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Flying Cups & Saucers: Gender Explorations in Science Fiction & Fantasy By Debbie Notkin, The Secret Feminist Cabal
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Ever wonder what happened to the rest of the tea party when the saucers went off into space? Here’s your chance to find out! What would it be like to go to a club where you could buy an... More > injection of sexiness? To grow up in a world where you didn’t know what gender you would be until puberty — and the discovery could be painful? To find yourself and your secret pitted against the entire United States government? The James Tiptree, Jr. Award has been recognizing science fiction and fantasy novels and stories that explore and expand gender since 1992. Although the award itself is given to one or two works of fiction a year, each jury also produces an “honor list“ of notable works that were considered for the award. This anthology contains almost all of the short fiction that either won or was honored in the first five years of the award.< Less
Feminist Poems By Nancy Quinn Collins
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This book consists of feminist poems written by American feminist Nancy Quinn Collins.
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A Feminist Cookbook By Mary Harper
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This cookbook is feminist because the names of its recipes use the names of feminist goals, so that those who read the book will be reminded of those goals.
The Retro Feminists By Breda Nathan
eBook (PDF): $1.77
After successfully rearing two sons, Mary decides to attend ‘Assertiveness for Women’ classes, as she bids to return to work, much to the dismay of her mother and husband. Her friend... More > Laura, who has 2 tickets for an upcoming Germaine Greer lecture, also leads Mary astray. Mary watches on with amazement as her newfound friends lurch back into 70’s feminism… The Retro Feminists is a hilarious short story from the awarding-winning Irish writer Breda Nathan. It’s no surprise that Breda won the Cork Theatre Writer’s Award last year, as her narrative voice is superb. You are really there with Mary as she finds that there are some things more painful than “sitting on one buttock for twenty years”!< Less
Feminist Economics By Addison Hanne
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"Feminist Economics" focuses on this critical field of economic study. It broadly covers the history, objectives, importance, and key viewpoints of the feminist economic perspective. This... More > useful curated collection also serves as a great reference source.< Less
political musings of a feminist shark By Gladys Contreras
Hardcover: $14.74
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A collection of essays focused on Latin American politics through a feminist lens.
political musings of a feminist shark By gladys contreras
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Collection of political essays, through a third world feminist lens.
Modern Feminist Theory By Jennifer Rich
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This explication of the major contributions to feminist theory in the late Twentieth Century covers initial articulations of the ‘Woman’ Problem by Virginia Woolf; and Simone de Beauvoir,... More > Radical Feminism (Kate Millett; Shulamith Firestone; Radicalesbians; Mary Daly), Black Feminism (Audre Lorde; Alice Walker; Patricia Hill Collins), French Feminism (Luce Irigaray; Hélène Cixous; Monique Wittig; Julia Kristeva), Materialist Feminism (Gayle Rubin; Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak), and Queer Theory (Adrienne Rich; Judith Butler; Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick; Wayne Koestenbaum). Jennifer A. Rich is an Associate Professor at Hofstra Uiversity where she offers course in the rhetoric of feminism, theories and history of rhetoric and contemporary understandings of rhetoric. She has published widely in the areas of writing studies, rhetoric, film studies, and Shakespeare, and is the author of An Introduction to Critical Theory in the Humanities Insights series.< Less
The Revolutionary Feminist’s Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
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The capitalist system is inherently patriarchal, sexist, and hierarchical. Thus, any authentic liberation of women will require an all out revolution against the capitalist patriarchs. This book... More > argues that the so called 'achievements' of women under capitalism have been cosmetic at best. Corporate careerism is nothing but enslavement to the agenda of the corporate patriarchs. Economical autonomy is meaningless when 99% of global assets are owned by a few hundred of capitalist men. The right to vote is anemic when the choices offered are all agents of the capitalist pigs. This all means that the only logical path for all feminists is direct political revolution. The only point of liberation is the liberation of all workers in this world. To put it in simple terms, if all the wealth controlled by the capitalist men was seized and redivided, the stake of women in this world would rise from 1% to 50% instantly. This is perhaps the greatest and simplest argument for revolution.< Less