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Mackinac Island By Ms Hen
Paperback: $10.00
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Mackinac Island is a place like no other. Travel by ferry boat to a place with no cars, but plenty of history and -- fudge! Learn all about the island surrounded by the sparkling waters of Lake... More > Huron at the tip of Michigan's mitten. This fully illustrated book includes travel tips, a scavenger hunt, and a quiz. Even if you never visit the island, you'll feel like you have traveled back to the 1880s and learn lots of interesting things about life on the island through the years, including battles, a belly-hole, and the role of missionaries in the area.< Less
Mackinac Drift By Robert F. Reynolds
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Michigan's historic Mackinac Island is considered the gem of the Great Lakes. Victorian-style homes, historic military forts and limestone formations grace the island. Michigan Highway M-185 circles... More > the island even though its only traffic are horse-drawn carriages and bicycles--motorized vehicles are prohibited.Mackinac Island is peaceful, serene and a major summer vacation destination. The story: Two hundred years before, a fortune disappeared when American colonial forces recapture Mackinac Island from British occupiers. Through chance encounters, a modern day trio of ne'er-do-wells come together to share a house. Summer tourist season arrives and with it come scores of island visitors. Devious, tough-as-nails Josie, invites companions Wayland and Diggs to visit the island. The men happen upon a life-altering discovery. Companionship soon declines into primal instincts, greed and cruelty. Double crosses abound, sinking readers to unforeseen depths in this thrilling island mystery.< Less
Mackinac Drift - A Novel By Robert Reynolds
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Michigan’s historic Mackinac Island is considered a gem of the Great Lakes. Access is gained by way of passenger ferries. The island is graced with Victorian-style homes, old military forts,... More > and natural limestone landmarks. It retains its turn-of-the-century appeal by banning all motorized vehicles. A state highway encircles the island although its only traffic is horse drawn carriages and bicycles. It's a prime vacation destination for visitors throughout the Midwest. Story: Mackinac Drift: A treasure is lost as American colonial forces recapture the Island from British occupiers two hundred years earlier. A trio of ne’er-do-wells share a rundown house on the nearby mainland. Tourist season arrives and with it crowds of vacationers. Devious Josie invites Wayland and Diggs to come over to view 4th of July fireworks. While awaiting her arrival, the two men explore the island and happen upon a life altering discovery. Double crosses abound in this thrilling page turning island mystery… Mackinac Drift.< Less
Fort Michilimackinac By Scott Rozanski
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Fort Michilimackinac was built by the French in 1715 as a fur depot for the Upper Great Lakes fur trade. Fort Michilimackinac was built at the tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, along the... More > Straits of Mackinac. Life in the Northern Great Lakes during the 1600 and 1700’s was much different than today. The area was rugged and covered with dense forest. Voyageurs paddled large canoes through the Straits loaded with furs and trade goods. A Frenchmen, Jean Nicolet, was searching for the Northwest Passage when he paddled his canoe through the Straits in 1634. Jean Nicolet was not successful in his search for the northwest waterway, but he did discover an abundance of fur bearing animals in the Great Lakes region. Fur coats and hats were very popular in Europe during the 1700s. Nicolet realized the animals he discovered could supply the fur needed to meet the high demand. The French decided to build a fur trading post in the region, which was the beginning of Fort Michilimackinac.< Less
Military Buttons War of 1812 Era - Bois Blanc Island, Straits of Mackinac, Michigan By Michael J. White
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Shown are LARGE images and information on 25 military uniform buttons. These buttons are on display at the Bois Blanc Island Historical Society Museum. One is very rare. Most of Bois Blanc Island... More > once was used as a military reservation for the use of the troops at Fort Mackinac. The soldiers had to row or walk on ice to get back and forth from Bois Blanc Island. The soldiers sent to Bois Blanc toiled to obtain wood for lumber and fuel, Gathered limestone to make quicklime, and boiled sap to make maple sugar. Buttons were lost as they toiled. The 25 buttons shown represent only some of the many styles used around the time of the War of 1812.< Less
A Sketch in Time By Scott Rozanski
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Historic Mackinac, A Sketch in Time. Long before the Coast Guard Icebreaker Mackinaw sailed the Great Lakes and the Mackinac Bridge spanned Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, the Straits... More > of Mackinac was growing up. Life in the Northern Great Lakes during the 1600 and 1700’s was much different than today. The area was rugged and covered with dense forest. Voyageurs paddled large canoes through the Straits loaded with furs and trade goods. Northern Michigan was mainly inhabited by American Indians, fur traders, and voyageurs.< Less
Historic Mill Creek By Scott Rozanski
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Life in the Straits of Mackinac during the 1700 and 1800’s was much different than today. Many tasks were accomplished by hand, including sawing logs into lumber. Two men cutting the entire day... More > could only saw about 14 boards. Many people came to the region because of the abundant fur trade. One of those men was Robert Campbell. Robert Campbell came in search of furs, but forever made a name for himself sawing lumber. Shortly after Robert Campbell arrived, Fort Michilimackinac was preparing to be dismantled and moved. Moving the fort greatly increased the need for lumber. This gave Robert Campbell the idea to build a sawmill. Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park is a National Registered Historic Site, and is toured by thousands of visitors each year. When you visit this site you will be stepping back into a time when men used axes, horses pulled logs and water powered a sawmill.< Less
Up North Michigan By Marisa Williams
Paperback: $49.99
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Journey Up North Michigan, and take a visual adventure kayaking down the Sturgeon River, climbing up to the top of Whitefish Point Lighthouse, wandering the waterfalls, and exploring Mackinac Island.... More > Leave the St. Ignace car show, and hop on a ferry to the island; explore Fort Mackinac and venture through time, as soldiers fire off guns. Explore lighthouses along the coastline. Relax at the Soaring Eagle waterpark hotel and casino.< Less

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