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Faith, Science, Miracles, Islam:Four Kuyperian Essays By Abraham Kuyper and Jan H. Boer
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This book contains four essays from two authors writing about a century apart from each other. These essays are Kuyperian in the sense that Abraham Kuyper himself wrote the first two, while Boer... More > wrote his in the spirit of the Kuyperian school of thought that developed after Kuyper. Different authors and circumstances; one spirit. Boer is publishing these essays because there is a wide-spread community of Kuyperian scholars and activists across the globe who are intensely interested in the development of a Christian worldview, something for which Kuyperian thought has been found an extremely suitable tool. For more information on Kuyperian thought go to or simply visit the innumerable websites dedicated to Abraham Kuyper.< Less
The Miracle Power of Believing By Theodor Laurence
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This remarkable book is the culmination of the author's many years of research into the most potent life-force known to man—the Power of Belief. Let Theo Laurence, one of the world's foremost... More > experts on the occult arts, mental science and mysticism, reveal the Magic Creeds that automatically trigger this phenomenal power—and rejoice in the never-ending flood of riches, happiness and success that is yours for the asking!< Less
A Miracle Called Yendise By Sidney S. Collie
Hardcover: $52.99
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Riveting and spell binding. Depicting the real life trials and triumph of Mavis and Sidney Collie during the stages of the life of their severely premature miracle Yendise. It will evoke in the... More > reader a plethora of emotions while enhancing faith in God. When medical science diagnosed that their daughter may not survive, Sidney and Mavis proved in an extraordinary bout of faith that the price had already been paid.< Less
Here is how to ask for a healing or a miracle By Dominic P. Simon
eBook (ePub): $1.22
Whether you are a Christian or not, this free book on the Truth is for everyone. You have the right to know the reality! All the information you need can be found at the website... More > I have 3 diplomas in science and I am interested only in what is real and proved. Did you know that God really exists and that it is proved? That only Christ can open to you the gates of Heaven by the gift of the Holy Spirit who is always a real manifestation in you? Religious people only have the task of proclaiming the Gospels, nothing more... I, although baptized a Christian (baby), had this gift spontaneously at the age of 45 (March 14, 2016). Then the Lord gave me a dozen manifestations of the Holy Spirit to write this free work for you. Here you only pay a small fee for the merchant's distribution. The entire work bears the following title: Earth is God's garden of culture in order to get his children< Less
The Secret Science Behind Miracles: Huna Magic and Ho'Opono, Ho'Oponopono Instant Healing By Max Freedom Long
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Max Freedom Long, a life long student of mysticism and spirituality, lived amongst the Hawaiian Hunas in the early part of the 20th Century, and gained first hand knowledge of their practices,... More > miracles and magic. With first hand accounts and more than 2 dozen case histories, the author showcases the mysteries and methods of Hawaiian Shamanism, healing and magic.< Less
Faith and Reason Unified in the World of Faith Phenomena By Sharon R. Bradley-Munn
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While history continues to progress in the area of reason, it is essential to understand, there is yet another force driving history forward. According to Hebraic and early church writings, acts of... More > faith fall outside of the boundary of natural laws and the constraints of human reasoning and yet are always rational in its results. Although faith and reason act in unison and each part makes up the whole, they are not homogeneous, in that they have distinct operations. The faith that this author attempts to elucidate is a force, that produces miracles, healing and other divine intervention. While pure reason tends to strive towards ever greater order, pure faith is a creative, often sporadic force that produces effectual change. It is a domain that must be properly taught and understood, as the lived-out faith experience--referred to as faith phenomena--are far from anomalies, rather are reoccurring continuously. As such, Faith experiences need to be given proper respect, once again taught in its purest form.< Less
SEVEN JEWELS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH By Rev. Dr. Steve Joel Moffett, Sr.,M.A., D.Min.
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COLLECTORS HARDCOVER EDITION Rev. Dr. Steve Joel Moffett, Sr. has been involved in professional ministry for over 33 years. He has served as a Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist. He is a powerful... More > communicator and is in high demand as a church and conference speaker. He has earned the B.A. in Behavioral Science (Cum Laude), an M.A. in Human Behavior, and the D. Min. Degree. He is one of the worlds foremost authorities on the Oneness Pentecostal Faith and the Apostolic Doctrine. This book is a compilation of seven works by Dr. Moffett. 1) One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Defending The Gospel Against Polytheism 2) A True Foundation: Defending The Gospel Against Cults, and 3) The Seven Revelations of God: The Multifaceted One 4) A Titanic Salvation 5) Anthology of Christian Art 6) A Miracle Before the Message: Church Planting The Easy Way 7) Creative Real Estate for Church Planters These seven works together in one are truly “Jewels of The Christian Faith”.< Less
History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom By Andrew Dickson White
eBook (PDF): $4.98
In this important and controversial work, historian, diplomat, and the first president of Cornell University Andrew White exhaustively documents the battle between science and religion in such... More > matters as creation vs. evolution, the geocentric vs. the heliocentric, and the "fall of man" vs. A classic work on the history of science and freedom of thought in Christian Europe. Originally written in 1886, this is a comprehensive account of clashes between theological and scientific claims about how nature works. White systematically chronicles the persecution that all the major areas of scientific inquiry had to endure from theologans before they were accepted : geology, mechanics, medicine, meteorology, biology, etc..< Less
Cellabrating Life: An Infant Girl's Astounding Story of Her Miracle Rebirth and Nine-Month Journey from Hospital to Home By Vashti Berry
eBook (ePub): $2.99
It wasn’t the moment the doctor told us Ella was dying that changed our life…it was the moment they told us she lived. Against all medical odds and without explanation from science, she... More > had returned to us. She had been reborn. This is the story of our daughter’s miracle rebirth and journey home. We captured this miraculous journey through an online journal that was initially created to update friends and relatives on the medical condition of our daughter. It turned into so much more… Our journal has documented life within a miracle and the answers to the hows and the whats we had asked ourselves the night we learned our lives were forever changed by Ella’s rebirth. It has allowed us to share the triumphs, the tragedies, and the inspirational lessons from living life within that miracle. We hope you feel the extraordinary in the ordinary as you follow our daughter's astounding journey from hospital to home.< Less
Christian Worldview Vs. Postmodernism By Dave Armstrong
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Examination and rational comparison of the Christian and postmodernist philosophies, with in-depth treatment of such important topics as the problem of evil, the "problem of good" and... More > meaningfulness in atheism, miracles, the relationship of Christianity to science and scientific method, atheist unproven axioms and premises, and the cosmological and teleological arguments for God's existence.< Less

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