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Portals By Garry Rose
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Every day we pass through hundreds of portals without even noticing. This book is a collection of interesting examples of everyday portals. Some of the photos in this book are intriguing and some... More > vexing. Some are beautiful and some will make you sad. The one thing this book will do is make you notice the invisible portals that surround us in our everyday lives and think about those who have gone before us.< Less
senior inventory By ralph harper
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My first test on my incorporation of the concept of Living Architecture to place in my last project as a junior: Veterans Housing Complex. The goal of the project was for students to design a housing... More > complex using podium construction (Concrete column base, with a wood framed shaft and capitol). The complex had to include retail spaces, a courtyard, a fitness space, a computer lab, lobby spaces along with 2 to 3 bedroom and studio living spaces. Exclusively my design concept: the building would at both street facing facades stay relate to the site in a calm way but as the facades came closer to the corner the two would become unstable. At the corner the facades would collide into each other creating a jagged glass effect. In addition,< Less
Sudbury North By Robert K Munro
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Sudbury North is the name Gerard Beliveau, an internationally acclaimed mega-contractor and builder gives to a home he built for his wife, Helen, who suffers from TESS - Total Environmental... More > Sensitivity Syndrome. Sudbury North was built on a square mile (i.6 Kms) of land and, in true Beliveau style, the building is one mile long, one mile wide and ONE MILE HIGH!! After close to 300,000 people move into sumptuous apartments on the first 50 floors and in the five towers the world is rocked by the news that we have 5 to 20 years to halt Global Warming and to restore the Ozone Shield before extreme drought and lightning storms start continental fires that cannot be extinguished. The resulting, furious, mindless panic causes huge mobs to storm and burn the White House and the Capitol Hills buildings, and Sudbury North becomes one of the few major-sized structures still standing and in a fear-crazed world.< Less

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