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Reading Seraphina By Tiago De Silva
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Seraphina lives in secret in the Great Library of Alexandria. Roman ambition clashes with Egyptian tradition for control of this ancient metropolis. The wonder of the city entices Seraphina, but... More > nightmares from a forgotten past come to life. As mystery gives way to shocking revelations, the city hurtles towards war. Torn between the safety of her life in the library and fighting for her dreams, Seraphina must make a decision. Will she stand in defiance of her powerful enemies, or will she, like her city, be consumed by the flames of anger and conflict? The debut novel from Tiago De Silva, Reading Seraphina introduces a strong heroine in the spirit of Disney's Moana and Frozen, and is a charming addition to the great historical fiction tradition of Sharon Kay Penman, Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick.< Less
Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory By Jed McKenna
eBook (ePub): $8.99
If life is but a dream, to what do we awake? The central premise of Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory, is the admittedly ridiculous but incontrovertibly true assertion that the universe does not... More > exist. This is something you can understand conceptually, like watching a documentary about Antarctica, or experientially, like moving to Antarctica. There’s also a related phenomenon where you fall asleep watching the documentary and wake up in the frozen wasteland. That’s gotta be weird, but the truth is that you’re asleep in a barren wasteland dreaming that you’re not, so that’s where waking up gets you. "Jed McKenna is an American original." Lama Surya Das "Absolutely marvelous, splendid, perfect book!" Shri Acharya "These books have profoundly changed my life." C. Jensen "These books are precious gifts to humanity." E. De Vries "Thank you for the books. I've been waiting all my life for them." C. Vankeith< Less
Rec League By Scott Springer
Paperback: $10.00
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Terry Brewer's life revolved in an endless circuit like the waters in the mechanical beer sign that hung in his favorite bar. His goal of one day reclaiming the family business, a now-decaying... More > hunting lodge, is mired in a monotonous loop. Oddly enough, to Terry, the best way out lay through the open doors to a hockey rink. Through a series of circumstances, Terry finds himself drawn back to a town and sport that he had only known as a bystander. Ice hockey helps bring Terry closer to the colorful array of characters that populate the rinks and bars of Silver Creek, Minnesota - the washed up minor league star, the out-of-control goon, the Ojibwe rink owner who mentors him, and the divorced hockey mom who distracts him. From the frozen lake where he skates alone, to the rinks where he collides with oddballs, fanatics, and lovers of the game that soon enthralls him, Terry speeds closer to his dream, but in striving to attain it, he finds that he may not get what he hoped for; he may get more.< Less
Fatal Sting: An International Thriller By Fritz Galt
Paperback: $22.95
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America launches an operation deep into India to find a biological terrorist, but the team leader has a more personal save his daughter's life. Work alongside ex-CIA operative Mick... More > Pierce as he delves into the mysterious disease that is taking his daughter's life, and help his team of commandos find the madman who holds the world hostage with the cure. Fritz Galt brings us a thriller woven from the fabric of life in India and tells the story of a mother who is estranged from her family in favor of her country, a Congressman drowning in Indian hospitality and a terrorist whose dreams extend beyond the Indian subcontinent. On a mad dash from the south of India to its frozen northland, Mick sees a dying country that needs his help if the disease doesn't get him first. In this “thought-provoking” and “terrifying” story, Mick has a daughter's life to save, a family to reunite and a wonderful people to rescue from the grip of a madman who will stop at nothing in the name of his religion.< Less
Tis Ri: The Dark Concern (Volume One) By S. Layne Russell
Paperback: $15.33
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Slabs of granite, washed down from the once adolescent Jam Dor Mountains, formed the road to the Tis Ri Pass. From as far north as the frozen Nom'd and south as the warm fields of Glendary, Tis Ri... More > was the only pass to the Bome Desert in Jam Dor's long, icy range. For hundreds of years, maybe a thousand, travelers had climbed the strenuous Tis Ri trail to enter the Bome, cross the giant dunes and rob the badlands of its rare salts and bloodstones, a gem possessed with medicinal qualities. Likewise, for the same span of time, the Bome had reciprocated by robbing many of those men of their very own lives, for no one could live long in the Bome. Still, one man sought to make that trek, for bloodstone, but mostly to rid himself of his dreams that had become as real as his waking reality. Behind him, Insanity chased, arm in arm with the fall of his own civilization brought down by the Black Trace cult. Perhaps, he had a fighting chance, that is, he would have had it not been for his opiate obsession.< Less
