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Stories from Aulus Gellius Being Selections And Adaptations From The Noctes Atticae [Latin] By Aulus Gellius
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Aulus Gellius (c. 125 – after 180 AD) was a Latin author... More > and grammarian, who was probably born and certainly brought up in Rome. He was educated in Athens, after which he returned to Rome, where he held a judicial office. He is famous for his Attic Nights, a commonplace book, or compilation of notes on grammar, philosophy, history, antiquarianism and other subjects, preserving fragments of many authors and works who otherwise might be unknown today.The only source for the life of Aulus Gellius is the details recorded in his writings. He was of good family and connections, possibly of African origin, but he was probably born and certainly brought up in Rome. He traveled much, especially in Greece, and resided for a considerable period in Athens. Excerpt from:< Less
Uns Pimentéis de Aveiro - 2ª parte By Tiago Pedroso
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This book describes the Pimentel family history, focusing on a branch originally from Aveiro (Portugal). It's the second book on the subject which addresses the descendants of António de... More > Sousa Pimentel (1677-1737). We already published "Uns Pimentéis de Aveiro - A família do escritor Alberto Pimentel", addressing the descendants of Dr. Fortunato Augusto de Sousa Pimentel, mentioned on this book as his first wife, also a Pimentel. Other books will follow with the branches from Águeda, Vila Nova de Gaia and finally the connection to Aveiro. Please feel free to contact us if you are connected with this family or have any complementary materials (photos, letters, wills, parish records, etc. ) that can extend the knowledge of this family.< Less
Voyage autour du monde par la fregate du roi La Boudeuse et la flute L'Etoile, en 1766, 1767, 1768 & 1769. [French] By Louis-Antoine de, comte Bougainville
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Louis-Antoine, Comte de Bougainville (12 November 1729 – 31... More > August 1811) was a French admiral and explorer. A contemporary of the British explorer James Cook, he took part in the Seven Years' War in North America and the American Revolutionary War against Britain. Bougainville later gained fame for his expeditions, including circumnavigation of the globe in a scientific expedition, the first recorded settlement on the Falkland Islands, and voyages into the Pacific Ocean. Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea was named for him.Bougainville was born in Paris, the son of a notary, on either 11 or 12 November 1729. In early life, he studied law, but soon abandoned the profession. In 1753 he entered the army in the corps of musketeers. Excerpt from:< Less
美国加拿大24年印象记 United States / Canada 24 Years Impression By Xuanjun Xie
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本书是作者在美国和加拿大24年间,旅行60余处时所记录的&... More >405;读、思考、写作。其中主要内容取自互联网络参考资料,作者加以搜集整理校阅,并附有自己的评论。每篇前后还有作者所写的诗歌加以镶嵌,相映成趣,充满韵律,展开了第三期中国文明游走全球的风采。合计40篇。外加四篇附录文章和四首附录诗歌。 A Synopsis of the Book: This book is the author travels to the United States and Canada for 24 years, travels more than 60 cities, recorded reading and thinking and writing. The main content of this book, taken from the Internet reference material, the author to collect, collate, proofread, and with the author's own comments. The front and back of each article, and the two poems written by the author,to be mosaic, side by side, full of rhythm, launched the third phase of Chinese civilization walk around the world style, a total of 40 articles, plus four appendix articles and four appendix poems.< Less
简述维吾尔族身份中的历史属性和地理属性 ——及其与突厥身份和土耳其身份的本质性区别 By 传航 单
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This is the Chinese version of the booklet published in English in November, 2018. This is a slightly modified excerpt from chapters one and two of my PhD thesis: The Historical Uyghur Identity and... More > its Attributes from Kocho Civilization and East-Syriac Christianity, submitted on July 31, 2018 in the English version. Adopting a historical anthropology framework, through an approach of history discipline coupled with religious studies, engaging carefully in textual analysis of the original historical records, the thesis uses what I have made the five-dimensional attributes system of geography, history, ethnicity, religion and civilization for constructing an identity narrative to explore the historical changes and transformation of the Uyghur ethnic identity, with the hope of offering to the Uyghurs who live in Xinjiang, China an alternative narrative of their identity. The Uyghurs are not, as people have long believed, Turks or Turki.< Less
