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Fronde es un arbolito que sueña con viajar.
Stray Pearls: Memoirs of Margaret De Ribaumont, Viscountess of Bellaise By Charlotte M. (Charlotte Mary) Yonge
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Charlotte Mary Yonge (11 August 1823 – 24 May 1901) was an... More > English novelist known for her huge output, now mostly out of print.Charlotte Mary Yonge was born in Otterbourne, Hampshire, England, on 11 August 1823 to William Yonge and Fanny Yonge, née Bargus. She was educated at home by her father, studying Latin, Greek, French, Euclid and algebra. Her father's lessons could be harsh:He required a diligence and accuracy that were utterly alien to me. He thundered at me so that nobody could bear to hear it, and often reduced me to tears, but his approbation was so delightful that it was a delicious stimulus... I believe, in spite of all breezes over my innate slovenliness, it would have broken our hearts to leave off working together. Excerpt from:< Less
Atotarho and the French By Chuck Fair
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This drama of yesteryear touches the lives of three amazing Frenchmen and one mystical being. Three extraordinary eras existed for the French in the New World. During the early 17th Century Samuel... More > de Champlain the great explorer established New France at Quebec, conquering fierce winters, starvation and savages. A half century later, Count Frontenac the stalwart European commander defended Quebec beating back English Colonists and decimating the Iroquois Confederation. Still later in the 18th. Century, le Marquis de Montcalm the master battlefield strategist defeated the English Army at every encounter until the fatal one at Quebec. Each Frenchman encountered the most extraordinary being of their lifetime, facing a force heretofore unimagined. The force was known as Atotarho, the unpredictable God of the Iroquois who could amuse or misuse those who crossed his path.< Less
My Calendar By Joyce Lieberman
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2017 Calendar of Collection of Dappled Light and Orb Paintings by Joyce Lieberman including "Zeitgeist", "Shifting Winds", "Orbs" and "Woven Fronds". These... More > paintings were created in 2012 by Joyce Lieberman in her outdoor Venice, California studio using the fall of light across the canvas and paper. More about Joyce at< Less
Magical Janie Falls By Brent White
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When the Whimsical, Whistling Woodcarver went for a trek along a New Zealand forest trail, magical creatures lead him along a hidden path to an enchanted cove at the end of the rainbow. Proud Pukeko... More > then gives the Woodcarver a Silver Beech frond and bids him to fashion a magic wand from it,< Less
Der historische Hintergrund der „Drei Musketiere“ By Gunter Pirntke
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„Einer für alle - alle für einen!“, so lautet der Wahlspruch der Musketiere, der ruhm-reichen Leibgarde des französischen Königs Ludwig XIII. Auch der junge Edelmann... More > d' Artagnan zieht aus der Gascogne nach Paris, um als Musketier Ruhm und Ehre zu erringen. Er gerät mitten hinein in eine Welt höfischer Abenteuer und Intrigen. Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden, den Musketieren Athos, Porthos und Aramis kämpft er gegen die Garde des Kardinals Richelieu und die Machenschaften der ebenso schönen wie skrupellosen Mylady. Millionenfach wurden und werden sie verschlungen und immer wieder neu aufgelegt. Ihre Leser sitzen in aller Welt und nur ein Stichwort genügt „Musketiere“. In diesem Buch wollen wir die tatsächlichen Figuren vorstellen, die den Inhalt der drei Bände ausfülle. Fiktive Personen werden nicht erwähnt. Lesen Sie die Hintergründe zu den vier Helden und ihrer Umgebung – vom Mannesalter an bis zum Ende.< Less
Der Staat bin Ich By Gunter Pirntke
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Der „Sonnenkönig“ wurde nur auf Glanz, Verschwendung und Frauen festgelegt. Doch dem war nicht so. Es wird ein Personenbild voller Widersprüche, aber auch das Porträt eines... More > Mannes, der Frankreich zur führenden Nation in Europa des 17./18.Jahrhunderts führte und dessen politisches Erbe seine Nachfolger verspielten. Es ist aber auch ein Sittengemälde einer längst vergangenen Epoche.< Less
In Search of the Perfect Lawn & The Walled Garden By Michael Dean
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“In both The Walled Garden and In Search of the Perfect Lawn there is the rectangle – a yard, a garden, a lawn. The rectangle is the shape of the page. The page is where the cultivation... More > of ideas takes shape, where the rows of sprigs and fronds that speak these ideas are set. Writing is a form of gardening, a form of cosmic exploration. A working of the two shapes. And for Dean it is a spiritual pursuit at the same time.” —Steven Ross Smith, PARAGRAPH, The Canadian Fiction Review, (No. 25, 1998/99).< Less
Quick Guide: Twenty Years After By College Guide World
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The novel follows events in France during La Fronde, during the childhood reign of Louis XIV, and in England near the end of the English Civil War, leading up to the victory of Oliver Cromwell and... More > the execution of King Charles I. Through the words of the main characters, particularly Athos, Dumas comes out on the side of the monarchy in general, or at least the text often praises the idea of benevolent royalty. His musketeers are valiant and just in their efforts to protect young Louis XIV and the doomed Charles I from their attackers. This book is the least well-known of the Musketeer saga but works effectively as a sequel, with reappearances by most main characters (or children of main characters) and a number of subplots.< Less
Memoirs Of La Rochefoucauld By La Rochefoucauld
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LA ROCHEFOUCAULD Memoirs Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld, was born in Paris on September 15, 1613. Sprung from one of the noblest families of France, handsome, winning, and brave to recklessness,... More > he intrigued and fought against Richelieu and Mazarin, and was one of the leaders in the civil war of La Fronde. But though marked by birth and talent for a high position in the state, he failed in nearly everything he undertook, owing to his extraordinary indolence of mind, and in the prime of his life he became a rather embittered spectator of a world in which he was not able to make his way.< Less