoning her daughter Beth's last hurrah with her high school friends before they all go off to separate colleges. Unfortunately, she is forced on some winding country... More > detours. When the GPS and phones mysteriously lose signal, Diana gets a bad feeling. As she tries to find her way out, she stumbles upon an abandoned town in upstate Massachusetts that she never knew existed. Before she can even turn around and leave the creepy place, the car is totaled, stranding her and three girls in some unknown place, with zero communication, and miles of strange terrain to cover before getting out. Luckily, Diana Kenny is a smart and capable former state trooper. She's armed, and has experience in dangerous situations. But what lies in wait for her in the ruins of this bizarre place will test her will, probably beyond the breaking point. Chapter One of the novella, Legend Haunted< Less
The Lost Canon of Douglas Gilbert By Douglas Gilbert
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Our archeological expedition has been fruitful but disappointing. The good news is that we have located the ruins of the Ut’ishsih people, 3rd Planet from the star PZX7468259Q who call... More > themselves Planet of dirt, soil and Earth. It is beyond expectations that we would find it under the ocean floor in the prophesied location.... The disappointment is that most of the documents found are in the archaic-language English form that you are reading now if you are a scholar of primitive languages. The data tags for the Utd’mbts language are missing. We were most eager to recover the writings of the Great Kvizee of Ut’ishsih, Douglas Gilbert. With sorrow we present these fragments in English from the Canon of Douglas Gilbert known to have existed in complete form in the 5th Era. We have pieced together as best we can the few fragments left in the rubble for your perusal, and as motivation to search the Universe for the appropriate trigger-tags coupled with the associated Utd’mbts.< Less