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Applying Fibonacci Numbers to Solve Real World Problems By Siddharth Kumar
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This paper begins by outlining the mathematics behind the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral. It then examines specific instances of the prevalence of Fibonacci numbers in... More > nature. Various existing mathematical models for cancer tumor growth are evaluated. I then present my own model based upon the mathematics behind cell division in multicellular organisms, deriving differential equations in terms of the Golden Ratio (φ). While this model has not been tested yet, there does seem to be a strong mathematical and biological basis for it. The paper concludes by outlining possible limitations of my proposed model and potential areas for further research. While the areas of existence Fibonacci sequence in nature and cancer tumor modeling are extensively researched, I have clearly highlighted my original contribution in formulating a mathematical model in terms of the Golden Ratio.< Less
Fibonacci Card Games By Robin Andrews
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This little book describes remarkable new card games based on the Fibonacci series using a special deck of cards. The card designs incorporate the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. A new... More > canasta game and rummy style games played with the eighty-nine card deck are introduced. Playing strategies are discussed. Games with a single deck are for up to four players and include solitaire. The fascinating mathematical patterns implicit in the Fibonacci series result in intriguing games that are challenging and fun to play.< Less
Coloring Fibonacci in Nature By Art Therapy Lab
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Assembled here is a collection of outline illustrations inspired by the Fibonacci number sequence found in nature. They appear everywhere in nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the... More > pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, or the chambers of a nautical shell. The Fibonacci Sequence is applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of mankind.< Less
Recreation with Numbers and Figures By Rajnish Kumar
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This book is a collection of several stories, sequences, problems, numbers and figures which can capture the imagination of the common reader. It has been written to recreate with no injections of... More > great heavy stuff and knowledge. Most of the mothers had a tough time explaining to their child that 11 is eleven and not oneteen and 12 is twelve and not twoteen. The early learner would have often wondered why of all bases this strange number 2.718… was chosen as natural logarithm base called, e. Why is Mathematics left out of the Nobel Prize by the Academy? Did you know that only a few folds to a paper could take you to the moon? Binary system is okay but why the computer uses such a strange notation as AD45F3? All this and many more interesting stories will be found in the book. It is not for serious mathematicians, not for people who know too much and find the book no more than a carbon copy of their own reproductions. The book should be read with a rough page and pencil, that’s the only way to enjoy it.< Less
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Kvartové číslo By Ales Beseda
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Co je to za číslo, to kvartové číslo? Asi málokterý matematik o kvartovém čísle někdy slyšel, avšak asi není... More > matematik, který by ho v životě neviděl. Je to mu tak, zejména ze dvou důvodů. Za prvé, termín kvartové číslo vznikl mimo matematickou komunitu. Za druhé, i když ho matematici viděli už před mnoha staletími, asi nikdy si to, co vidí, nedali do patřičných souvislostí. Na otázku, co je to kvartové číslo, existuje hned několik odpovědí. Jednou z nich je odpověď, která popisuje kvartové číslo jako 4D formu rovnice c•c = b•b + a•a. Kvartové číslo je i mocným matematickým nástroje, který umožňuje popsat a vyjádřit řadu elementárních matematických vztahů jednoduchým způsobem a odkrývat to. Matematik, jehož bychom nikdy neměli v souvislosti s kvartovým číslem, zapomenout připomenout je Fibonacci. Proč tomu tak je se dozvíte v knize.< Less
The Gardener's Codes By Francesco De Santis
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With this work the author wish to illustrate some of the rules that are hidden in the marvellous beauty of the creation. Although, objects of investigation by man since the dawn of time, these rules... More > reached him fragmented and sunk in mystery. So much so that he felt that he had to transform mere curiosity into deeper knowledge. This is the path along which Francesco De Santis sets forth in search of his five “wings”, namely: the zero, as light and elusive as a breath of wind, the ineffable unity, pi, setting the border between straight and curved, the beautifying the Golden Section, the transcendent number e, and the insubstantial number i. Time is not to be ignored: an uncatchable present, a past faded by memory, and the hope of the future. This is the illusion of time, so evasive within an indefinable eternity.< Less
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The Market is not Random. (Unabridged. First Edition) By Anthony Klatch
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W.D. Gann and the mathematician Fibonacci were born in the wrong century. They laid the groundwork for what was to become the ability to predict the financial markets through Time and through Price,... More > which is now coined as “The Marketome,” by the author. However, it took a mind at rest – a mind left to merge their theories – in order to finish the work they both started hundreds of years ago. As the author can validate, he has amassed over 30,000 hours of market experience before his thirtieth birthday, which speaks of his obsession with numbers. That obsession has yielded conclusive determinism about the market movements. Therefore, through Klatch’s Price Theory and the included disproof of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which properly rebuts the all-time bestseller of Malkiel’s, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” your author proves that the market is not random.< Less
Computing With Fermat By Jason Earls
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Chapters: On Fermat's Factorization Method, Fermat Concrete Prime, x^n + y^n = Triangular, Brilliant Base-2 Pseudoprimes, Reciprocal Primes from Factors of Repunits, On the Diophantine Equation x^2... More > + y^3 = z^4, Fun with the Sqrt(n) Primality Test, Three Cubes that Sum to a Fibonacci Number, Bernard Frenicle de Bessy and A New "Problem" in his Style, On the Divisors of 2^(2^n) + 2 and 2^(2^n) + 4, Near-Misses of Fermat's Last Theorem.< Less