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THE ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION of EX-PRESIDENT Theodore Roosevelt By Oliver E. Remey Henry F. Cochems Wheeler P. Bloodgood
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From the PREFACE: "At 8:10 o'clock on the night of Oct. 14, 1912, a shot was fired the echo of which swept around the entire world in thirty minutes. An insane man attempted to end the life... More > of the only living ex-president of the United States and the best known American. The bullet failed of its mission. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, carrying the leaden missile intended as a pellet of death in his right side, has recovered. He is spared for many more years of active service for his country. John Flammang Schrank, the mad man who fired the shot, is in the Northern Hospital for the Insane at Oshkosh, Wis., pronounced by a commission of five alienists a paranoiac. If he recovers he will face trial for assault with intent to kill."< Less
The Master of Game By Backcountry Reprints et al.
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By Edward, Second Duke of York. The oldest English book on hunting; ed. by Wm. A. and F. Baillie-Grohman, with a foreword by Theodore Roosevelt. With illustration. General bibliography of books and... More > mss. on hunting in the principal European languages up to the end of the 16th century. Glossary of the obsolete sporting terms and words.< Less
The Simpering, North Dakota, Literary Society - I. The Sharpshooters of Simpering By George F Skipworth
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The Simpering North Dakota Literary Society Vol. I, The Sharpshooters of Simpering. Former nun and card shark Farika Zingarella wins the town of Simpering in the greatest poker game ever played.... More > Gathering five like-minded geniuses, she creates The Mighty Five, a group of female investors and adventurers that threaten to take over the world.< Less
Bear Stories By John F. Greear
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Stories for children about bears and dogs recollected by John F. Greear and typed by Mildred Greear in the 1950s. New edition with illustrations by Jake Greear.
My Father's Heroes By F. James Pellettieri
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My Father’s Heroes is the story of a 2nd generation Italian-American boy, Frankie, growing up in New York during the 1940’to 1960’s, who is torn between his mother’s deeply... More > religious beliefs and his father’s prophetic pragmatism. Frankie's father, a die- hard Yankee fan, uses baseball and the players of their generation to bond with him. Through Frankie's eyes, we see the Roosevelt years, World War II, the Atom Bomb, the Cuban Missile Crisis and other world events unfold. This is a gritty tale of growing up in the Bronx after WWII, and a father’s love of his son as he experiences the trials of adolescence. It’s through their discussions and admiration for the baseball players of that era that Franco and his father form a strong father-son bond, Franco’s story, however, also includes episodes of ethnic conflict, child sexual abuse, and a stunning ending.< Less
Text for History 122, Northern Virginia Community College By Henry J. Sage
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Survey of U.S. History from 1865-2000. Includes historic documents.
Potus, Potus What's all the Fuss? By Edvo Kate
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This is a brief history of Presidential accomplishments with beautiful pictures and portraits from the relevant time periods.
LCDR Win "Gator" Everett (VFA-15) Desert Storm Combat Journal By Win Everett
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The flight journal of LCDR Win Everett, F/A-18 pilot flying with VFA-15 during Operation Desert Storm aboard of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (Dec 1990 - Jun 1991)
Historical Heroes By Lee James Walewander
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A simplified,chronological history,of the United States of America,primarily for immigrants who are studying the history of the United States in order to pass the citizenship test.
Latin America and the United States Addresses by Elihu Root By Elihu Root
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Elihu Root (/ˈɛlᵻhjuː ˈruːt/;... More > February 15, 1845 – February 7, 1937) was an American lawyer and statesman who served as the Secretary of War (1899–1904) under two presidents, including President Theodore Roosevelt. He moved frequently between high-level appointed government positions in Washington, D.C. and private-sector legal practice in New York City. For that reason, he is sometimes considered to be the prototype of the 20th century political "wise man," advising presidents on a range of foreign and domestic issues. He was elected by the state legislature as a U.S. Senator from New York and served one term, 1909–1915. Root was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912.Root was a leading lawyer, whose clients included major corporations and such powerful players as Andrew Carnegie. Excerpt from:< Less

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