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If music be the food of love... By Antony Pitts
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A luscious 5-part madrigalian setting of famous words from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Act I Scene 1. First performed in The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall by TONUS PEREGRINUS as a birthday present from... More > a wife to her husband. Works with any of these combinations of singers: SAATB, SATTB, SAABarB, or SATBarB.< Less
The Flavorsome Food Of Punjab By Shushmul Maheshwari
eBook (PDF): $10.00
How refreshing and alluring is the food that offers the fragrance and feel of the awesome land called Punjab! Having a glass full of the Lassi Patiala combined with some snacks can really give a... More > kick-start to your day. The experience of munching delectable paneer ke pakore or the enticing chicken tandoori is unparalleled to any other cuisines. It’s believed that health is wealth and having a good food is the foundation to maintain your fitness. The food offered by restaurants might offer mouth-watering taste but it’s not healthy to your pocket. Just read on this amazing recipe e-book “The flavorsome food of Punjab” and impress your family, friends and all of the acquaintances with your all-new chef avatar.< Less
Health via Food By William Hay
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Little known masterwork of a physician-turned-nutritionist who, after more than one brush with death nearly a century ago, discovered that the aim of the art of practicing medicine results merely in... More > masking the symptoms of underlying illness. Some of the more remarkable ideas are: • prompt elimination is central to immune health. • common overemphasis on concentrated protein intake is anathema to proper elimination. • combinations of foods, for instance, sugars and starches taken with concentrated proteins, can, as a byproduct of the way the stomach metabolizes protein, result in fermentation and putrefaction within the intestinal tract. • as a result of persistent misconceptions about nutrition, a vast majority of people raised with the belief that a "meat, bread, and potatoes" diet is hearty and healthy suffer from chronically high pH imbalance ('acidosis'). • when left to its own devices, the human body is capable of amazing feats of self-restoration. Required reading.< Less
Food From the Farmlet By Francie O'Shea
Paperback: $20.00
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This book uniquely combines cooking classes, dinner parties, family fare, everything from breakfast to dessert. Francie says: Cooking touches me deeply. It's deep and passionate. And it feeds me as... More > it compels me to feed others. That's why I'm writing this collection of my favorite recipes- as a gift for my friends: Friends who love my food, friends who have supported me throughout the years by being loyal customers or who have taken my ongoing cooking classes, friends who have helped me realize my passions about food! Practical, Passionate, Creative. Experience Francie and her life of the Farmlet with many beautiful photos of family, their gardens and her cooking classes. Delicious whole food recipes that come from her award winning restaurant Cafe Croissant and her cooking classes at The Neighborhood Farmlet. This book will be a treasure in your collection!< Less
Super “Fast Food” Chickpeas By Chickpea Chick
eBook (ePub): $2.83
Chickpeas are the “Fast Food” Superfood that’s Super Good for you! I call chickpeas the best “fast food” because you can have a superfood meal or snack by just opening a... More > tin of boiled chickpeas. They are economical and much healthier for you than most “junk” or “fast food”. Nature could not have made a Superfood that is perfect for everyone on the planet. From carnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free dieters, there’s hardly anyone who cannot eat or love chickpeas. Healthy, tasty and delicious, chickpeas are the ideal Superfood that is packed full of “goodies” such as protein, fibre, water, vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas are without the “baddies” of cholesterol and gluten. Eaten hot or cold, boiled or mashed, chickpeas can be yummy in any shape or form. Mediterraneans love chickpeas as snacks, starters or main courses. Customise chickpea curry recipes. Make your own combinations. Served cold in hummus and hot in falafel. Quick and easy recipes.< Less
SIMPLE Home Food Recipes By Reema Somaya
eBook (ePub): $2.10
For all women who are yet to settle down in their married lives and need help on one of the most thankless contributions to the family called ‘cooking food’ or for husbands of this... More > generation who wish they could help their wives with cooking without getting much tired; here comes; ‘SIMPLE’ Home Food Recipes – Volume 1. So my mantra for my readers of this digital age is; It’s ‘SIMPLE’! Cooking food at home is now just ‘SIMPLE’  Truly, there was no need for yet another recipe book, if only a majority of recipe books available were not a complicated maze of uncommon preparations / combinations, unknown ingredients, and unimaginable number of steps for a learner to even feel motivated to cook. But as you read this compilation, you will realize that it is actually a ‘Key’ to ‘Simple’ cooking and will be a great Handbook to master the 1st level of art of ‘Simple’ cooking< Less
Cupcakes Are Not a Diet Food By Brenda Kennedy
Paperback: $8.99
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While on a Caribbean Cruise and after numerous bottles of Moscato wine and several trips to the all-you-can-eat dessert bar, four sisters decided to write a book about their love affair with food and... More > their experiences with diet disasters. With a combined 224 years of experience between the sisters, they consider themselves experts at diet failures. Once the title of the book was decided, they eagerly disembarked the ship, headed home, and not very quickly began writing about their diet bloopers and failures. After they discussed their work-in-progress with their older, and wiser, and normal-weight brother David, he realized the book was a fun idea, but it would need some insight into good nutrition and exercise and so he graciously or reluctantly (depends on who you ask) volunteered to add some of his wisdom and knowledge to the readers and to his sisters.< Less
Grow your own Organic food By xono 10
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Aquaponics is the combination of Aqua-culture, (raising aquatic animals such as fish), and Hydro-ponics, (growing plants without soil).
Daily Foods to Improve Erectile Function By wendy calio
eBook (PDF): $9.47
When it comes to foods for improving erections, there are plenty of options. However, the most effective foods that have worked for thousands of men to improve their erectile function include... More > watermelon, apple, bananas, oranges, pomegranate, cucumber, garlic, onion, honey, eggs, salmon, meat, almond, and chocolate to name a few. All these items improve blood flow and stamina for better sex with your partner. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you can combine them with Kamagra and Viagra for a better and faster cure of your erection problems during intercourse. Best Ways to Boost Sexual Stamina There are multiple ways to boost your sexual stamina. However, the fastest method to do it is to take medicines like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Super P force and modern Kamagra, which go on to work well to boost your stamina and energy in bed.< Less
Food for the Traveler. What to Eat and Why By Dora C. C. L. Roper, D.O.
eBook (PDF): $3.75
These pages are dedicated to those who are seeking light on the question of rational living and to all who are suffering from the effects of wrong living. Thought along this line expresses growth and... More > progress, and with it comes knowledge. Common sense and judgment, following a natural instinct, will go a long way toward attaining better health. But those who, through the constant use of cooked, or highly spiced and fermented food, have lost their natural instincts and intuitions, will find the study of the science of dietetical chemistry of inestimable value toward a better understanding of natural laws, and be enabled to make the selections and combinations of foods more suitable to their temperament. Before the question as to meat eating and vegetarianism can be solved, we must consider the first principle of nature, which is the law of self preservation. Thereafter we may be able to think and strive to save the lives of animals, now cruelly sacrificed largely for the sense gratification of man.< Less

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