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Learn French? Of Course You Can By Annick Stevenson
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Learning a new language is a fascinating experience and it can change your life in so many ways! The goal of this very first self-help book on learning French is to motivate you and to give you the... More > confidence that you can succeed. Most of the advice we offer comes directly from our experience as founders of the online language school Learn French at Home, created in 2004 and that has helped more than 3,000 French learners of all ages, all over the world. Many have shared with us their own inspiring and, at times, amusing testimonials and anecdotes. We have also peppered the text with advice from more than 80 writers, motivators, artists, entrepreneurs and other celebrities, whose personal experiences confirm that "Of course you can"!< Less
French Pissed! By Shirley Hadditt
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Thinking of saying goodbye to it all and moving to Paris? Think again...and ask yourself a few questions first. Such as: HOW does a Frenchman commit suicide? By jumping off his own ego. WHY did... More > the Frenchwoman cross the road? Because the mounds of poodle crap on her side left her no other choice. WHY do so many Americans run to Paris? They’ve been drugged. LET’S TALK about the French Resistance! Wait - was there one? WHY was “Amélie” such a big hit? Because it showed a French person who wasn’t rude…a revolutionary concept. FRENCH PISSED? But of course! After all, that’s what a spell in the land of foie gras and guillotines will so often do – annoy you to the max. So, if you can’t stand the French, buy this book. If you love France, buy this book. If you can’t even locate France on a map, well, consider yourself lucky. Oh - and buy this book.< Less
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The French Academy By Jeanette De Martyn
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14 tales of Female Domination, domestic servitude, enforced gender and sex role-change, humiliation and corporal punishment. Title story: young French aristocrat whipped into girl’s clothes and... More > sent to school, then be sister’s maid. Others similar, in different ways; arrogant man to busty nurse for wife and household he scorned, one a ‘Cinderella’ maid in school for dominant girls! What, spanked by girls? Suddenly I became aware of a bevy of girls blocking the doorway. “Yes, Sir loves knickers!”“I am the Master.” On went my stockings, suspender belt, school knickers, blouse and well-padded bra, skirt and school black buckled shoes and school tie. There were the girls I had once teased, girls I had made the targets of my barbed wit: Marlene, Danielle, Sophie, Claudette and, of course, the girl who had the same name as myself, Daphne, with her lovely red hair. “It seems, girls, that Daphne loves other girls to sit on her face, with and without knickers.”< Less
The French Revolution a History By Thomas Carlyle
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The French Revolution A History was written by the Scottish essayist, philosopher, and historian Thomas Carlyle. The three-volume work charts the course of the French Revolution from 1789 to the... More > height of the Reign of Terror (1793-4) and culminates in 1795. A massive undertaking which draws together a wide variety of sources, Carlyle's history is considered to be an authoritative account of the early course of the Revolution. The book immediately established Carlyle's reputation as an important 19th century intellectual. It also served as a major influence on a number of his contemporaries. Carlyle unfolds his history by often writing in present-tense first-person plural: as though he and the reader were observers, indeed almost participants, on the streets of Paris at the fall of the Bastille or the public execution of Louis XVI. This, naturally, involves the reader by simulating the history itself instead of solely recounting historical events.< Less
Winter French Cooking Ebook By Martin Gusteau
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Want to try to prepare the best french recipes created by michelin starred chefs ? After spending a couple of years in France learning the ways great chefs cook and carefully create their recipes, I... More > wanted to share my experience with the world. In my ebook I show you how easily you can prepare these recipes. This Ebook is a winter special editions. My ebook includes the recipes for : 6 Appetizers, 4 Entrées, 5 Main Courses, 4 Desserts Why not to try it on Valentines ?< Less
1000 Advance French Miniatures By Rob Escalante
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The Advance Variation of the French, like so many openings used today, originated with Greco in the 17th century. Despite being over 400 years old, the Advance French still has many areas still... More > unexplored. And like all openings, the many tactical and strategical considerations are best demonstrated by miniatures. You’ll find exploitations of underdevelopment, neglected centers, opened lines, active piece play, well supported pawns and of course, the Bxh7+ lines (known as the Greco sacrifice). With over 1300 (a baker's dozen) games, we know you'll find something to enjoy.< Less
My French Rebel By Marla Fair
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Charlotte Burington’s life has taken a turn for the worse. As the daughter of a veteran British General sent to the Colonies to fight against ‘those damned Rebels’, she finds... More > herself exiled to the 18th century provincial town of Darby, Pennsylvania, where life couldn’t get any duller! Until one day her little sister Augusta makes a startling discovery which will propel Charlotte on an exciting and dangerous course that will alter her life and her destiny forever. "And then she saw him. Like something out of one of the novels she had read when she was at school – the ones her mother forbade."< Less
Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution By Rafael Sabatini
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Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1921. It was subsequently adapted into a play by Barbara Field and into feature films, first in 1923... More > starring Ramón Novarro, Scaramouche (1923), and a remake in 1952 with Stewart Granger. A romantic adventure, Scaramouche tells the story of a young lawyer during the French Revolution. In the course of his adventures he becomes an actor portraying "Scaramouche" (also called Scaramuccia, a roguish buffoon character in the commedia dell'arte). He also becomes a revolutionary, politician, and fencing-master, confounding his enemies with his powerful orations and swordsmanship. He is forced by circumstances to change sides several times. The book also depicts his transformation from cynic to idealist. The later film version includes one of the longest swashbuckling sword-fighting scenes ever filmed.< Less
1914 By John French
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For a memoir of World War I, Sir John French's book 1914: The Early Campaigns of the Great War, does a fairly good job of recounting the facts, however skewed they may be. French, whose full name and... More > titles are quite daunting, was Field Marshal John Denton Pinkstone French, 1st Earl of Ypres KP, GCB, OM, GCVO, KCMG, ADC, PC (1852 – 1925). He was Commader-in-Chief of the BEF (British Expeditionary Forces) against the Germain advances through Continental Europe. French, who was stubborn and hotheaded, ordered maneuvers which weren't the best course of action, for which he was eventually switched out for another commander. Though he was the obvious choice for Commander-in-Chief at the time, French was fighting a 20th century war with a 19th century mindset. Images of him at the time portray him mounted on horseback, a billowing feather in his hat… meanwhile the tanks and tear gas are just over the horizon.< Less

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