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Record By michael ward
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a breif collection of words(poems?) by a new classic bard. this books words inspire feelings that are spawned by grouping of words and subject matter? feel this one for yourself.
Gump Record By Gump Record
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We began with a simple observation. We noticed that we, as architectural learners, repeatedly prove great strength in our abilities to design and communicate our designs to peers. But, this often... More > overshadows and hinders the necessity of observa- tion and experimentation beyond our desks. Without an ability to step outside our own creations through observation and experimentation, our work lacks relevance in the course of hu- man history. To firmly understand where we have been, where we are, and where we are going, we are reaching beyond the boundaries of our studios. We are wielding new instruments. We are seeking new understandings of foreign processes and methodologies. We are learning from those on the frontiers of innovation. This publication is the compilation of investigations and observations by a small group of contributors. By recording their processes, frustrations, and successes, we hope to inspire others to individually explore and learn from our contributors.< Less
The Chicago Record Cook Book By Chicago Record
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The Chicago Record Cook Book. Menus. Seasonable, Inexpensive Bills of Fare for Every Day in the Year. Designed to Furnish "Good Living", in appetizing variety, for a family of five;... More > arranged so that remnants from one day can frequently be used with menus of the next. 1,100 Prize Menus with recipes, carefully indexed, the cream of 10,000 manuscripts contributed by Tee Women of America to the Chicago Record's Daily Contest for Menus for a Day. This is a Cook Book by the people and for the people. The unpublished cooking lore of all sections of our vast country has been drawn upon liberally. By its use families of moderate means can get out of the ruts that lead to dyspepsia through the dead level of monotony. The gastronomic surprise that became so necessary to one of Balzac's characters can be obtained without the aid of a French chef. These menus were written by a large number of women scattered from ocean to ocean, and from the great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.< Less
Gump Record Fall 2013 By Gump Record
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We often use categories to quickly describe and understand each other; these categories carry expectations and limitations. The life of an "architecture student," for example, is expected... More > to revolve around various assigned projects. But, where are the opportunities for reflection and independent exploration? Can a student be defined by more than their assignments? These are questions that drive our team. In this second semester of existence, we challenged our peers to investigate unique interests beyond assigned projects. The results were refreshing. This is a collection of these investigations by students, and one professor, from UNC Charlotte's School of Architecture. By publishing this record of investigations, we hope to inspire other students to share their hidden interests with the world!< Less
Everything You Wanted to Know How Are Safe Your Digital Records. By Securus Records
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Nowadays most of the data sensitive industries are blindly following the trends of digital storage or cloud computing to preserve their physical records, simply without knowing the negative... More > repercussions of it. But in reality, neither your digital-records storage platforms are completely secure nor they are cost-effective. In fact, your records become more vulnerable to hacking and all sorts of online threats, especially when they are stored in digital formats and made accessible to the entire world.< Less
The Path-Way to Knowledg, Containing the First Principles of Geometrie By Robert Record
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Ends, Means, Ideology, And Pride: Why The Axis Lost And What We Can Learn From Its Defeat By Jeffrey Record
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Dr. Jeffrey Record, a professor emeritus of strategy at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama, examines the causes of the Axis defeat in World War II and postulates still relevant lessons that... More > we can learn from that defeat. Record contends that the Axis was beaten by a combination of resource inferiority (after 1941) and strategic incompetence—for example, the pursuit of territorial ambitions far beyond the limits of Axis strength. World War II’s lessons for the future include the enduring importance of material strength even in an age of irregular warfare; the pernicious effects of extreme ideology on sound strategic judgment; and the limits of operational and tactical superiority in delivering strategic success. Dr. Record completely dispels the notion that the Second World War has no pertinence to navigating through the strategic challenges of the present era.< Less
Kollektiv By Gump Record
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Kollektiv is story of four themes, across four Scandinavian countries, by 24 student Authors. Students from UNC Charlotte's School of Architecture traveled across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland... More > during Summer 2013 analyzing their surroundings through photography and written reflections. Gump Record compiled this massive catalogue of work and paired breathtaking images with relevant and thoughtful reflections. Every student from this study abroad group is represented in the publication with at least one photo or written reflection!< Less
On Euclid Beach It Waited By Byron Record
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Life builds on death...
Remember Who You Are By John Records
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This is a story of the Creator, Creation, and how the Creator is waking up in and as Creation, in and as You. If you read it aloud, you might better experience the place from which it comes. Who... More > wrote Remember Who You Are? A man at a time and in a place typed it. The “I” who is speaking in the poem is the “I” who is listening, who is reading right now, the “I” of you the reader, the only “I” there is. As Meister Eckhart said 700 years ago, "The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me: my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing and one love." That Thou Art.< Less

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