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Holy Relic By Larry Hunt
Paperback: $25.88
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Scientists at Israeli biotech firm TheraGen have secretly unlocked the key to human cloning. On a dig site in Israel, archaeologist Brandon Phillips discovers what could be an authentic nail from the... More > Crucifixion of Christ, but before they can celebrate the greatest discovery in history, it is ripped from their grasp in an armed raid on the excavation. After acquiring the Holy Nail from the thieves, TheraGen uses DNA from the relic to create a clone of the man who was crucified 2000 years ago. A Desperate Race… University student MJ Green possesses the rare DNA match needed to carry the cloned embryo. She is kidnapped and inseminated, but manages to escape from her captors. Pregnant, scared, and alone, she is on the run. Brandon Phillips joins with FBI agent Brittany Turner to battle TheraGen and Mossad agents in a race to recover the relic, and to find the surrogate mother-and the amazing child she carries.< Less
A Strange Messenger By Robert Bennick
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
During an expedition in Antarctica geologist Ben Brooks discovers by sheer coincidence a very strange small object. It’s harder than diamond, and since it’s lighter than air it floats... More > around his lab. When searching government support for further research on this bizarre object it is confiscated, and a number of events start to happen. A famous NASA scientist disappears (murdered?) and Brooks and his assistant Sally have to go undercover with the object, hunted by a secret organization under the command of a grim US Army general. Brooks and Sally flee, but will they succeed to escape arrest by the FBI, the CIA, the US Army, the US Navy and the US Air Force when all of these armed forces join hands in the manhunt? And why poses such a small harmless object such a threat to the national security of the USA? Why does the US government commit third degree murder, burglary and larceny to take it away from them?< Less
Screenshot By John Darrin
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Interactive, pay-per-view assassinations, live on the Internet. And you can pull the trigger. The Rehabinator shreds the bricks and beams of a rowhouse, and the drug dealer standing in front of it.... More > The controlled lightning of the Pediphryer locks onto an infamous pedophile, thrashing him around like a rodeo cowboy on an angry bull, and cooking him just about medium-rare. The Musliminator blasts a three-ton SUV off the ground, and gravity returns it, leaving the terrorist and his entourage looking like charcoal. Screenshot is on the air, and the paying public lines up to watch the carnage. A crackpot scientist who's holds the key to bursting this bubble, and a free-lance writer and a rogue FBI computer geek must use it to unlock the secret of his identity. As they get closer to the truth than, and Screenshot targets them for a new weapon. And the FBI itself thinks they’re involved. So the race is on, and second place is last place. SCREENSHOT – where virtual reality gets real.< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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