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With Love, A By-Stander By Allison Periso
Paperback: $6.30
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This book contains real life everyday stories that I experience with all my friends
Paperback: $7.02
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The worm had escaped but nobody seemed to care at the time until a few murders had happened and younger Nexie was killed in a tragic car accident. We had continued on working in the Outlook Hotel as... More > best as we could do. One day an old friend turned up at the hotel and enough was enough. We decided to go after the clone and Marshmelilkree. This was going to be our personal war, to take the fight to them. Blottey my wife, had left us a suitcase full of Victorian weapons, along with a letter and a locket from two hundred and fifty-one years ago.< Less
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It was anther normal day for Maurice in the Outlook Hotel, as in normal, Maurice was being moaned at. Why had it taken Maurice so long to find the plunger to go and unblock a guests' toilet? Unknown... More > to Maurice, the plunger was covering a dark secret to my past. Somewhere hidden away in anther dimension was a force not to be reckoned with. Could we trust Marshmelilkree, and who had stolen the lemonade?< Less
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The love between family membership and true friendship must be kept, to do this I must walk down a long road with many crossroads and go beyond this world, with two of my own kind and two of my old... More > kind. The red-haired girl I had fallen in love with, had turned my messed up life upside down with the news of a prophecy concerning me.< Less
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McDude was too scared to believed in younger Nexie's story, she had said, she had become a vampire. That is until his dreams become the stuff of nightmares. McDude begins to question himself, the... More > story could be true. McDude tries to ask questions, but no one in the Outlook Hotel has the time to listen to him. His nightmares become more real, Shavock's name is mentioned in one of his nightmares. Shavock the one-eyed, ex-space pirate captain holds the key to finding McDude's sister, Lexie. Lexie will die and I will die, if no one will believe that McDude's nightmares are real.< Less
Gabriel By Rev. Chris Cook
Hardcover: List Price: $31.99 $22.39 | You Save: 30%
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Fifteen year old Gabriel's life is about to change forever. He discovers everything surrounding his life has been a lie. A Journey begins that lets Gabriel discover who he really is and what his... More > destiny is. He learns he has special abilities that he must use to defeat an evil group that has been looking for him ever since his birth. Along the way he discovers friendship, family, and love. Will he learn enough in time to stop the evil?< Less
Vol. 1 Kingly Adventures Cookbook By Bryan King
Paperback: $11.99
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Danger equals delicious. Why waste good meat on those perilous adventures. Never let a hulking monster go to waste again. With the Kingly Adventures Cookbook you can confront and consume!
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen By H. Beam Piper
eBook (ePub): $6.00
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen is a 1965 science fiction novel by H. Beam Piper and is part of his Kalvan series of stories, which is part of his larger Paratime series. It recounts the adventures of a... More > Pennsylvania state trooper who is accidentally transported to a more backward parallel universe. It is Piper's last science fiction novel. The Paratime Police patrolled the vast number of alternate time dimensions. Their aim was to keep the existence of the alternative Earths a secret and prevent these Earths from mixing and destroying each other. But the Time Police made mistakes, and they made a big one when a seemingly ordinary Pennsylvania State Trooper named Calvin Morrison was accidentally switched into the Aryan-Transpacific sector, Styphon's House subsector. In just a few weeks, Morrison was being hailed as Lord Kalvan, and was masterminding a campaign that could blow the whole Paratime secret sky high!< Less
Junkyard Planet By H. Beam Piper
eBook (ePub): $5.00
This novel had its genesis in a much shorter story called "Graveyard of Dreams" (Galaxy, 1958) Piper expanded it to book length, and it appeared in 1963 as Junkyard Planet. Conn Maxwell... More > returns from Terra to his home world of Poictesme, dubbed "The Junkyard Planet" because of all the military equipment left behind after the last war. Conn claims he has found the location of Merlin, a military super-computer rumored to have been left behind. But is Merlin real, or just a myth? And will Conn's knowledge of the computer save Poictesme--or tear his world apart?< Less
Aldrians ADVENTURES Part I + II By Ryan Elbwood
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Go with Aldrian on a thrilling journey! Smell mossy forests, fresh juicy meadows and the smoke, which spreads itself again and again in the region. Hear the clank of blades, the bursting of... More > shields, the hissing of arrows and the screaming on the battlefield. Get to know the noble and wise Elbs. Enter the halls of the Dwarves. Enter the fantastic underground empire of the magic-talented Gimplings. Get to know the folk of the gigantic Ogers. Also the lizard-like Cwards will you encounter. Don't confront with them, since they are cowardly, perfidious and malicious. When you see the luminous eyes of the Garlags, when you hear the hissing of the wing flapping of their dragons and the wild screaming of her women, then run for your life! But if you want to reach fame and honor, then help Aldrian with his difficult tasks. Discover how a boy, which only just became a man, is drifted from adventure to adventure and often doesn't know how he should master all this.< Less