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Father Time By Giles Ford
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'Father time' by Bridport shortlisted poet (2007, 2008, 2010) Giles Ford is a moving cartography of love, loyalty and loss.
The Father By Benjaman Conklin
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Have you ever heard the world's version of God? How He spends all his time sending people to Heaven and Hell? Well, this book explains how that is not who God is.
Kids Time With Father Time - Learn How To Tell The Time With Father Time By Daisy Wright
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“Kids Time With Father Time” is a book that is focused on getting children between ages six to eight to learn how to tell the time correctly. The book was written by a mother that was... More > inspired by her own personal experience that she had teaching her own children. From her own observations she realized that children not only needed thing to be fun but wanted variety as well to keep them focused. As such she uses different types of clocks to keep them wondering which type is coming up next. The process is simple and any parent can use the book to give the child a start reading clocks or can use it to reinforce exactly what they are learning in school. This book is a great source of reference of any household with young children. The greatest thing about it is that the information is presented on separate pages so it is not too overwhelming and one thing can be focused on at a time.< Less
The Father-Time Machine By Sean Dudley
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Steve’s unhappily married to his high school crush while working for a ruthless boss who Steve used to pick on in high school, Stephanie takes it upon herself to capture her dream of becoming a... More > newscaster by secretly sleeping with the head newscaster only to get turned down by the position on multiple occasions and Doug may own a bar, but he has lost the best years of his life confined to a wheelchair since an accident in high school. Steve has been assigned to watch a top secret project overnight from his boss. So he sneaks Doug and Stephanie in and what they discover is that the project is actually a time machine. What makes this time machine so different from any other is that not only does it take you back in time, but you have the power to set yourself at any age in any year. Given their dark present, they travel back to the past (if time travel is possible and with their adult knowledge, fix their teenage years and make their future a brighter one.< Less
THE TRIAL OF FATHER TIME By Rev. Joseph William Massey
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Father Time stands trial for the sins of humanity. The Tribunal threatens certain death, but Father Time stands silent, merely ticking the seconds away. What will be the final outcome, and who... More > will survive? Father Time or the leaders who threaten his and humanity's existence?< Less
In My Father's Time By John Sanbrook
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In My Father's Time is a labor of love by author John Sanbrook. The Sanbrook family, from England, found themselves in a Japanese internment camp during WWII, imprisoned because John's father was a... More > Police Officer with the Shanghi Municipal Police Force. After the war, John's father served in the effort to capture and prosecute war criminals. Eventually, the family moved to the United States. Sanbrook punctuates his story, which is backed by legal documents, letters and interviews, with numerous family photos and even with artworks by his father. In My Father's Time is a moving and impressive tribute.< Less
Father Time's Hope By Anita Shepherd
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People used to make New Year’s resolutions every year as they wished upon a star with hope that something great will take place in the next year. And it was that hope that brought the... More > resolution to pass, kind of like magic! As people make their New Year’s resolutions, the resolutions become the sand in a special hourglass that Father Time watches over called the New Year Hourglass. Now, also in that sand is the magic from all the wonderful Holidays that Brad and Chad have helped to save. The magic in the hourglass then meets each hopeful resolution when it tips over at the start of the New Year and brings it to pass. But, what if no one made any New Year’s resolutions? What if there wasn’t enough to tip the New Year Hourglass on New Year’s Eve? Well, this story is about how not enough New Year’s resolutions were made and Father Time has called upon Brad and Chad to help. But this will also need assistance from all the Holiday characters. Let’s believe that nothing is impossible if there is hope in the heart.< Less
Changing Father Time By David Michael Zink
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Hiram Dubois was a bonafied genius. He was also a geek and a freak thanks to hi drug using parents. Hiram hobbled due to a bad case of bowleggedness which made him look like he was permanently... More > strapped to the back of a horse. Hiram built a time machine, one that finally proved worthy. Only during a short experiment, he was accidentally transformed back to the year 1971, right smack dab in the middle of the Kent University war protest. After being subdued by the police and stripped of the very essential tools he needed to return to his own time, nobody believed in him. After he tried to explain he was given a room, institutionalized in an asylum for the mentally insane.< Less
The Sins of the Fathers The Life and Times of a Mafioso By Vito Quattrocchi
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The Sins of the Fathers chronicles the life and times of Tony Messina, a Sicilian immigrant to the United States. This sweeping narrative takes us from Tony's formative years in the street gangs of... More > Hoboken, New Jersey, a bustling waterfront town in the looming shadow of New York City, to the startling violence and barbarity of the Vietnam conflict. Upon returning home, Tony is swept into the ruthlessly violent world of his family, the Messinas, the ruling Mafia clan of Hudson County, New Jersey. Returning from a war in which he fought as a soldier for his country only to reunite with a family who desires him to act as a soldier in their service, Tony is torn by conflicting pathos of familial duty and a desire for personal redemption. The Sins of the Fathers offers us a look into the inner-circle of a powerful crime family, the corruption, violence, and brutality therein and the story of one man's Odyssey through this blighted human landscape illustrating that redemption is always at hand. 480 pages< Less
A Father's Heart By Anita Shulman
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I wrote this book during the time that my father had terminal cancer.