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Virgin Love By Hentai Force
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18. THIS E-COMIC CONTAINS NUDITY, SEX, AND ADULT SITUATIONS. 189 pages Thank you for choosing Hentaiforce mangas!
A Trip On the Underground By Nudels
eBook (ePub): $1.50
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Peter takes a trip on the underground during rush hour wearing some very scanty clothes with disastrous consequences. CFNM Adventure in public.
A Naked Trip to the Supermarket By Nudels
eBook (ePub): $0.99
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A short story about Peter's naked trip to the supermarket with Linda. Events took an interesting turn. To read the full story of Peter check "Naked and Indecently Exposed".
Sarah's Ticklish Turmoil By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.22
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Sarah is grown woman now. She prides herself for being a chaste, pure, and God-fearing girl - she is a real credit to her Baptist preacher daddy. But after falling asleep on the couch, Sarah wakes... More > up to find herself naked and bound in a dark, scary dungeon, and at the total mercy of a beautiful jailer who tickle tortures Sarah and forces her to endure powerful orgasms.< Less
The Amazons' Slave By Doctor T
eBook (PDF): $3.05
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In a province of Ancient Greece, the fearsome Amazons make war with anyone who displeases them. Hella is a slave, captured and taken from a cold northern land after her village was raided by an... More > Amazon party. Hella is now the property of Hyppolyte, a mighty warrior in the queen's Elite Guard. Hyppolyte has a wild lust for fighting, drinking and crazy, deviant sex. It is the Night of the Fifth Moon, a night when the Amazons gorge themselves on meats, wine and nasty sex. The female slaves are to be used as sex toys who will have to satisfy every perverted whim their Amazonian masters desire. Hella makes a bid for freedom. But she cannot escape the fortress that holds her prisoner. Hyppolyte wastes no time in making Hella suffer for her defiance. The horribly ticklish Hella is tickled by Hyppolyte and forced to orgasm all through the night.< Less
Sex Madness - The Complete Series By Katie 1984
eBook (ePub): $12.42
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An autobiographical account from Katie 1984, a young, successful lawyer, detailing her transition from shy teenager to adulthood, based upon her own sexual experiences growing up. As the only... More > daughter of retired barrister and a solicitor, law was in her blood. Brought up by a succession of nannies and mothers helps, her relationship with her parents was one of cold detachment, and life on their country estate resembled something from a bygone age, where Victorian values meant that any discussion about sex was completely out of the question. And so Katie was left to discover for herself the power of her sexuality and its effect upon those she was to meet. However, her journey from childhood into adulthood became more than simply exploration of her sexuality. Her sexual behaviour became more and more extreme as the years went by, driven on by some dark force, which could take her to the heights of sexual exhilaration and promiscuity, but would then drop her into the dark abyss of suicidal depression.< Less
Old Woman, Young Man - Why They Belong Together By Rasa Von Werder
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The visual & intellectual dimensions of this book present something unique in the annals of book publishing. Kellie Everts, the world’s top beauty queen & Stripper for God, has become... More > Guru Rasa Von Werder, now revered as an Anointed Image of Mother God. After nearly 31 years of celibacy Rasa met 24 year old Marcel, a muscular black boxer & photographed him in the nude, by himself & with her, naked at 63. “Seeing is believing,” her 46-26-36 figure with amazing muscles, skin & face. She also packs a message – that it’s the old women that must now take over young guys into the “Culture of Life”, or Matriarchy, away from the “Culture of Death” or Patriarchy. She explains her message forcefully, occupying the minds & hearts of many, & entertaining them at the same time, the older women not only teach the boys what life is, but what love is, & how women want to be loved by men. The pictures alone are worth the price, they are RAVISHING. Women love the pics as do the men, they ordered advance copies!< Less
Cuckolding the Wimps By Phillipa Brook
eBook (PDF): $3.33
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Chris recalls the night two beautiful married women invited him to their home for a party. He didn't realise he would be the main attraction, that the wives and their husbands would be the only... More > guests. This is the story of how they devoured him whole whilst their cheating husbands were forced to watch! ***Features Mature Scenes and Swearing*** From the author of 'A Cuckolding Tale' and 'Cuckolded and Spanked'.< Less
Night with the Golden Pros By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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Fabulous Molly and her blonde rival Barefoot Judy are two popular pros of the early sixties. Molly always wins, but Judy remains a favorite of the fans. A pro wrestling match in one-piece swimsuits,... More > but by the end of the bout, one wrestler is nearly stripped of her outfit and forced to submit. Written & illustrated by Konstantin. Over 40 panels of art in 5 page Ready-To-Print PDF File. Nudity, Adults Only About 3 MB< Less
No (G)Love Lost By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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First they faced each other wrestling (Battle of the Bulge), then forced together as tag-team partners (With Friends Like These) and now SUNNI DAE and BAMBI DAHL are in the ring for a boxing battle... More > of body-busting proportions! Sure, those mammoth melons are primary targets, but the girls also lavish leather on heads and "tails" too! It's the pain that will bring you pleasure, in this latest story from D. Nye, with the usual hot and sexy drawings by LYKAMO. Delivered as high-quality screen-resolution PDF file, 24 images in all. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY!< Less