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FABRIC: Preludes to the Last American Book By Richard Froude
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"I love Richard Froude's declarative, incandescently plain sentences, which at first seem like high-stakes non sequiturs, then a study in perfect, surprising aphorism, then a deftly woven web of... More > profundity. The formal distillation and intellectual range of this book are impressive enough; even more so is Froude's gentle but insistent touching on questions of God, mortality, war, memory, family, intimacy, and history. Froude sets up poetic shop in the fraught space between 'terror and fertility,' and wrests from it this exceptionally beautiful, intelligent book." -Maggie Nelson< Less
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century Lectures Delivered at Oxford Easter Terms 1893-4 By James Anthony Froude
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: James Anthony Froude (/ˈfruːd/ FROOD; 23 April 1818... More > – 20 October 1894) was an English historian, novelist, biographer, and editor of Fraser's Magazine. From his upbringing amidst the Anglo-Catholic Oxford Movement, Froude intended to become a clergyman, but doubts about the doctrines of the Anglican church, published in his scandalous 1849 novel The Nemesis of Faith, drove him to abandon his religious career. Froude turned to writing history, becoming one of the best known historians of his time for his History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. Inspired by Thomas Carlyle, Froude's historical writings were often fiercely polemical, earning him a number of outspoken opponents. Excerpt from:< Less
The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon By James Anthony Froude
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The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon, The Story as Told by the Imperial Ambassadors Resident at the Court of Henry VIII by James Anthony Froude. Catherine of Aragon (1485–1536) was Queen of... More > England (1509-1533) as the first wife of King Henry VIII and previously Princess of Wales as the wife of Prince Arthur. The mythic element cannot be eliminated out of history. Men who play leading parts on the world’s stage gather about them the admiration of friends and the animosity of disappointed rivals or political enemies. The atmosphere becomes charged with legends of what they have said or done—some inventions, some distortions of facts, but rarely or never accurate. Their outward acts, being public, cannot be absolutely misstated; their motives, being known only to themselves, are an open field for imagination; and as the disposition is to believe evil rather than good, the portraits drawn may vary indefinitely, according to the sympathies of the describer, but are seldom too favourable.< Less
Knights Templars: Their Rise and Demise By James Anthony Froude
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James Anthony Froude was one of the best-known historians of the 19th Century. The Knights Templars: Their Rise And Demise is a book written by Froude in 1886 and is one of the most comprehensive... More > treatments on the Order written to date. 1. Crusades And Pilgrimages 2. The Origin Of The Templars 3. Rise And Growth Of The Templars 4. The Decline And Fall Of The Templars 5. The Trial And Condemnation Of The Templars 6. The Fate Of The Last Grand Master 7. James Anthony Froude: Bio< Less
History of England By JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE
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JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE History of England James Anthony Froude was born at Darlington, England, April 23, 1818, and died on Oct. 20, 1894. He was educated at Westminster, and Oriel College, Oxford.... More > Taking Holy Orders, he was, for a time, deeply influenced by Newman and the Tractarian movement, but soon underwent the radical revolution of thought revealed by his first treatise, the "Nemesis of Faith," which appeared in 1849, and created a sensation. Its tendency to skepticism cost him his fellowship, but its profound pathos, its accent of tenderness, and its fervour excited wide admiration. Permanent fame was secured by the appearance, in 1856, of the first two instalments of his magnificent work, "The History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Armada," the last volume appearing in 1870. This treatise on the middle Tudor period is one of the most fascinating historical treatises in the whole range of literature.< Less
The Reign of Mary Tudor (Illustrated) By James Anthony Froude
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“No woman was ever more lonely or loveless than the ill-starred and ill-favoured Queen Mary. She had no near relatives in England except Elizabeth, and Elizabeth, by the irony of fate, was... More > worse than a stranger to her. The awful solitude of a throne excluded her, even more than her own ill-health and brooding temper, from the joys of friendship. Philip of Spain was at once her nearest relation on her mother's side, and the only man she ever confided in except Cardinal Pole. She lavished all the pent-up affection of an unloved existence on her husband. She was repaid by cold neglect, studied indifference, and open and vulgar infidelity. Philip made no pretence to care for his wife. She was older in years, she was ungainly in person, she possessed no charm of manner or grace of speech, her very voice was the deep bass of a man."< Less
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century By James Anthony Froude
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During the sixteenth century Britannia ruled the waves and this series of nine lectures examines the English maritime prowess during an age of great maritime exploration, a century when the slave... More > trade was at its peak and during which the Spanish Armada was defeated. These lectures were delivered during the Easter terms of 1903-4 by the then Regius Professor of Modern History in the University Of Oxford.< Less
Froudacity; West Indian Fables by James Anthony Froude Explained by J. J. Thomas By J. J. (John Jacob) Thomas
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De l'origine et de l'institution du notariat Precis historique lu a l'Academie des Sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Clermont-Ferrand [French] By James Anthony Froude
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Muckross By J Murphy
eBook (PDF): $7.01
Account of historian James Anthony Froude's excursion to Muckross during a period of personal distress and the love affair at Muckross that restored him to health

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