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Insurance Fraud Bureau: Customer Relationship Manager, IFB Grade 13, salary c£45k Milton Keynes, with regular UK travel By alaiza reic
eBook (PDF): $9.44
A vacancy has arisen for a Customer Relationship Manager at the IFB reporting to the Director, IFB. This role will support the delivery of first-class counter fraud services to the UK insurance... More > industry. The successful applicant will be responsible for: o Development and maintenance of a customer relationship management programme o Contribution to a customer centric and partnership culture being embedded into the IFB team o Regular engagement with customers by telephone, in person and by email o Participation in new IFB customer engagement and development o Early identification and escalation of IFB service delivery issues and provision of customer support for remedies o Escalation point for unresolved operational and performance issues o Production of regular management information and reports, to evidence presence of an effective customer relationship model< Less
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The image of the ninja remains strong today. In fact, ninja as popular culture icons were already popular in Japan in the era before World War II. During the 1960s, the Shinobi no mono films ignited... More > a ninjutsu and ninja boom that spread widely overseas as part of a larger international fascination with martial arts. Today, there are instructors who are knowledgeable, and have read extensively, studied deeply, and trained diligently. Others, however, are merely pretenders who have failed to read extensively, study deeply, and train diligently. They are the Fools, Fakes, and Frauds of ninjutsu—the attention-seeking quick-buck scammers of the martial arts who want to claim the title of ninja or shinobi without having earned the right by having the knowledge or doing the hard work. This book was written to help you avoid them.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.50
Es un libro que señala a las sectas culturales que mediante el fraude, comercializan los actos culturales con fines de lucro.
Corruption in Business & Government - 2014 By Dr Bob Boland & Team
Paperback: $8.58
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Corruption in business and government has existed for generations. Don't get upset by peanuts ($10) Concentrate on coconuts ($1,000,000). It may be illegal, legal or just un-ethical. Corruption... More > involves, bribes, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, extortion. favouritism, nepotism, illegal political contributions, abuse of human rights etc. Nolimit. Corruption like crime survives with secrecy, directly related to cultural values of “normal behavior”. Anti-corruption is very popular topic for discussion (“talk”) but not for action. This applies to companies, government, NGO’s and the UN too!!! This little book is a creative learning experience. Brief text with serious and some amusing cases … when we can laugh, perhaps we can change? Case: Business manager - Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask where I have gone wrong in corruption … in my life … and voice replies …this is going to take much longer than one night!!!Source of data: The Economist, World Bank, WSJ, Transparency etc.< Less
Timos: clásicos y modernos, aún funcionan By Jose Manuel Ferro Veiga
eBook (PDF): $12.84
Hay cosas que no cambian: cada día amanece, cada semana juega nuestro equipo de fútbol y cada otoño caen las hojas de los árboles y comienza la temporada de recogida de... More > setas. Pero también ocurren otras cosas: cada semana las calles contemplan asombradas cómo algún pardillo es víctima de un timo más popular que la paella mixta. Sí, timos, porque aún hoy se dan, tantos años después de su edad de oro. Fueron los años sesenta y setenta, en los que la estafa de la estampita y el tocomocho formaban parte del acervo cultural, en grotesca manifestación de la picaresca que tanto predicamento tuvo en nuestro país (y retuvo: la sección de noticias lo confirma a diario), a modo de dique de contención de la modernidad. Lo cierto es que, con mayor o menor grado de elaboración en las artes del engaño, el objetivo de los timos y estafas casi siempre ha sido el mismo: engatusar y engañar< Less
Hill & Associates: Service Line - Business Intelligence & Integrity Risk By Desideria Faux
eBook (PDF): $1.68
Service Line - Business Intelligence & Integrity Risk Fraud Prevention & Investigation - Employee Kickback Investigation Industry – Retail When an international fashion house began... More > noticing discrepancies in their inter-office payment procedures between an Asian city and their US headquarters, they initially suspected little more than a lack of controls. Two locally employed expatriate managers were installed in the Asian office by the US headquarters to oversee operations but both were soon 'fired' by the local director. Soon it became apparent that there was more to the problem than a simple lack of controls or cultural misunderstanding.< Less
Messenger From God: A Story of Fate and Faith By Sam Leonard
Paperback: $20.00
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An unbelievable rescue is captured by a passerby with a camcorder. The video goes viral making Jesse Syms an instant media superstar – The Messenger From God. Convinced by the Reverend Money... More > to make a series of church tours Jesse meets Sarah Thomas. Despite their different race, cultural values, and religious beliefs, they fall deeply in love and engage in a highly passionate and intensely sexual affair. With his ex-wife determined to expose him as a fraud, Jesse’s life spirals into utter hopelessness. Guided by her faith Sarah tries desperately to save him. Jesse’s saga culminates with him confronting his own spirituality.< Less
Government Contracting Should Be A Core Competence for U.S. Military Personnel By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $15.96
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The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mark an era of unprecedented outsourcing in contingency operations. Although signiicant outsourcing occurred in prior wars, never has the scale been so large for so... More > long. Counterintuitively, as outsourcing increased, the number of government acquisition personnel decreased. This led to waste, fraud, and abuse. The Commission on Wartime Contracting made several indings and recommendations to prevent future contract administration problems in contingency operations. A principal concern is that the U.S. military needs to increase the number of acquisition experts, change its culture, and treat government contracting as a core competency. In response to outsourcing concerns, the Ofice of Federal Procurement Policy issued Policy Letter 11-01 on the Performance of Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions. The Letter provides strategic-level guidance to federal agencies to assess risk and accountability when outsourcing.< Less
Dark Side of the Moon By Roy Maloy
Paperback: $15.65
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Written by one of the most unique authors in the world today, Roy Maloy is an iconic circus artist, impresario and author. The Dark Side of the Moon is a fascinating journey through the lives and... More > cultures of the many individuals who each played a role in the shaping and growing of the Western Australian Luna Park. Often laced with underhanded and shady characters, the biography of Luna Park’s Impresarios includes a number of fascinating crimes committed, conspiracies, cover ups, pistols shot, fist fights, jail sentences, fraud and infidelity in grand proportions. To many, the Luna Parks that were erected on Cottesloe Beach in 1928, and later on Scarborough Beach from 1939-1976 were a place of family fun, and magic. But for others, the sordid activities of gambling, prize fights and paying grafts to security guards all come together in and around the operations of Western Australia’s Luna Parks, resulting in their demise in the late 1970s.< Less
Journal of International Doctoral Research (JIDR) Volume 7, Number 1, 2018 By Gillian Warner-Søderholm et al.
Paperback: $11.40
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The JIDR is devoted to a wide range of research themes, which are all linked to the concepts of organizations and management both implicitly and explicitly. The very history of management scholarship... More > is rooted in the world of work and also with concern for employees well-being, as workers are not simply units of capital production, but also human beings. Our special call for this edition has been for new research within the Nordic cluster. Consequently, in this issue we present a number of new studies from Scandinavia which use a management lens to look at some fundamental questions societies face today: questions relating to gender equality and pay gaps, education management and children’s well-being, ethics and accounting fraud, aviation industry and changes in customer expectations, economic internationalization and lastly institutionalism as a driver of cultural values. The discussions in these articles highlight several recurring and yet under-researched issues in these fields.< Less

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