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Maxwell/Tesla: solution of the Energy issue By Carlo Vitali
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Presentazione in italiano dell'originale lavoro di J.C.Maxwell del 1848 sulla Teoria EM e descrizione della riduzione da parte di Lorenz dall'originaria algebra non-euclidea, non-commutativa dei... More > Quaternoni scelta da Maxwell in algebra euclidea e commutativa dei vettori con relativa semplificazione per l'insegnamento ma perdita di suggestività applicative. Descrizione delle successive peripezie di Nikola Tesla contrastato dal mondo accademico culminate nel suo rifiuto di ben due Premi Nobel. Presentation of the original Maxwell paper that converted the Faraday's suggestive perception of field of energy into the first historical mathematical model in quaternion-algebra, anticipatory of the Einstein's description of general relativity in tensor-algebra: a non-eucledian, non commutative set of equations.< Less
Principles and Technologies of Irrigation and Drainage of Agricultural Lands in the Arab World By Ghazi Al Nakshabandi
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This book nicely blends scientific and engineering approaches.The book talks about water resources in the Arab world;conventional and non conventional, and the need of water up to the year 2025. It... More > gives detailed information about nature and characteristics of soils, water quality, Water requirements of crops and irrigation scheduling.The book includes chapter in Hydraulics, and chapters on different methods of irrigation; surface, drip, and sprinkler, and design of each method. The book talks about water measurements in the field, ground water in confined and non-confined aquifers. Due to shortage of good quality irrigation water the book devote a chapter on utilization of saline water. Salinity of soils is widely spread in the Arab world, and for this reason chapter 14 talks about drainage of agricultural lands, and different equation concerning the location spacing, and depth of drains, well as hydraulics of drain pipes.< Less
Método Dialético de Busca e Otimização para Análise de Imagens de Ressonância Magnética By Wellington Pinheiro dos Santos
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Multispectral image analysis is a relatively promising field of research with applications in several areas, such as remote sensing and medical imaging. Biology, Psychology and Social Sciences are... More > intrinsically connected to the very roots of the development of algorithms and methods in Computational Intelligence. However, Philosophy appears to be still considered a sort of enigmatic knowledge, despite the power of generalization and the systematic nature of investigative methods like dialectics. Here we claim that Philosophy can be also considered as a source of inspiration. In this work we propose a new non-supervised classifier based on dialectics as defined by Hegel's works and the philosophical school of the Philosophy of Praxis, to classify synthetic multispectral magnetic resonance images. This work proved that such a classifier can reach results as good as those obtained by Kohonen's self-organized networks.< Less
Crown Capital Eco Management - The Company By Juddah Axel
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Crown Capital Eco Management Crown Capital Eco Management works with government bodies, international entities, private sectors and other non-governmental organizations in providing extensive... More > information to the public, media and policymakers that are involved in addressing environmental issues and sustainable initiatives in a worldwide scale. Though our group does not personally conduct research, we analyze and review both recent and old data on technical and socio-economic sectors that are relevant to our field, which is environment preservation. We are composed of volunteer professionals in the scientific sector, supported by various agencies around the world. Our group is an independent organization supporting programs involving climate change, biodiversity, organic pollutants and greenhouse gases, to name a few.< Less
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The book summarizes the results of many years of comprehensive studies of orogenic granitoids and associated metallogeny. Vast experience in field work and laboratory research, detailed information... More > on the material composition of rocks and minerals, classification questions and the development of a comprehensive system of clarks of igneous rocks, a study of the physico-chemical conditions of granitoids formation, focused attention on the phenomenon of volcanic and plutonic rocks koagmatism granites and the development of medium-scale quantitative forecasting of associated deposits. an illustration of the text with various maps of the region, necessary for every geologist, but nowhere else published. The application to the work of the unique Clarks system of all rocks and tables with numerous chemical analyzes of rock-forming minerals-all this makes the proposed work extremely interesting and necessary for practicing geologists, graduate students and students of all geological specialties.< Less
