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Instruments of the Money Market By Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
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The major purpose of financial markets is to transfer funds from lenders to borrowers. Financial market participants commonly distinguish between the "capital market" and the "money... More > market," with the latter term generally referring to borrowing and lending for periods of a year or less. The United States money market is very efficient in that it enables large sums of money to be transferred quickly and at a low cost from one economic unit (business, government, bank, etc.) to another for relatively short periods of time. The need for a money market arises because receipts of economic units do not coincide with their expenditures. These units can hold money balances—that is, transactions balances in the form of currency, demand deposits, or NOW accounts—to insure that planned expenditures can be maintained independently of cash receipts. Holding these balances, however, involves a cost in the form of foregone interest.< Less
Modern Money Mechanics By Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
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This reprint presents Modern Money Mechanics as it was originally published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in editions ranging from 1961-1992. The last revision, made in 1992, was most... More > recently published in 1994. As a description of our money system since the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve, hard money advocates, political libertarians and others have found the content of this book damning and used it as part of a general critique of American fiat currency. This booklet has been cited by Gary North, Lew Rockwell, the U.S. and U.K. Libertarian parties and many others. It even features in YouTube videos. As a simplified model for fractional reserve banking, Modern Money Mechanics remains an excellent beginning, one that can be read in a single sitting and one that has the advantage of showing us the Federal Reserve presenting itself and its operations to a broad, mass readership.< Less
Financial Accounting Manual for Federal Reserve Banks By Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Summary of Revisions Chapter 1 Paragraph 3.93 Allowance for Doubtful Reimbursement – expanded the account description to record allowance for non-Treasury agencies and others. Paragraph 4.21... More > Deferred Charges – clarified the policy to capitalize externally purchased software licenses that individually exceed $25,000. Paragraph 11.64 Accruals of Expenses for Employee Termination Programs (Involuntary/Voluntary) – clarified the accrual policy for expenses related to employee termination programs. Chapter 3 Paragraph 30.01 General – relocated the policy related to full acquisition cost to cover all fixed assets except software. Paragraph 30.47Methods of Capitalization - Furniture and Equipment – added a threshold of $100,000 to record bulk purchases of equipment and changed the RBOPS approval requirement to a RBOPS notification. Paragraph 30.75 Depreciation – modified the policy to begin recording depreciation the month following a building is occupied to make the depreciation policy consistent for all fixed...< Less
Why the Federal Reserve Sucks By Murray Sabrin
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How the Fed creates the business cycle by creating money out of thin air.
US Federal Reserve System Handbook By IBPUSA
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Ultimate handbooks with detailed info on the US Federal Reserve System. Activities, programs, structure, contacts
Roles and Responsibilities of Federal Reserve Directors By Board of Directors Federal Reserve System
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As the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve System (Federal Reserve or System) conducts the nation’s monetary policy and helps to maintain a stable financial system. Three key... More > components of the Federal Reserve System—the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Board of Governors), the Federal Reserve Banks (Reserve Banks), and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)—interact to accomplish these goals. Each of the 12 Reserve Banks is subject to the supervision of a nine-member board of directors (board) (see “Figure 1. The Federal Reserve Bank director selection process”). Six of the directors are elected by the member banks of the respective Federal Reserve District (District), and three of the directors are appointed by the Board of Governors. Most Reserve Banks have at least one Branch (Branch), and each Branch has its own board of directors.< Less
The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank By Robert Wenzel
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The remarkable story of how Robert Wenzel ended up delivering a speech at the New York Federal Reserve that rocked the financial world. The Fed Flunks contains the speech he delivered, plus two other... More > essays. In addition, Wenzel explains in The Fed Flunks just how it came about that he, a major critic of the Fed, was invited to deliver a speech at the Fed, how the event was almost sabotaged, who was at the speech and the reaction of the Fed economists there. This is a must read for anyone concerned about the US economy and anyone curious about what the Federal Reserve really does.< Less
The Federal Reserve System: Its Purposes And Functions By Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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This is the ninth edition of The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions. It has been revised by staff members of the Federal Reserve Board to reflect the changes that have taken place in the... More > monetary, regulatory, and other policy areas since publication of the eighth edition in 1994. It incorporates major changes in the law and in the structure of the financial system that have occurred over the past decade.< Less
US Federal Reserve System and Financial Policy Handbook By IBPUSA
eBook (PDF): $99.95
US Federal Reserve System (Central Bank) and Financial Policy: structure, acticities, contacts
Understanding the Securitization of Subprime Mortgage Credit: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report no. 318 By Adam B. Ashcraft & Til Schuermann
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This is an overview of the subprime mortgage securitization process and seven key informational frictions that arise. The authors discuss the ways that market participants work to minimize these... More > frictions and speculate on how this process broke down. They offer a complete picture of the subprime borrower and the subprime loan, discussing both predatory borrowing and predatory lending. They present the key structural features of a typical subprime securitization, document how rating agencies assign credit ratings to mortgage-backed securities, and outline how these agencies monitor the performance of mortgage pools over time. (Originally published as a Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report)< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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