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ANG F-4 Phantoms By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $3.09
Overview of the four Air National Guard squadrons that equipped with the MDC F-4 Phantom II and deployed in defense of continental USA.
#024 - F-4 Phantom II By Brian Emch
Calendar: $31.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A 24 month calendar of some of my favorite F-4 Phantom photos. This calendar is ready for 2018 and 2019.
#025 - F-4 Phantom II By Brian Emch
Calendar: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Some more of my F-4 Phantom photos. This calendar has been updated for 2018. Contact me at for a complete list of all of my calendar titles, or if you have any... More > questions.< Less
Great Britain's F-4 Phantoms By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $7.48
For more than thirty years the ubiquitous MDC f-4 Phantom II variants formed the back-bone of the UK's air defence and represented it's deployment with the 2nd TAF in Germany the units available to... More > NATOs SACEUR. This fully illustrated ebook depicts all of the RAF and FAA units that flew the F-4 as well as training and OCUs. With at least one representative illustration from each unit included< Less
F-4 Phantoms Over Vietnam By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $6.23
Overview of MDC F-4 Phantom II operations over North Vietnam and its tussle against the cannon-equipped Mikoyan MiG-21 of the NVAF.
#073 - Going Inverted! F-4 Phantom By Brian Emch
Calendar: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
here's a collection of inverted F-4 Phantom photos. 13 mo calendar, ready for 2018.
Calendar: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This calendar celebrates the participation of the F-4 Phantom in various Heritage Flights in airshows throughout the Southwest. This 12 month calendar has been updated for 2018.
Iranian F-4 Phantoms at War over Iraq By Peter Dancey
eBook (ePub): $7.70
This book relates the details of the ubiquitous MDC F-4 Phantom II combats and operations over Iraq during the 1980-1988 First Gulf War. The fall of the Shah in 1978 plunged Iran into chaos and... More > Saddam Hussein saw an opportunity to expand his aspirations for the Middle East. It was estimated due to lack of spares following the Shah's demise that at the start of the war in September 1980 the IRAF had only fifty F-4D Phantoms, sixty F-4E and 200 helicopters airworthy but managed to keep the bulk of its Phantom flying throughout the conflict to give the Iraqi AF a hard time the Iranians it is believed helped by Israel to keep Iraq occupied! For those who enjoy air combat stories those in this book are some of the most detailed and exciting in aviation air combat history with the Phantom AIM-7 Dparrow AAM matched up against the Dassault Mirage F.1 Matra Magic. True MDC F-4 Phantom II air combat. Enjoy!< Less
Air National Guard F-4 Phantoms By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $3.11
The MDC F-4 Phantom once revamped with a gun for airbotne dogfights wqith the NVAF Migs over North Vietnam served thw USAF abd US Navy well AND FINISHED its career as a valuable ANG air homeland air... More > defence interceptor< Less
F-4 Phantom Pilot's Flight Operating Manual By Periscope
Paperback: $44.95
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One of the great aircraft of the Cold War era, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was the most heavily produced supersonic, all-weather fighter bomber. Capable of a top speed of Mach 2.23, it set... More > sixteen world records including an absolute speed record of 1,606 mph and an altitude record of 98,557 feet. The F-4 flew Vietnam, in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Gulf War and amassed a record of 393 aerial victories. F-4s also flew as part of the USAF Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration teams. Originally printed by McDonnell and the U.S. Navy in the 1960s, this flight operating handbook taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. Classified "restricted", the manual was recently declassified and is here reprinted in book form. This affordable facsimile has been reformatted. Care has been taken however to preserve the integrity of the text.< Less