A night By Ada Prisco
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Ada Prisco published a few books in the field of research about religious sciences: Allo sbocciare del nuovo. L’idea di persona in Edith Stein (Todi 2008); Come profumo d’incenso. Una... More > lettura esegetica di Giovanni 17,1-5 (Foggia 2009); Ebraismo riformato. Introduzione a una religione che raccoglie la sfida del tempo (Genova 2010), Regina Jonas. Una vita da rabbino (Pavia 2011), Maria tra le fedi. Ponte fra i credenti (Bologna 2012), Il giorno di Dio. La festa settimanale in Ebraismo, Cristianesimo, Islam (Bergamo 2015), Ri-generati. Meditare la misericordia con le religioni (Bergamo 2016). A Night is her second book of poetry, after Afelio.Rime povere sulla mancanza (Bergamo 2015).< Less
Acuarelas de Irlanda, Op. 42 By Alejandro Román
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This symphonic suite is structured in seven evocative pieces that recall the beautiful Irish countryside. The first, "Sunrise in Wicklow" opens the suite as a description of a sunrise in... More > County Wicklow, also called "the Garden of Ireland". "Belfast Child" continues with images of the capital of Northern Ireland, its green corners, the mouth of the river, or the great Queen's University. The next piece, "Fishing in Easky" portrays this town on the banks of a river whose meaning in Irish is "rich in fish". Killala is a coastal town north of Ireland known for its many strengths, the "Killala Tower" is one of the most visited. The piece "Downpatrick Head from the cliffs" shows the point rising from the sea between the village of Ballycastle and the site of Ceide Fields. "Rain in Dublin" is a watercolor of Ireland's capital located on the east coast of the island where rain is very common during every month of the year. The work ends with "Suantree" a traditional Irish lullaby with a special traditional feel.< Less
Or LaYesharim By Joshua Buch
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Modern Elucidated Talmud Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud) for the Popular Audience. The uniqueness of the commentary is its reliance on the manuscripts and Genizah fragments of the Talmud Yerushalmi... More > that survived and were unknown to Traditional commentators. It also draws upon traditional commentaries and Academic studies from a broad variety of fields to help determine the correct interpretation of the Talmud Yerushalmi. In addition, the commentary provides comparisons and parallels with the Talmud Bavli and other Rabbinic sources which give the reader a fuller picture of the matter at hand. Terminology and word usage are definined helping the reader assimilate the style of the Talmud Yerushalmi that differs so much from that of the Bavli) The work has approbations from Rabbi Nehemya Zalman Goldberg (Beth Din Hagadol in Jerusalem, R. Shapira (of Merkaz Harav)and R. Mordechai Eliyahu (former Sephardic chief Rabbi of Israel)< Less
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Es un cómic diseñado en alto contraste blanco y negro, que se inspira en la novela "The dark fields" del escritor irlandés Alan Glynn, pera exponer puntos de vista... More > personales del autor del cómic quien es un convencido de la razón creativa frente a la competitiva. En la historia un escritor fracasado entra en contacto con una sustancia farmacéutica que lo vuelve una persona súper competente,esto lo lleva a enfrentarse a competidores fuertes. Al final demuestra que su superioridad no depende de su espíritu de competencia, sino de la capacidad creativa que hay en su interior.< Less
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Concert Band Arrangement SINGLE PARTS EDITION By Adriano Forti
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From "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" videogame soundtrack, a selection of tunes arranged for concert band. Original soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo. Arranged by Adriano Forti.... More > Includes: Majora's Theme, Clock Town Theme, Mayor's Office, Termina Field, Deku Palace, Stone Tower Temple, Song of Healing. Parts: 1st/2nd Flute, 1st/2nd clarinet Bb, Alto Sax, 1st/2nd Tenor Sax, Bariton Sax, 1st/2nd Trumpet Bb, Flugelhorn Bb, Trombone, Horn F, Horn Eb,Euphonium, Tuba Bb, Tubolar Bells, Bass Drum, Timpani, Drums, Percussions, Tambourine. Note: This is the single instruments parts edition: to get the full orchestra partiture you have to purchase the "Concert Band Arrangement" edition of this publication, sold separately.< Less

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