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four By Kurt Brugel
Paperback: $20.00
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The First FULL COLOR abstract expressionistic comic book creation by Kurt Brugel.
The Four Friends - First Fun - By C A Weissel
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The Four Friends - First Fun - is the first set of four readers about these four girls combined into one book. Here you will meet Lucy Anderson, Amy Wang, Lilly Crockfoot and Sarah Billy for the... More > first time. Their adventures in this collection are during their time in Year 3 with Miss James. They include "Sleepover Party", "School Project", "Christmas Party" and "Birthday Party". Stay tuned for The Four Friends - Second Skit - where they see what Year 4 has in store for them!< Less
The First Four Books of Xenophon's Anabasis (Illustrated) By Xenophon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Of Darius and Parysatis were born two sons, the elder Artaxerxes, and the younger Cyrus. After Darius had fallen sick, and suspected that the end of his life was approaching, he was desirous that... More > both of his sons should attend him. The elder then happened to be present; Cyrus he sent for from the province of which he had made him satrap. He had also appointed him commander of all the forces that muster in the plain of Castolus. Cyrus accordingly went up, taking with him Tissaphernes as a friend, and having also with him three hundred heavy-armed Greeks, and Xenias of Parrhasia, their captain.< Less
Book Four: (Kitty) Consternation By Kayla Mathys
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After having her first child, a wonderful daughter named Julie, Kitty is faced with loneliness when Andy accepts a mission that will leave Kitty to raise their daughter alone for several months.... More > During this miserable time, though, Kitty becomes closer to her family and friends, and becomes a stronger person because of it. However, once Andy returns home, her family faces danger when an unexpected visitor shows up to start trouble. Will Kitty be able to save the day once again, or will her perfect family crumble to pieces before Julie can even live her first year?< Less
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The Kingdom of Venus - Book Four By Spencer Haskell
eBook (PDF): $6.96
"The Kingdom of Venus" continues with Book-Four and Spencer Haskell's story of an older English gigolo, about to be divorced, who is made a strange offer by his detested Japanese neighbour,... More > "Ms Hasekura". An offer that, at first, seems the answer to his financial prayers. And soon becomes a hell from which he cannot escape. WARNING: ADULT MATERIAL< Less
The Mia Series: Book Four By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Moving Weekend has arrived for Mia and Eric. Everything would be picture perfect, if Mia would believe it was real. But in her words: “I never believe that something good is real. When I... More > finally believe in the fantasy that’s when I wake up to find out it was a dream, and just another castle in the clouds. That’s when I lose Hope.” But Eric, always patient with her insecurities, helps her through the current struggle she faces. In his own words: "I firmly believe that nothing will happen to one's self without dreaming first. The Dream is what tells the Heart what to look for. Believing is what enables one's soul to follow. And Hope is what makes us pursue it all. Don’t look for the fantasy. Look for the reality which could include it. I think you have all the pieces necessary to put the puzzle together. And there will come a day when you wake up and the dream will be there, waiting for you.” Follow Mia and Eric in this, the 4th book in their story.< Less
We & GWB: Notes from the First Four Years By David Nett et al.
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In 1998, "Clark Schpiell productions" was founded as an online humor magazine. For nearly two years, its writers published cartoons, humorous essays and the occasional movie review. After... More > the 2000 elections, this exceedingly silly site began to transform as its writers became aware of the potential impact of George W. Bush's policies on the future of the United States of America, her people, and the world. With the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more and more political essays were published and, as the critical 2004 elections approached, CSP's newfound activism rose to a climax. This book collects many of those political essays into one volume which, with commentary by CSP founder David Nett, chronicles the story of a handful of young people and their sudden political awakening in George W. Bush's America.< Less
Fabulous Four By Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Four fabulous books from folded squares of paper that are favorites of kids and adults alike. The first of the Workshop Papers Series.
Four Dancers By Leonid Krune
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Hello and thank you for reading this. It is Leonid Krune here the author. The full title of the book is "This Is a Book About One Of the Early Adventures of Mix and Mox and Binnie and Bousty... More > Four Dancer, The First Tail" by me Leonid Krune. So you will understand why in the heading I just call it Four Dancers. Tail is spelt correctly; why the book is known as the First Tail is explained in the book. The Four Dancers are not mice they are little people who just happen to look like mice in the same way people just happen to look like apes. The Four Dancers do dance and play musical instruments and they have a side line of sometimes saving the world. I don't think there is much to add to that save to say I enjoyed being told the story so I could write it down for people to read. You can have a look at if you would like to learn more. Thank you, Leonid Krune.< Less