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Street Life By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Streetlife is a collection of stories that focuses on, and vividly reveals the harsh realities of life on the streets in America. It shows the edges of those streets and how we can easily fall... More > through the cracks in the Capitalist system to end up there with little more than one unfortunate circumstance. In “Liberty City,” the longest of these stories, we see that there is much more poverty and hopelessness than liberty in Liberty City, a Miami ghetto, as we are taken inside the lives of many of the residents, the majority of whom live hand-to-mouth daily existences to move further up the ladder and out of the neighborhood. In “Mr. Payback” we see an aspiring comedian attack the wrong audience members, and the horrific conclusion to that unforeseen casual confrontation. These offerings, as well as the rest will keep the reader on edge until the story, and book, are finished.< Less
The G - Code: 10 Secret Codes of the Streets Revealed By Tyrone McDonald
eBook (ePub): $9.99
I believe that the code of the streets can provide valuable insight on the way the world is really ran. It gives you a different perspective than the one mainstream society would have you follow. The... More > job of the popular culture is to turn you into a zombie, just a work horse pulling that apple cart with your eyes trained on that carrot on the string in front of your nose. This carrot is a vague idea of retirement in a far off future that odds are you won’t live to see. What You Will Learn •How to figure out what type of man you are •The best way to deal with sudden challenges •How to spot dream killers •Why it’s o.k. to feel upset or hurt sometimes and how to use it to your advantage •How to peep game •The best way to deal with the women in your life •The signs that people are being dishonest with you If you like the book make sure to share it< Less
The Girl Across the Street By G. Lusby
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You would think Tim and Ashlee were brother and sister since they have always been inseparable. They have lived across the street from each other since they were four years old and have played... More > together, laughed together, gone to school together, and never kept a secret from each other. Until now! As they approach their teen years, Tim has hopelessly fallen in love with Ashlee but is afraid to tell her for fear it will affect their closeness. Should he tell her? Can he just stand by and watch as other boys ask her out on dates? His love leads him down many paths with her, but the ultimate path is one he never dreamed would happen. 226 pages - ISBN # 978-0-557-05752-8< Less
Embryonic G's By Ankoma Fulwood
Paperback: $5.00
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Embryonic G's is a very interesting book. It has lots of action from the first until the last chapter. A local group of guys that run they streets with order.
street step athens By amara g. hark-weber
Paperback: $34.99
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This project began as a simultaneous exploration of photography and the city of Athens. Over the course of 10 months, my understanding of the city and my way of seeing changed drastically. The... More > following images are just a few of those taken during this time.< Less
David Blains Street Magic Revealed! By Dave G
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Ever wondered how David Blain does his tricks? Well now you can! In this guide we reveal some of David Blins most popular tricks!
Music Street Journal: The Holiday Edition By G. W. Hill
Paperback: List Price: $7.99 $7.19 | You Save: 10%
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Music Street Journal: Holiday Edition This book assembles all the holiday articles published at Music Street Journal through the December 2014 issue. Reviews include albums or videos from the... More > following artists: Edie Adams Jon Anderson David Arkenstone Diane Arkenstone & Misha Segal Blackmore's Night Dave Brubeck California Guitar Trio December People Emerson, Lake and Palmer Vince Guaraldi Halford Jimi Hendrix Gary Hoey The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society Jethro Tull Lady Antebellum Steve Laputa The Living Sisters Steve Lukather Michael McDonald Michael Medley The Moody Blues Maria Muldaur Nox Arcana Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio Chris Squire 38 Special Trans-Siberian Orchestra Twisted Sister Various Artists and Vanessa Williams< Less
Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency By Max G. Manwaring, Strategic Studies Institute
Paperback: $15.50
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The intent of this monograph is to identify some of the most salient characteristics of contemporary criminal street gangs (that is, the gang phenomenon or third generation gangs), and to explain the... More > linkage to insurgency. As a corollary, Dr. Max G. Manwaring argues that gang-related crime, in conjunction with the instability it wreaks upon governments, is now a serious national security and sovereignty problem in important parts of the global community. Although differences between gangs and insurgents exist, in terms of original motives and modes of operation, this linkage infers that the gang phenomenon is a mutated form of urban insurgency. That is, these nonstate actors must eventually seize political power to guarantee the freedom of action and the commercial environment they want. The common denominator that can link gangs and insurgents is that some gangs’ and insurgents’ ultimate objective is to depose or control the governments of targeted countries.< Less
The Street life Of internet Scam By Jesus Bruce Asekeme
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The book is all about internet scam,am trying to show the world how to deal with scam on the internet,because scam is a major virus that causes disaster in the world today,and so many people have... More > fallen victim over the years. lives have been ruined,and others facing financial break down. this book will help people to protect themselves from internet fraudsters; this book talks about how com-men use to trick their victims, e.g Lottery scam loan scam check scam charity foundation scam L.O.C line of credit scam online banking scam E.F.C.C scam diabolic means online dating scam consignment scam next of kin scam credit card scam watch-watch scam transfer scam rent scam etc I want this book to be as an hand book to every individual in the world< Less
A Study of James G. Tunny, 1820 - 1887 By Julian Bukits
eBook (PDF): $10.94
Despite there being much documented facts about James G. Tunny’s life, what little that has been collated relates only to his photographic career. But, beyond the realm of his studio,... More > Tunny’s domestic affairs and political life also make intriguing reading. Married, and widowed three times, Tunny fathered eleven children. His choice of names for three of his offspring clearly indicates his political inclination. He had a reputation for being a staunch radical, aligned to Edinburgh’s Advanced Liberals, committed to bringing about social reforms for the working class. Drawing on research sources such as national archives, contemporary newspaper reports, photographic journals and the Internet, I have pieced together the photographic career of Tunny, setting it in the context of his domestic life, political interests, and the history of early photography. The more facts I uncovered about Tunny, the more intrigued I became about why such a prominent man would have been disregarded so quickly after his death.< Less