The Improbable Tale of How I Saved The Universe By Michael Barker
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Tam Husband isn’t the world’s greatest journalist. In fact he’s probably one of the worst. And when he gets an article rejected by Doorstop Bulletin he knows the clock is rapidly... More > ticking on his newswriting dreams. But when he makes an ill-advised trip to Antarctica in the hunt for a career-saving scoop, Tam instead becomes embroiled in a vengeful alien race’s dastardly plot to destroy the universe. Duped, manhandled and misled by shadowy organisations vying for power, Tam sets off on a hilarious journey that takes him everywhere from the secluded iron planet Fiz-Yelda to the mysterious Valley of Frozen Souls. Not to be put off a task just because he isn’t quite sure why he’s doing it, Tam pledges to fight the threat with a band of misfit comrades determined to succeed in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. A breathless, first-person space comedy, The Improbable Tale of How I Saved the Universe reached the final 14 science fiction books in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.< Less
The Bootleg Caper By Jack Benlow
Paperback: $15.78
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1929. Wall Street has crashed and the Great Depression dawns. Across America the attempt to keep the nation dry is failing. Illegal booze is king. Organised crime fights for bootleg territory on the... More > streets. The Mob is at war. Into this cauldron steps a naive young Englishman, Jacob Wattworth. He dreams of movie stardom in Hollywood, but within days of stepping ashore in New York he becomes entangled with a rag-tag crew of raffish but lovable bootleggers led by chameleonic superwoman, Eleanor Macnamara. Murder, romance and comedy follow him from New York’s mean streets to the frozen wilderness of Quebec’s goldfields. Along the way, he engages with malevolent mobsters and colourful characters such as blind Colonel Selwyn Good and the flamboyant movie producer, Argus D. Lasalle. Always in love, but rarely in luck. Jacob is the plaything of events beyond his control. Even though his mentors, his girl, his friends, desert him or die, his optimism always sustains him.< Less
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Revenge on the Rainy River Bees! By Chris Kreuter
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Samantha Clayburn doesn't have a lot to be happy about. Her family is poor, she's unpopular, and her mom's boyfriend is a jerk. But at least she has the frozen stream across the street. One Saturday... More > morning, she sneaks out, laces up her ratty old skates, and practices alone. She happens upon a pond hockey game with none other than the famous Rainy River Bees. Being invited to play is a dream come true, but it quickly turns into a nightmare. The Bythrin Dominion have come back for revenge on the Bees for ruining their evil plot to take over the universe during an intergalactic hockey tournament. Sam manages to escape with the Bees and gets wrapped up in a universe-spanning adventure. She gets to visit new galaxies, experience unique civilizations, and uncover clues that point them to a mysterious force with the potential to help them save Earth and defeat the Bythrin once and for all. Note: This is Book #2 in the Rainy River Bees series.< Less
Planes, Bears and the Turkey Bomber: One Family's Ten Year Adventure in Alaska's Bush By James Oliver
eBook (ePub): $5.99
While sitting at our desk many of us dream of ditching the tie or tossing the heels for adventure. Most never do. Planes, Bears and the Turkey Bomber: One Family’s Ten Year Adventure in... More > Alaska’s Bush brings the remote Alaskan bush to the reader through the eyes of a modern-day pioneer who risked everything to find something. The Olivers began their adventure leaving Virginia in 1997 with three young children landing 65 air miles from Anchorage in the remote bush of Alaska. The story follows their struggles and successes as they leave white-collar engineering jobs to carve out a home in the wilderness. Dealing with bears, frozen winters, financial survival, and building from raw materials, they progress over ten years to prosper in business and life operating a successful fishing business. Their tale relives the humor and drama along with the people – famous and not so famous - that can only come from living day-to-day in the bush and vowing not to fail.< Less

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