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Family Hymnal For the Worship of God By The Sasser Family
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A hymnal designed for family worship.
The Book of Family Worship By a disciple of Jesus Christ
Paperback: $9.99
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A journal styled work-book for a family of the Christian faith to define what they, as a family, stand for and believe. It supports, encourages, and helps the family unity grow with long term use... More > for God's glory.< Less
Your House of Worship (Tips for Family Devotions) By Drs. Don and Debbi Dunlap
Paperback: $8.92
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Many men today didn’t grow up with a dad who led their family spiritually, so the idea of leading family devotions is usually intimidating and threatening. Most of these men will never feel... More > bold enough to give it a try. The authors, experienced family counselors, will help you see just how uncomplicated (and fun) family worship can be. You’ll find helpful suggestions and practical examples of various effective approaches to use. Make your home a House of Worship, beginning now!< Less
AGHOR WORSHIP,Protection For All Member Of Family By Shekhar Pratap Singh
eBook (PDF): $12.50
What Is True Worship? By Beverley Anderson
Paperback: $5.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
A 'Purpose Built To Worship Program' that will re-orientate Worship Leaders in particular toward a revelation of Prophetic Worship since they are a unique species of the family of Man with designated... More > authority and anointed gifting to represent the standard of TRUE WORSHIP and to orchestrate the atmosphere of TRUE WORSHIP.< Less
A Handbook for Leading Divine Worship By Matt Timmons
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The highest calling of a minister of the gospel is leading the people of God in the sacred worship of the Almighty Lord. Sometimes though, pastors are crunched for time. Unexpected pastoral calls,... More > secular work, family crisis or ministerial inexperience can hinder a minister from spending the adequate amount of time needed to prepare for this holy work. A Handbook for Leading Divine Worship is a compilation of Scripture and common elements of worship to help pastors build edifying services in such instances. A Handbook enables the time tight minister to walk into the pulpit with Calls to Worship, Assurances of Pardon, Benedictions and aids for Communion services in hand so that a congregations' edification may not be hindered.< Less
The Joy of Family Worship: A Practical Guide For Every Stage of Family By Kerr Howell Jr.
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God gave you your family! God did not give us our family to live sporadically or accidently, but He gave us a clear path to walk. He wants you to know how to be a family. He desires for you to be a... More > family. And, He will empower (grace) you to be a family. You have been given the ability (through the cross) to hand down the legacy of God. Family discipleship is following Jesus together as a family, not as segregated individuals. This type of discipleship causes a family to be Godward and Christ-centered. You can do this! God says you can. Jesus died and rose again to make sure of it. You are a family. You can do it! You can start today.< Less
Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church By John L. Girardeau
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"In the discussion of the question, Whether the use of instrumental music in the worship of the Church is permissible or not, it must be premised: First, that the question is not in regard to... More > private or family worship, or to that of social gatherings which are not ecclesiastical in their nature, nor with reference to the utility or tastefulness of instrumental music, nor in relation to the abuse to which it may be liable; but, Secondly, the question is precisely, Is the use of instrumental music in the public worship of the Church justifiable? The design of this discussion is, with the help of the divine Spirit, to prove the negative." John L. Girardeau< Less
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Rejected by his friends, forsaken by his church and hunted by his father; still had the Lord on his side, Sheldon decided to putted his gift to work during his persecution in 2014 and that was how... More > this poetic collection came about. Outflow of worship could be taken for a hymnal; just imagine the man of God whispering to the Lord while embracing persecution by the hand of his own family that claimed he want to kill them in the name of our Lord and in service to his mother. Ease poetry collection consist of 15 poems that will inspire your daily life and prompt you to never quit your course. It may help the worshiper and be a spiritual weapon to the prayer warrior.< Less
Twisted Tongue Presents JwBennett's Practical Devil Worship By JwBennett
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Twisted Tongue Presents JWBennett's Practical Devil Worship (For all the Family) -- Chapbook One -- AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY -- SUITABLE FOR OVER 18's Only -- Armageddon in a small town. --... More > The Darkstein's. Your average American family – hardworking, patriotic and devout – the only thing that sets them apart from the God-fearing community of Goat Creek is their chosen faith. -- Following the disappearance of local girl Belinda Popejoy, backwater prejudices threaten to blow the tenuous neighbourly peace to smithereens. -- As tension and bigotry mount on all sides, and private vendettas boil over, the Darkstein's will have to rely on the luck of the devil in order to survive…< Less