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Fugitives By Sinister Saints Press
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The main character is a fugitive… but from what? The authorities? The Mob? Bounty hunters? Supernatural predators? A dystopian police force? Why is the main character on the run? What is... More > their day to day life on the run like? Are the forces chasing them closing in? And if so, how do they react, and what are the consequences of their actions? ​Read on and find out...< Less
The Fugitive By Lincoln Astor
Paperback: $10.60
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Doctor Richard Kimble, falsely convicted for the murder of his wife, escapes in a train wreck while on his way to death row. He had been sentenced to die in the electric chair. This was "The... More > Fugitive", a TV series from 1963-1967. There were 30 episodes in each of the 4 seasons. Using the titles of each episode, I wrote 120 poems- but these have nothing to do with the plots. I summarized each episode's plot, provided each alias the fugitive used, each job the doctor worked in order to survive, and each state he traveled through as he criss-crossed the country. Simultaneously, Dr. Kimble was avoiding capture by the police, while searching for a one-armed man who he believes to be the killer. The last episode was the most watched, ever, at the time. Today, it ranks 19th. "The Fugitive" is my 3rd all-time favorite TV series behind "Columbo" #2 and "Hill Street Blues" #1.< Less
Fugitive By Patrick Ryan
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"Why did they have to give that all up because of one man? Why did she ever have to get involved with all this? Why did this stupid man ever try to take over?” Fugitive is the breathtaking... More > tale of a struggle for freedom that spans fifteen years. It follows the lives of Susan Oakley, Richard Mason, Oliver Mason, and Alex Porter as they attempt to defeat Thuban, who became the ‘Great Protector’ of England before trying to take over the country.< Less
The Fugitive By Rabindranath Tagore
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Darkly you sweep on, Eternal Fugitive, round whose bodiless rush stagnant space frets into eddying bubbles of light. Is your heart lost to the Lover calling you across his immeasurable... More > loneliness? Is the aching urgency of your haste the sole reason why your tangled tresses break into stormy riot and pearls of fire roll along your path as from a broken necklace? Your fleeting steps kiss the dust of this world into sweetness, sweeping aside all waste; the storm centred with your dancing limbs shakes the sacred shower of death over life and freshens her growth. Should you in sudden weariness stop for a moment, the world would rumble into a heap, an encumbrance, barring its own progress, and even the least speck of dust would pierce the sky throughout its infinity with an unbearable pressure. My thoughts are quickened by this rhythm of unseen feet round which the anklets of light are shaken. They echo in the pulse of my heart, and through my blood surges the psalm of the ancient sea.< Less
Fugitive By John Day
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Agents, Max & Carla are attacked, Carla is kidnapped, Max awakes in hospital with amnesia, branded a murderer and terrorist. Alone and destitute Max goes on the run. Helped by a psychotic... More > girlfriend he steals money and also new identities as they seek refuge abroad. Be prepared for a shock as this brutal and macabre predicament unfolds! UK and US security forces, vicious, vengeful criminals and Carla trace Max and his girlfriend to a Pacific atoll. A case of wrong place, wrong time as all the players in this story stumble upon a secret that is too dreadful to be exposed, but a love triangle threatens to do just that! Fate, twists, turns and the unexpected abound as this story unfolds around smart and driven characters. There is love, hate, sex, violence and cunning in the plot, with a killer ending!< Less
fugitives By Ethan Unrau
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Haedan Styles woke up in a destroyed classroom with no memory of what happened. He went home and tried to continue life, but strange things keep happening to him, like a strange girl who seems to... More > know everything about him and a surprise visit from the FBI. On top of it all, Haedans discovering things about himself he'd never thought he would know. Can he control it and still avoid the FBI?< Less
The Fugitive By Rabindranath Tagore
eBook (ePub): $3.99
About the Author Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate, was born on 7th May 1861 and died in 1941.He was renowned poet, playwright, and novelist of the modern India. He was a Bengali Author who... More > reshaped Bengali Literature and Music. He Penned Gitanjali’, which is deeply sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, after which he acclaimed the title ‘Nobel Laureate’. He was the first non-European to get ‘Nobel Prize’ in Literature in 1913. He started poetry writing from his early age of eight years and published his first poetry collection under the name “Sun Lion “(‘Bhanushingho). Later he wrote his first dramas and short stories in 1877. He founded the ‘Visva-Bharati University’.< Less
fugitive By lettie
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fugitive By lettie
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