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Get Him to Marry You With 12 Steps By Tiffany Davis
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Getting married to a man of your dreams has always been a lifetime goal and achievement for many women. If a couple moves through the entire journey of courtship without proper goals, it is often... More > bound for failure. Courtship and love work hand in hand and must be navigated with care and the right goals in mind to get a relationship moving towards commitment and the final destination of marriage. If you wish to embark on the various stages of courtship and love with success and finally walk down the aisle in quick time, then this is the book you should read as it guides you to explore if you are marriage material or you are turning men off, whether you are meeting the right men at the right places, harbouring realistic expectations of men, how to score on your dates, setting the conversation for marriage to occur, reaching for financial freedom as a couple and planning for your big wedding day!< Less
Define that System By Andreas Sofroniou
eBook (PDF): $10.71
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The most important functions that top executives perform include setting policies, planning, and preparing budgets. At the strategic level, these decision-making functions are supported by executive... More > information systems. The objective of these systems is to gather, analyze, and integrate internal (corporate) and external (public) data into dynamic profiles of key corporate indicators. Depending on the nature of the organization’s business, such indicators may relate to the status of high-priority programs, health of the economy, inventory and cash levels, performance of financial markets, relevant efforts of competitors, utilization of manpower, legislative events, and so forth. The indicators are displayed as text, tables, graphics, or time series, and optional access is provided to more detailed data. The data emanate not only from within the organization’s production and administrative departments but also from external information sources, such as public databases.< Less
Street Skelly Knock'em out the box By M. A. Wade
eBook (ePub): $5.99
If the law was on your side, would you kill the man who murdered your father? If it were two men? What about three? Revenge has no limits. This is a story about some not so goods, a not so bad and a... More > far from ugly. Skelly, a hot headed financial collector for the family and their under table dealing, just found it his father was murdered and plans to find the killer. Darin, Skelly’s older brother and a NYC Police Detective decides along side his partner to team with the hopes of keeping Skelly of prison or the morgue. Skelly involves a young exotic dancer who has a few tricks of her own. And they all are defying the orders of Vincent the two brothers uncle and crime boss, to simply let the police do their job.< Less
Sugar & Spice Magazine January 2009 By Tiffany Pigee
eBook (PDF): $3.25
Sugar & Spice Magazine’s female- focused editorial content is designed for women of every genre, age group, and familial status. It is a trusted source that directly impacts its target... More > audience, using the highest design standards and detailed informative content, to capture the attention and loyalty of its readers. Sugar & Spice Magazine unique in that it gives women the information and advice they need to excel and succeed in every area of life. Sugar & Spice Magazine uses a holistic approach with a keen focus on the ‘whole’ woman – mind, body, and spirit. Articles in Sugar & Spice Magazine address the concerns of today’s woman. Each issue includes information about: Lifestyle Beauty Tips Family and Relationship Matters Health and Wellness Information Life Balance Home Décor Tips Financial Planning and Wealth Accumulation< Less
The Formula By Garrett Michael Pace
Paperback: $5.99
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David Harris, a young husband, father, and college dropout who has been out of work for five months, is convinced that his late grandfather’s will contains the answers to all of his problems.... More > His grandfather has much greater plans for him, however, and teaches David through the words of ancient and modern prophets that the path to true prosperity does not lie in handouts or inheritances, but in seeking first the kingdom of God and then going to work. The Formula shares lessons on overcoming bad habits and wrong mindsets toward financial matters, on learning to counsel with the Lord while setting temporal and spiritual goals, and on trusting in the literal fulfillment of the most frequently repeated promise in the scriptures: that by keeping the commandments, we can truly prosper in this land.< Less
Entrepreneurship Mindsets By Robin Low
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It is important to be passionate and like your business. Do not pick something you hate just because it is the current trend. You will have to remember, this is your business. Most businesses are... More > profitable and it is more important that it is legal, ethical and it is something you can be proud of. Don’t chase the money. Doing thing that is not right just to make more money does not help you sleep at night. When your business is successful, you can then through proper investments, create your financial freedom and passive income. Do not worry about the money. A good business and well executed business plan is profitable. If you believe in your business, and you want to be for the long run, think of ways that you could give back to the community that supported you. Call it corporate social responsibility. It goes a long way. This book is a journey that show you the traits of successful businessmen and how to have the right mindset to start your own business.< Less
Living Big On a Small Budget: Mastering the Art of Successful Personal Financing By Anthony Ekanem
eBook (ePub): $3.99
When it comes to money, you really can’t take things one day at a time. You must look ahead to the future, and set financial goals, and then create a plan to reach those goals. Once that is... More > done, you start meeting those goals – one day and one step at a time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will ‘cross that bridge when you get to it.’ When it comes to money, you simply cannot do that, or you will find that you will never reach your goals. You must look ahead and see where those bridges are, and start working out how you will cross them long before you get to them!< Less
How to Become a Millionaire By Vijay Patidar
eBook (PDF): $3.00
We all know about rich class and poor class. Now the rich people are going to be rich and rich day by day and the poor are going to be poor. They also want to be rich and be a part of that class and... More > why not they are more hardworking class. Sadly, they are putting so much in industries, workshops and they are honestly doing their jobs but cannot save much due to large expenses and utility bills. It does not mean they do not want to save but they cannot go for saving. Now the question arises here, why rich are richer than the poor? And why poor cannot be as much rich as they desire to? A common reason is Financial Management; yes, it’s all about management. How you planned the things to go with is matter a lot. In most of the cases, the rich are not rich by birth, of course, they have faced many things on start but they overcome and how? That’s the secret. In this busy life, everyone has to adopt at least a strategy to achieve best at their retirement.< Less
The Warrior Mindset - How to Get the Bulletproof Mindset of a Fearless Warrior By Karla Max
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Having a warrior’s mindset and going through modern life is like bulging with muscles and having to lift 5 kg. Developing that warrior’s mindset is like a workout for your mind, your... More > philosophy and your soul. It will make you unstoppable. Now imagine if you could take that same mindset and apply it to modern life. Instead of getting tired or bogged down, instead of being distracted and tempted, you would instead drive forward with an unstoppable, bulletproof mentality. Your enemies would quake knowing that there was nothing they could do to stop you and your career obstacles, relationship goals and financial plans would all crumble beneath your will. If you apply an iron will and warrior mentality to a modern lifestyle, you get extreme efficiency, determination and pride. Self-discipline, determination and self-sufficiency are traits that make us strong and that help us get what we want.< Less
Evolving Women's Consciousness By Dr. Carol Francis
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Women teach women how to evolve into a new type of modern excellence in Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women. Dr. Carol Francis compiled and explored 20 educated,... More > experienced, wise women and men and their advice for women on multiple female issues. Some well-published women discuss sex, sexual identity, sexual relationship, and female sensuality. Other women call others to face their political power, financial strength, and business savvy. Spirituality, parenting, racial perspectives and cultural norms are examined as well. Impact of sexual and emotional abuse and how to recover receives necessary attention. Health matters and weight management, central to the female journey is presented. Retirement, becoming caregivers to ailing family members, as well as growing old and facing widowhood is additionally addressed with clarity, passion and depth. These authors will make you deeply think and wisely plan for each step of being a 21st Century Woman.< Less