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The Uttermost Farthing By Marie Belloc Lowndes
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Marie Adelaide Elizabeth Rayner Lowndes, née Belloc (5... More > August 1868 – 14 November 1947), was a prolific English novelist.Active from 1898 until her death, she had a literary reputation for combining exciting incident with psychological interest. Two of her works were adapted for the screen.Born in Marylebone, London and raised in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France, Mrs Belloc Lowndes was the only daughter of French barrister Louis Belloc and English feminist Bessie Parkes. Her younger brother was Hilaire Belloc, whom she wrote of in her last work, The Young Hilaire Belloc (published posthumously in 1956). Her paternal grandfather was the French painter Jean-Hilaire Belloc, and her maternal great-great-grandfather was Joseph Priestley. In 1896, she married Frederick Sawrey A. Lowndes (1868–1940). Excerpt from:< Less
A Flat Iron for a Farthing (Illustrated Edition) By Juliana Horatia Ewing
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Beautifully illustrated work first published in 1873, by the prolific author of children's stories. Her tales, which have hardly been excelled in sympathetic insight into childlife, still enjoy... More > undiminished popularity.< Less
The Kosmic Symphony -Volume 1 By Eric Coxall
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‘The Kosmic Symphony’ is a holistic approach which examines the evolution of our social, religious and cultural world, our physical and scientific world and finally our inner mind or... More > subjective reality. This book identifies where many of our beliefs and traditions originate. These have been imposed on us by religious authorities, politics, large corporations and institutions. We absorb these ideas without our conscious awareness or control, they can lead to wars and fundamentalism. Science has transformed our understanding of the universe, life and the mind. With this new world-view we have the knowledge to reach our full potential and progress into a new era of self –actualisation and enlightenment. Volume 1 -covers the ascent of humanity into the classical world. Followed by a decent to the dark ages when humans become puppets of Gods, Priests and Kings. Volume 2 brings the thesis forward from the reformation.< Less
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I was brought up in the small mining village of Horden in County Durham. I took part in various sports at Peterlee Leisure Centre where I now work. Whilst studying at university I met my husband... More > Peter. We married in 2003 at Gretna Green and had a lovely celebration. I have always had a love of writing, spirituality and philosophy. This book is my first serious writing project and I decided to connect all three interests. I aim to improve myself and to try to help or inspire others. I feel life is a long term learning school and would like to offer thanks to all those who have been part of my life. My aim is to try and acknowledge a positive from every negative experience; unfortunately, I don’t always manage! Life can be tough sometimes. I really appreciate lessons from my family and our son Adam. He is the biggest inspiration in my life. If this book inspires, or makes one or two people think about the bigger picture, then I feel that the journey I have travelled so far will have been a success.< Less
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Chariots of Wrath is the story of one man’s passion for all things mechanical – and in particular aircraft, which he fell in love with after his first flight in 1935 when his father took... More > the family to see one of Sir Alan Cobham’s legendary Flying Circus demonstrations at Brighouse, in Yorkshire. Here he was taken up in a ‘giant airliner’ age nine years old – and he was hooked. Not long after the author started work as a young apprentice with the famous Blackburn Aircraft Company which had a factory near his new home on the outskirts of Leeds. From that day to the end of his working life, except for a brief career in the Leeds Police Force, Mounted Division and his wartime duties as a tank driver, Sam Whitworth rose through the ranks of a number of celebrated aircraft companies to become a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautic Society. Within these pages are marvellous stories of the aeroplanes and aeronautical events that he has been associated with.< Less
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As a schoolboy the only thing Len Woodgate wanted to do was to join the RAF. He achieved this at the tender age of 16, by becoming a member of the 49th Entry of the RAF Halton Apprenticeship scheme.... More > Then followed a full career in the RAF where he later gained a commission. As well as the UK, he was posted on several overseas tours. He finished his service by taking charge of the Aerospace Museum at Cosford and prepared it to be taken over as part of the Royal Air Force Museum. Now, aged 87, Len Woodgate is a remarkable man who has lived an equally remarkable life. His mind is still as sharp as a razor and his memory is still crystal clear. Numerous of Len’s exploits and achievements are related within his book.< Less
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SHEADER’S DAUGHTER is (possibly!) the fifth and final novel in the continuing saga of the Sheader family of Scarborough. It concludes young Terry Sheader’s involvement in the secret... More > service and his involvement with Whittle’s jet engine. His personal life is altered dramatically by a serious injury and the arrival of a baby daughter, all the time events being overshadowed by the presence of his deceased nurse in the spirit world. As in all my novels, the story is set against historic events which are accurate.< Less
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‘Living in the past. It’s always said pejoratively, as if the past is necessarily inferior to the future, or at any rate less important; nobody’s ever condemned for looking... More > forward, only back. But the truth is that we live in the past, whether we like it or not. That’s where our life takes shape. Somewhere ahead, however near or far, is the end. But behind, shrouded in clouds of forgetting, lies the beginning’. This book about Scarborough IS unashamedly about looking back from the first mention of Scarborough in 8000 BC to the present day. It is not a formal history; rather a miscellany of interesting facts culled from many sources stretching back over the years.< Less
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Turquoise Patch is a journey through the overwhelming grief following the death of both my son and husband. The collection of poetry was started in the year 2000 and through this poetry I have... More > worked through the grief of losing my darling son, Bevin Julian Martin, followed four years later by the loss of my beloved husband Trevor Stanley Martin. Bevin’s ashes are scattered on Holaman Island on the Isle of Raasay in the Western Isles. a spiritual place and some of the poems in the collection were written on the island. Trevor’s ashes are scattered on the Isle of Jura at Barn Hill where George Orwell wrote part of Nineteen Eighty Four. Much of the poetry in the collection is inspired by the beauty and power of nature. The metaphysical quality of some of the poems is influenced by the late Sorley Maclean of Raasay. The last six poems in the collection were written by Trevor and Bevin.< Less
Climbing the Stairway to Heaven By Bill Wilson
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Bill Wilson is a native of County Durham, now living in Lincolnshire. He has studied in a number of fields including civil engineering, theology, philosophy, psychology, organisation theory, ... More > behavioural science and education. He has practiced professionally as a civil engineer specialising in bridge design; an ordained clergyman with a particular interest in industrial chaplaincy; a lecturer in adult higher education specialising in industrial relations; and finally as a Principal of a Further and Higher Education College.                       Bill’s stories about Jimbo and Conché are the distillation of his reflections on the great virtues of love, joy, sadness, friendship, courage, sacrifice, perseverance and happiness.    < Less

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