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The Father By Benjaman Conklin
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Have you ever heard the world's version of God? How He spends all his time sending people to Heaven and Hell? Well, this book explains how that is not who God is.
The Father By Joyce Reba Payne
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An enlightening book written about difficulties men encounter in life that could hinder a spiritual relationship with God, the Father. It is especially useful in speaking to the experience of black... More > men in America. Insight is offered for progression to the highest potential of success.< Less
Fathers By Bill Hanks
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The book is about fathers and the different challenges that they face each day as a parent. It brings into focus the responsibilities that have as a father.
Father's Will By Julian Clarke
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Today’s Christians are being challenged by a broad sweep of teachings and philosophies. With them have come leaders whose charisma often draws people into a brand of Christianity which may not... More > truly reflect what is taught in the Scriptures. This book goes back to basics and asks questions about what God really wants to do in and through the lives of Christian believers. It seeks to lay a foundation which will help believers discover the Church which Christ is really building among all the variations and colours of Churches which claim to be his. Fundamentally, this book challenges believers to examine whether they are in the faith which Christ taught, which he continues to teach and support by the Holy Spirit, and which he will complete in the individual and in his Church (2 Corinthians 13:5; Colossians 1:21-23; Philippians 1:6; Hebrews 12:1-29).< Less
Somascan Primary Sources By Somascan Fathers
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This book is the Somascan Primary Sources. It is a collection of Documents regarding the Life of Saint Jerome Emiliani, and the first years of the Congregation of the Somascan Fathers
Book of Devotion By Somascan Fathers
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The "Book of Devotion" is a collection of prayers, celebrations and various liturgies in use among the Somascan Fathers. Edited in USA for the English language religious members.
for a Somascan Spirituality - 3 - By Somascan Fathers
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for a somascan spirituality - 3 - , part of a collection of writings intentended to promote the spirituality of the Somascan Fathers
for a Somascan Spirituality - 7 - By Somascan Fathers
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Historical Outlines of the Order of the Somascan Fathers. Founded in 1528, (1538) the Somascan Order occupies the second place in the chronological series of the Order of Regular Clerics.
Word of God Revealed (pdf) By FATHER DIVINE
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Word of God Revealed is FATHER DIVINE's Words from the early 1930s, recorded by Mr. John Lamb.
Vampyre Virtues the Red Veils HARDCOVER By Father Sebastiaan
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Vampyre Virtues “The Red Veils” is the newest book by Father Sebastiaan, master fangsmith of the Sabreototh Clan, impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball and author of Sanguinomicon... More > & Vampyre Magick. The Red Veils are written to further inspire and challenge the reader through presenting 100 words of power related to the vampire mythos. Promoting personal evolution and embracing the Vampyre Spirit with some example virtues including Primal Nature, Romance, Mystery, Transhumanism, Music, Culture, Glamour, Elegance, Courtesy, Chivalry, Immortality, Magick and Sensuality. Each Virtue is beautifully presented with the design of French conceptual artist William Vocant and an enticingly written forward by vampire author Gabirelle Faust. What makes this book unique and special is the fact it was written from the inspirations of over two decades of close interaction between Father Sebastiaan and his fang clients.< Less

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