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The First Day By John Duprey
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On the outside, 16-year-old Kyle Jenson is just quiet, but there is something that no one knows about him. Kyle’s secrets are surfacing again, and they are screaming loud this time. Kyle is... More > pushed over the edge just too many times and his decisions will change his life and impact others around him for the worst. Even though he knows that there is no backing out, Kyle has to come clean with his problems and keep his secrets to himself, but he will go to drastic measures to make sure he gets rid of them, permanently.< Less
The First Day By brooke kenner
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A young man on his first day of active Coast Guard duty struggles to learn the ropes, dodge the wrath of his Commander, and avoid being eaten by the very people he is sworn to save. Zombies have come... More > to sunny south Florida, and Boone must survive this "first day." First attempt novella.< Less
The First Day By Paul Roman
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A man wakes up one day and decides to change his life.
The First Day By Paul Roman
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A man wakes up one day and decides to change his life.
The First Day By Steven Federle
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In these poems I consider our relationship to nature, humanity, and God.
The First Day of First Grade By Blair Early & Lindsay Young
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The First Day of First Grade takes a fictional approach to an adventurous first day of school. The far fetched theme uses the children of Mrs. Denny's class to take the elementary reader on a... More > journey through the halls of a school to find a lost friend.< Less
If at first......" By Harry Downey
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“If at first” is about George Urquart. George is a middle-aged man on the edge of madness, living a dull, uneventful life married to Margaret. He thinks his wife should be disposed of... More > – basically because she bores him. He plans her murder – meticulously and dispassionately just as he would have planned D Day if his hero, Winston Churchill, had told him to do it. Obsessed by all things military – his office nickname is ‘Monty’ – his planning is given extra impetus when he falls for Joyce, a clerk in a local bank. Plan B now has a dual aim – to kill Margaret and to set up home with Joyce. All his scheming begin to go awry when his wife buys a lottery ticket that wins over five million pounds. As things begin to fall apart George needs to rethink and the presence of Churchill himself in his living room encourages him to make more plans.< Less
My First Day at Day Care By Claudia Dubbelman
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A story of a little boy and his first day at day care.
Graduation Day - Class of 2005 By First Deveze Doyle
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Homeopathic First Aid for Donkeys: Emergencies and Common Ailments By Christopher Day
eBook (ePub): $14.06
NEW! An eBook providing extensive information about the treatment of donkeys for common ailments, accidents and emergencies. Donkeys are all-too-often treated as small horses or ponies or as 'weak... More > sisters' to horses. They are not. The donkey is a species of its own and deserves special consideration appropriate to its needs.< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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