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Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location Experts From Beyond (A Script) FYP-PS-06 By Five Years
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UTOPOGRAPHIES: EVALUATION, CONSENSUS AND LOCATION, a sprawling research project which condensed the energies and preoccupations of theorist Dan Smith, the Critical Practice Research Cluster,... More > architect Amy Butt, Charlotte Knox-Williams, other utopographers and interested publics. Hi Edward [Dorrian], I have edited the transcript [of our discussion] (except your section), I felt able to do so as none of the participants are identified. I treated it as a script, and enjoyed the repititions and ellisions peculiar to speech. I also added a contextual paragraph. The transcript reveals a lot of the tensions running throughout the event, its great! Best wishes, Neil 13 November 2014 (Neil Cummings: Professor at Chelsea College of Arts, a member of Critical Practice; and on the editorial board of Documents of Contemporary Art)< Less
This Is Not a School. Book. FYP-PS-02 By Five Years
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It is in this discourse that they believe they can best make themselves heard - must have a place in which to express themselves or to find themselves expressed, whether directly or indirectly. In... More > short, language is given not in the content of the... programme? This Is Not a Programme... nor in their form but through their relations, the necessarily disharmonious ensemble that they constitute. With this discontinuity that they preserve through this non closure, there will be a search for a more radical language that is situated outside discourse, outside of culture, and that while being declarative, should continue to maintain the incessant work of questioning. WE HAVE WON. We are essentially irregular... Weak. Weak. Weak. Resistance. You with your new Uni pals... standing bragging... An Educational Complex. Bound to a temporal irregular< Less
Ignominious Wank. FYP-PS-04 By Five Years
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Shall we turn around and face the wall and not look at each other… not talk to each other? Nicola Harlow, Trish Bould, Amy Todman, Susan Wood, Kathy Oldridge, Melanie Rose, Edward Dorrian and... More > Charlotte Knox-Williams.< Less
(Im)Possible School Book. As Found. FYP-PS-03 By Five Years
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2a How does an (extra-institutional?) small artist-run space really operate within the institutional framework of Tate? 2b Can a school run in collaboration establish a site for practical enquiry... More > 
and critical intervention? 2c Does the idea of the school-as-event allow both the site of this event (Museum) and the role of its participants to be openly questioned? 2d Can this constitute a ‘Practice’ that critiques ideas of ‘participatory activity’?< Less
So Much For Free School, Etc: A Draft Publication. FYP-PS-01 By Five Years
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What does it mean to think of a book as exhibition? Or an exhibition as a publication? Is there something useful in such cross overs? On what level do such exchanges occur - as creative metaphors, as... More > prompts and suggestions, as practical possibilities? How does “distribution” and “publication” apply to both these contexts? Should we cultivate a fluid leixcon, or hold to a distinctiveness of book and exhibition practices?< Less
How to Read: Writing Groups. How to Write: Reading Groups. FYP-PS-07 By Five Years
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Greetings. Friends. This Does Not Say Everything. The Book Has Not Disappeared. We Call Upon You All. Anyone. Romantic. Didactic. Noted-Experts. So-Called Dilettantes. So-Called Militants. Creatures.... More > Etc. Propose! The publication includes new work by: Jonathan Trayner; Paul Anthony Tarragó; Anniken Weber, Sadegh Aleahmad, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith; Edward Dorrian & Mark R Taylor; Froso Papadimitriou; Liz Murray, Mia Taylor, John Hughes and Simon Rattigan; Jennifer Boyd & Alex Borkowski; Women Artists in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s - Reading Group: Mixtape edited by Litany (Nicola Guy, Katherine Jackson, Louisa Lee, Sophie Risner, Amy Tobin); Shona Macnaughton & Luke Cooke-Yarborough; Linda Laiva; Rachel Cattle, Jenna Collins & Volker Eichelmann; Seth Guy; Rob Flint/Among Others: Alison Ballard, Beth Bramich, Sarah Duffy, Katherine Fishman, Alice Gale-Feeny, Sam Mercer, Alia Pathan; Clover Peake, Giovanna Coppola< Less
This is not Public. FYP-PS-05 By Five Years
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...a world of impossible beauty. Seeing it, The Public are moved to tears of sadness. How could we ever have mistrusted Art? they ask. But trust and closeness are now possible! Even the imaginary... More > existence of the exquisite place depicted here gives us hope. Speaking with one another, they resolve to live better, deeper and more meaningful lives. - Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint, Jonathan Trayner, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Neil Ferguson, Sheila Buckley, Karen Turner and Wendy Scott, Sassa Nikolakouli, Andrew Cooper, Kim Wan, Edward Dorrian, John Greene, Joe Duggan< Less
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory By YEAR FIVE BRADY
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An illustrated version of the Roald Dahl classic by Brady's School Year 5.
Diaries of the Sea Venture By Year Five Cordeiro
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Have you ever wondered what is was like to survive a shipwreck? In this historical fiction, go back in time to 1609 when the Sea Venture crashed upon Bermuda's coral reefs while en route to... More > Jamestown, Virginia. Read through 25 different diary entries of those who were castaways in Bermuda and their 10 month ordeal to get to Jamestown. Did they get there in time to save the new colony?< Less
The Lives of Early Bermudian Settlers By Year Five Edness
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When the settlers came ashore to Bermuda in 1609, they had many jobs to do in order for Bermuda to be a perfect settlement. Later on in the 1600s and 1700s, these jobs evolved and here you will find... More > some of the jobs that the settlers were involved in. The settlers were involved in Boat-building, Farming, Salt-Making, Privateering and Whaling, to name a few. Their lives were much different from the daily routines of life today. Open up the pages of our book to discover what a day in the life of these early settlers would be like…< Less

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