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Fear Rising By Ed Isaac
Paperback: $12.09
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“The measure of a man is how he responds to his fear” Fear Rising explores how different people face their worst fears in extraordinary circumstances. It is about heroic deeds, faith and... More > power, tragedy and friendship. For Dave Simpson, a fearless adventurer, his worst fear is losing his best friend and second in command. Welshman Mike Davies dreads his fellow countrymen being left defenceless and losing the love he has just found. Mohammed Aqbal’s worst fears were realised when his family were murdered. Now he fears losing his faith and he is willing to lay down his life for it. Most of all Fear Rising shows how we use our fear to survive. The two marine scientists, Paul Maddy and Lewis Spooner, whose reckless underwater blast causes a new land to rise from the depths of the Irish Sea, are all but destroyed by their fear and guilt but find survival in friendship. Fear Rising will make you smile and it will make you cry. It will surprise you and it will make you fearful.< Less
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ARCTIC FEAR By Terrie Scott
Paperback: $12.95
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Dark Storm Rising, Prosperity's Princess, Monsters, Shadowlands, Immortals, Frozen, Remembrance, Infestation, Retribution, Shatter Rose, Voices and Soul Harvest.
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Dead Rise By Andrew McKnight
Paperback: $15.00
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April 4th, 1968. A dark day that will be forever known as the "Day of the Dead". At exactly 2:13 PM, the Venus probe that had been sent out one year previous... More > returned to our atmosphere, carrying on its shell the greatest plague known to mankind. The probe was set to touch down in an undisclosed location. The world was almost destroyed as a result. The atrocities of ten years subsequent fighting had left the world scarred and decimated, and the faint glimmer of light that was the spark of earthly sapience was almost extinguished. Nobody had ever suspected such a thing would happen... again.< Less
I Rise By Jaylin Coelho
Hardcover: $30.50
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A book of poetry from the mind of a very soulful, and insightful 15 year old girl. Jaylin has a wonderful way of expressing her dreams, fears and loves, I know we will be hearing more from her in the... More > future. I Rise, is an opportunity to see first hand the emotional intelligence of today's youth. They have much to say; it is time we start listening.< Less
Moon Rising By Eleanor Frances
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Alex tries to be normal teenage girl but that can be a little difficult if your a werewolf. And on one fateful moon she end up trapped with a complete stranger; Kailen. When the 'Moon Rises' will... More > they both make it out alive or will the wolf within her kill him and during their time together will they find something more than mutual fear.....< Less
The Rise Of The Vampires By ABIGAIL HABIB
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This story is very scary and interesting.It is about a part of the world which have been taken over by vampires,now its up to a young mother in her early 20s with special abilities that can kill... More > vampires, for this they fear her but still they hunt her only she can save her daughter her friends and the world.< Less
Those Rising By Paul Barrett
Paperback: $17.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
For as long as Neaco can remember he has lived a boring life stuck in a city that is going now where fast while dreams of a monstrosity he can only guess was once his sister torment him. Then the... More > terrorist known as the Daemon intervene bringing Tower down on him. Now he is called to rethink everything he knows from the man who raised him to the blood in his veins as he is swept to Teologica Academy opening his eyes to the side of life society hates. The magi, equally beautiful and blessed as they are dangerous and feared.< Less

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