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Autohypnosis for Franz Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics By Ray del Sole
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For the genuine spiritual seeker: This book provides the theory and practice of autohypnosis for the ten steps of IIH with all abilities and qualities of the future magician. Further on it contains... More > very important and recommended additional hypnotic suggestions which accelerate progress, dissolve bad karma and all kinds of blockades. Autohypnosis for Bardon´s IIH - table of contents: The nature of the subconsciousness / the polarity of mind / hypnotic suggestions for all exercises, abilities and qualities / clearing and healing of bad karma, dissolving of blockades / conscious meeting of your spiritual guide / psychic hygiene / mastership meditation / And much more…< Less
Mystical Extra Training for Franz Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics By Ray del Sole
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For the genuine spiritual seeker: This book deals with the mystical side of the magical training. Most students do not know about this, although it is most important for real and safe progress. I... More > present a diversity of mystical topics for theory and practice to enrich and complete your Bardon training. Mysticism deals with God, with the divine nature, with human refinement to divine degrees and uniting with the divine spirit and all his virtues. It is the crown of spiritual development and the real mystic is the highest ambassador of God.< Less
Preliminary Practice for Franz Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics By Ray del Sole
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For the genuine spiritual seeker: This book deals with the question how you can prepare yourself in the best way for full success on the path to perfection. The preliminary training guide is derived... More > from more than 16 years of spiritual practice in Bardon´s system. Table of contents: Basic literature / The right understanding of Bardon´s teachings / Additional spiritual literature / The right attitude / Mental clarity / Improvement of will, intuition and divine guidance / Mental training / Soul balancing / Character refinement / Use of prayers / Gymnastics / Physical training / Balanced diet / Tips on the path / And much more…< Less
Success in Bardon´s first Steps - A Commentary By Ray del Sole
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For the genuine spiritual seeker: This book is a commentary on the first three steps of Bardon´s Initiation into Hermetics. For beginners it can be hard to get the right access to... More > Bardon´s training. So my aim is to ease your entry in the practical training by showing you hidden aspects of the exercises. In this way you increase your understanding of Bardon´s intelligent training concept and you will be able to master the threshold successfully.< Less
Autohipnosis Para La Iniciación A Las Ciencias Ocultas De Franz Bardón By Ray del Sole
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Para el buscador espiritual sincero: Este libro provee la teoría y la práctica de autohipnosis para los diez pasos de IIH con todas las habilidades y cualidades del future mago.... More > Además contiene sugestiones y recomendaciones hipnóticas muy importantes las cuales aceleran el progreso, disolución del karma malo y toda clase de obstáculos. Autohipnosis para la IIH de Bardón – tabla de contenido: La naturaleza de la sub-consciencia/ la polaridad de la mente/ sugestiones para todos los ejercicios, habilidades y cualidades/ limpieza y sanación del karma malo, disolución de los obstáculos/ reunión consciente de su guía spiritual/ hygiene psíquica/ maestría de la meditación/ Y mucho más…< Less
As Above, So Below By Seila Orienta
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This autobiography displays an honest account of the life of and adept. Sheila Orienta speaks candidly and open about important and interesting milestones in his life such as encounters with magical... More > order, visits to spheres, domains of negative genii, Orienta’s students and the Bardon League that he founded in the 1980’s and some previous incarnations of the author. The first part of the book is purely autobiographical, and the second book describes insights that the author has gathered throughout his hermetic life. In the second part of the book, chapters include and treatise in demonology, the element beings, Christ, Shiva, love, credence, the guardian spirit and many more interesting subjects. This book greatly supplements all of the other books this Author. Throughout his life, Sheila Orienta has always set the needs of others before his own. The reader will realize, how much the author had to undergo through disease and financial misfortune.< Less
Alchemy - The Mysteries of the Philosopher’s Stone By Seila Orienta
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Seila Orienta wrote this description of the 5th Tarot Card according to the system of Franz Bardon. This book portrays the “front leaf” or introductory portion of the practice of alchemy... More > in several steps, without the encrypted mystifications of the old alchemists, more in the line with Franz Bardon’s style. Although, to the theorist, some of the writings contained in this book may appear abstract and contradictory, but the practitioner will find a wealth of knowledge within these pages. The practitioner of the hermetic sciences is aware of the fact that without astral equilibrium of one’s character and the complete mastery of the four elements, the successful practice of alchemy proves to be futile. In alchemy, the practitioner will work with the different planes, matrices and the electromagnetic fluid. However, the crowning achievement is the cultivation of the divine attributes such as omnipotence which is utilized in charging the Divine Philosopher’s Stone.< Less
The Hermetic Genesis By Seila Orienta
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This novella informs the reader about the tasks of the Blue Monks, Urgaya, Shamballa Master Yoshuah (Christ) and Master Arion (Franz Bardon), that have not been known until now. The Genesis or... More > creation is shown from the perspective of the hermetic side. Although, this book contains symbolism and metaphors, it clearly tells the genesis of our existence and our purpose in this universe.< Less
The Golden Book of Wisdom By Seila Orienta
eBook (ePub): $7.45
Seila Orienta wrote this description of the 4th Tarot Card according to the system of Franz Bardon. For the first time in the history of occult literature, this 4th Tarot Card of the great Hermes... More > Trismegistos is being described and revealed. Included are unknown concentration and meditation exercises. Furthermore, there is a reference to the difference of magic and mysticism, as well as the dangers of a one-sided path. Ultimately, upon completion of the 4th Tarot Card, there will be a technique of unification with the universal God, who is the master of the sun sphere. In Quabbalah, this master is called 'Metatron'.< Less
White Soul Mirror By Martin Faulks
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This White Soul Mirror notebook is designed to assist those following the Franz Bardon System of Hermetics. In this book all positive virtues and qualities are to be listed pertaining to each... More > element. This allows the practitioner to see the balance of the elements at work in the personality and thus to investigate and explore aspects of their own nature in order to achieve a balance of the four elements. This notebook has been produced with special sections dedicated to each element. They are listed in the following order: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each element is further divided into three sections; to begin with the smallest qualities, then medium, and finally largest. The notebook also contains a chart at the front and instructions on how to use this chart to calculate your current division of the elements. May all the qualities listed in this book amplify and spread their beneficence to all aspects of the self.< Less