Ten Easy Ukulele Duets Vol.1 By Susanne Vetter
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Nice, easy and short ukulele or Orff mallet instruments duets for beginners. First line range´s notes are C D E only. Second line range´s notes are C D E F G A B C´. The tunes... More > are nine original compositions and one famous children song (Merrily we roll along). You will find little dance tunes and even an easy blues. The book is helpful for ukulele teaching, but can be used for other combinations as well, as beginners left hand alto recorder or low G whistle playing + ukulele accompagnement C ocarina/C panflute + ukulele accompagnement Orff soprano and alto bell set, xylophones or other diatonic eight note C D E F G A B C´ + C D E mallet instruments Two guitars/guitaleles/baritone ukuleles reading the tabs and so on< Less
Guia Del Docente(Aprendo jugando) By Mayra Dominguez Ruiz
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Guía del Docente está destinado a profesores que deseen incursionar en un nuevo, excelente y novedoso método donde las letras y números tienen historias que los convierten... More > en objetos o personalidades para recordar con facilidad. Asociando además forma y sonido. Logrando la alfabetización en tiempo récord, en un aula divertida. Aplicado con éxito en niños con diversas dificultades de aprendizaje. (Destinado a niños(as) a partir de los 3 años. Puede utilizar el libro del estudiante, para obtener máximos resultados). La serie: Zapatitos de Colores, tiene además a su disposición los libros destinados a niños(as) de 4 y 5 años y las guías para el docente.< Less
Napoléon joue de la cornemuse dans un bus By Jean-Yves Ponce
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Comment avoir une très bonne mémoire rapidement ? Utilisez les meilleures techniques de mémorisation grâce à l'Art de la Mémoire. Avec Napoléon joue de... More > la Cornemuse dans un bus, vous serez capable d'apprendre tous les types d'informations, en des temps records. Des tâches de la vie quotidiennes (celles que l'on oublie facilement !) aux informations les plus complexes comme des suites de chiffres interminables, en passant par les langues étrangères, les mathématiques, les sciences. A la fin de votre lecture, vous serez comme un enfant qui vient de trouver une baguette magique.< Less
Teach Yourself Irish (1961) By Myles Dillon & Donncha Ó Cróinín
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This is a re-typeset copy of the original (1961) book, revised with reference to the 1987 edition, with corrections to any errors I have found, and modification to any formatting I found confusing. ... More > Page numbering, line formatting, and font have been otherwise, faithfully followed. Referenced external texts have been copied from the referenced sources, and inserted after the main text. This was originally a pdf Ebook, with embedded audio, taken from the recordings reference, and indeed specially produced by Gael-Linn. The copyright of this book still belongs to Hodder and Stoughton, but permission to publish has been granted, see inside back pages, on the basis that they consider the work to be obsolete, and superseded, and so they have no further financial interest in it.< Less
ფრაგმენტი დედამიწა - კონცეფცია By Robert Skyler
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(For ქართული view sample please)   Fragment Earth - Conception   History, written by the winner rarely records the events described as they truly... More > took place. Sanitized and simplified is their lesson's loss to protect or condemn us? ~~~ Information alone holds no truth within itself, until part of its whole is overlooked, ignored or removed, whereafter even the obvious can be understood, accepted or denied. Beyond this boring town, inside a plain building, on a single file under a new eraser, where stands an insignificant letter between a brief moment of peace and the freedom only war can bring, goes that letter, and with this eraser it all begins again. Failure stands as the unavoidable outcome of an enterprise without compromise, for within the heart of every selfish act of sacrifice, lies the undeniable desire for the otherwise unobtainable. Overloading information elicits trust, limiting fosters dependence, and in neither has an inexcusable offense been committed.< Less

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