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A Soldier From Virginia (The French & Indian War) By Issued by R. Fulgham, MA, SCV, LION PUBLISHING, INC., Burton Stevenson
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An account of an American Colonial solider during the French and Indian War. A first-person, "I was there" account of the defeat of British Col. Braddock by a guerilla attack force of... More > combined French soldiers and Indian warriors. Present was the Colonel's aide, a young military aide named George Washington, soon to be Father of the United States of America. It's a rare and fascinating look into the mind of a Colonial American who decides to be soldier and fight for his Queen and State - the State of Virginia. Book form available at minimum price. I'm particular proud of finding this one.< Less
The Gospel of Mark translated into the Abenaki Indian, English and French Languages By Pial Pol Wzôkhilain, Jesse Bowman Bruchac
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This book contains the translation of The Gospel of Mark by Pial Pol Wzôkhilian into the Abenaki language presented here lightly edited, reformatted and for the first time with the inclusion of... More > line-by-line translations in both English and French. Also included is a brief biography of this extremely influential minister, schoolmaster and interpreter of the Saint Francis Abenaki tribe. The Abenaki translation contained within is one of the richest resources and earliest recordings of the Eastern-Algonquin languages and should be of great value to students of the language, linguistics, anthropology and early New England history.< Less
The Worlde of Terror Incognito French Indian War Playtest Edition By Jason Miller
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This edition is a black and white set of the basic Revised rules for Terror Incognito*. Also included are the playtest rules for making characters from the French Indian War. *Full color set... More > includes the graphic novel chapter one 'Wendigo' and scenarios for playing the comic.< Less
Boys' Book of Indian Warriors By Edwin L. Sabin
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It was in early spring, about the year 1644, that the warrior Piskaret of the Adirondack tribe of the Algonkins set forth alone from the island Allumette in the Ottawa River, Canada, to seek his... More > enemies the Iroquois. For there long had been bitter, bitter war between the vengeful Algonkins[1] and the cruel Hurons on the one side, and the proud, even crueler Five Nations of the Iroquois on the other side. At first the Adirondacks had driven the Mohawks out of lower Canada and into northern New York; but of late all the Algonkins, all the Hurons, and the French garrisons their allies, had been unable to stem the tide of the fierce Iroquois, rolling back into Canada again.< Less
Algonquin Indian Tales By Egerton R. Young
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The Algonquins are Native Canadian inhabitants of North America who speak the Algonquin language, a divergent dialect of the Ojibwe language, which is part of the Algonquian language family.... More > Culturally and linguistically, they are closely related to the Odawa and Ojibwe, with whom they form the larger Anicinàpe (Anishinaabe) grouping. The Algonquin people call themselves Omàmiwinini (plural: Omàmiwininiwak) or the more generalised name of Anicinàpe. Most Algonquins live in Quebec. The nine Algonquin bands in that province and one in Ontario have a combined population of about 11,000. (Popular usage reflects some confusion on the point. Traditionally, the Algonquins were practitioners of Midewiwin (the right path). They believed they were surrounded by many manitòk or spirits in the natural world. French missionaries converted many Algonquins to Catholicism in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, many of the people practice traditional Midewiwin or a syncretic merging of Christianity and Midewiwin< Less
The War Against The French By Joshua Willson
Hardcover: $13.65
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This is a Quick view of the long seven year war that took place in America. This war is the French and Indian war.
Charlie Wesencraft’s Seven Steps to Freedom Wargaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence By John Curry, Charlie Wesencraft
Paperback: $23.57
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Charlie Wesencraft is one the key early wargamers who through their enthusiasm, knowledge and writing helped turn miniature wargaming into a worldwide hobby. This new book is about how to wargame... More > the French-Indian War and the American War of Independence. The book analyses both wars and describes them battle by battle. Each description is accompanied by a map and notes on how each encounter can be represented on the wargaming table top. The book also includes some of his previously unpublished wargaming rules which are a development of his system from his earlier two wargaming books. This is his first new wargaming book in just under 40 years.< Less
2010 Calendar - Old Indian Palaces & Temples By Babette Abbeywood
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Beautiful Victorian engravings from India - some of the most magnificent Hindu and Raja monuments, tombs, carvings, temples, palaces, walled cities... including the Taj Mahal, Elephanta and Delhi.... More > Reprinted from the rare Inde des Rajas by French artist Louis Rousselet, originally published in 1875 (a first edition can cost $1000!). A surefire talking-point for the wall, at home or in the office, also makes a fantastic, original gift! See also FishesEye Publishing's other art and vintage travel titles availale as downloadable ebooks and screensavers.< Less
Tintamarre! By Brian Lloyd French
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The Terror and Triumph of an Acadian Family In 1750 the road to Quebec leads through a small Acadian settlement called Tintamarre. The English order a final solution. From the author of... More > “Mojito!” comes the epic story of an Acadian family caught in the middle of the war for Canada... Mathilde and Acquila Girouard are raising their family in a pastoral paradise. Then the English come. Mati and ‘Quila are at the mercy of the English Empire, pushed around by pestilent priests and pursued by violent rangers that keep count of their victims with scalps. When Mati and the children are captured by the English to be sent far away from home, all appears to be lost. But Acquila and the Acadian resistance will not allow this to happen.< Less
Indian Bell Song Lakme Easy Piano Sheet Music By Leo Delibes
eBook (ePub): $2.25
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From French Composer Delibes's Opera, Lakme, for Easy Piano A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

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