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Free Speech By Toya Green
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Captivating and fresh!
Turkey: Writers, Politics and Free Speech By David Hayes
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Hrant Dink (1954–2007) was the Armenian-Turkish editor-in-chief and columnist of the bilingual newspaper Agos. A journalist consistent and courageous in his efforts to speak the truth, defend... More > justice and human rights, and promote understanding, he was a key figure in democratic dialogue in Turkey and beyond. On 19 January 2007, Hrant was assassinated by an ultra-nationalist Turk outside the Agos offices in Istanbul. This book is both a tribute to Hrant’s life and a commitment to continuing his work. It contains a collection of essays and articles from 2001–07 published in on the topics of Turkish identity, democracy and free speech, including three articles by Hrant himself. Together, these writings offer valuable insight from into the dynamics of modern Turkey as the country grapples with political and social change, a difficult relationship with the European Union, and struggles over the truth and meanings of the past.< Less
Jawbones: Exercises In Free Speech & Dialect By Denita Powell Malvern
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Jawbones is a collection of poems that highlight the joys and pains, triumphs and struggles of the lives of ethnic minorities and women.
Free Speech and the United States Supreme Court By Anthony Blackstone
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This Tract Book is about the United States Supreme Court Case of Brandenburg vs. Ohio (1969)and Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Academic Freedom.
The Speeches of Jefferson Davis, 1858 By General Jubal Early, CSA & LION PUBLISHING, INC.
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The title says it all. This short text cuts through the crap and states the reasons the South intended to separate itself from the North and create the Confederate States of America. Very rare... More > collection. Great insight into the mind of the first and only president of the CSA. BE SURE TO READ REVIEW OF THIS BOOK!< Less
How to Write a Great Speech By Scott Hemingway
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The following are some guidelines that can be used to insure the best speech content and style is presented. Having a clear picture of the requirements of the speech content is very important, as it... More > insures the speech is designed around this feature. Deviating from this would result in content that is not connective to the issues intended and therefore render the speech inappropriate. The speech should also have three very clear sections, and this would include an introduction, a mid section and a conclusion. All three of these parts are very important and should hold a different significance to the theme. The introduction should ideally be designed around the idea of drawing the interest of the audience and holding it long enough to insure an effective launch into the mid section. The mid section should be where the actual information on the topic discussed is actually presented. This is then followed by the conclusion which should be designed to have to inspire follow up actions.< Less
Net Neutrality and Free Speech on the Internet: Hearing Before The Task Force on Competition Policy and Antitrust Laws By United States Congress
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The Task Force met, pursuant to notice, at 2:04 p.m., in Room 2141, Rayburn House Office Building, the Honorable John Conyers, Jr., (Chairman of the Task Force) presiding. Present: Representatives... More > Conyers, Lofgren, Jackson Lee, Waters, Cohen, Wasserman Schultz, Smith, Sensenbrenner, Goodlatte, Chabot, Keller, and Feeney. Staff Present: Stacey Dansky, Majority Antitrust Counsel; Benjamin Staub, Professional Staff Member; and Stuart Jeffries, Minority Antitrust Counsel. Mr. CONYERS. The Task Force on Antitrust will come to order. I am happy to see so many of our friends here. I know that Jack and Jill, Incorporated’s national board is here for the annual legislative event and so is its President, Jacqueline Moore Bowles. We welcome all of you. Would you just stand up for 1 second? Thank you. Very good to see you all. Ladies and gentlemen, over the last 10 years, the Internet has gone from its infancy through a period of exponential growth.< Less
Godless and Free By Pat Condell
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For too long religion has enjoyed the benefit of the doubt, taking all the benefit and allowing none of the doubt. With the rise of Islam and political correctness, the threat it now poses to our... More > basic freedoms is beyond a joke. Award-winning comedian Pat Condell gets serious and gives religion the kicking it deserves in his popular and controversial video monologues, sixty of which are collected here for the first time, including Welcome to Saudi Britain, Free Speech Is Sacred and Wake Up, America.< Less
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JUS 531 GC WEEK 5 FREEDOM OF SPEECH Just Click on Below Link to Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US JUS 531 GC Week 5 Freedom of Speech JUS 531 GC Week 5 Freedom of Speech JUS 531 Grand Canyon Week 5 Assignment 2 Freedom of Speech Details: Write an essay of 750-1000 words that reviews the time, place and manner restrictions on freedom of speech. Define what time, place and manner restrictions are under the law. Review the cases Hill v. Colorado, 530 U.S. 703 (2000) and Lee v. International Society of Krishna Consciousness, 505 U.S. 830 (1992). What do these cases reflect concerning time, place and manner restrictions as interpreted by the Supreme Court? Determine whether Hill and Lee are still considered valid case law. Consider whether the Supreme Court rulings in Hill and Lee seem like appropriate interpretations of Constitutional limits of free speech.< Less
Free Culture By Lawrence Lessig
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Lawrence Lessig, “the most important thinker on intellectual property in the Internet era” (The New Yorker), masterfully argues that never before in human history has the power to control... More > creative progress been so concentrated in the hands of the powerful few, the so-called Big Media. Never before have the cultural powers- that-be been able to exert such control over what we can and can’t do with the culture around us. Our society defends free markets and free speech; why then does it permit such top-down control? To lose our long tradition of free culture, Lawrence Lessig shows us, is to lose our freedom to create, our freedom to build, and, ultimately, our freedom to imagine.< Less

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