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Argentina, G20, Cambiemos. Del aislamiento al protagonismo global By Ricardo Lafferriere
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Ocho décadas de aislamiento argentino no exento de cierta dosis de soberbia han virado abruptamente a una mirada cosmopolita y humilde, aunque enraizada en los mejores años de la... More > historia argentina. La feliz circunstancia de pertenecer por tres años a la “tríada” gestora del nuevo germen de gobernanza global debe ser aprovechada, y la oportunidad de ser el país anfitrión de la reunión del G20 del año 2018 pondrá a prueba la legitimidad de la Argentina a esta pertenencia. El verdadero desafío son los años siguientes, que decidirán si el cambio de rumbo es permanente o ha sido sólo una anécdota histórica.< Less
Cruse Associates, Scandinavian Banks, G-20 Meeting, Everbright: Compliance By Eisje Aartse
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Scandinavia’s biggest banks have failed to curb funding risks linked to financial innovation and will probably only avoid downgrades if national regulators force through stricter measures,... More > according to Standard & Poor’s. Steps taken to date by lenders including Denmark’s Danske Bank A/S (DANSKE) and Nykredit A/S, as well as Nordea Bank AB (NDA) and Svenska Handelsbanken AB (SHBA) in Sweden, aren’t enough, said Per Tornqvist, a Stockholm-based analyst at S&P. As competitive pressure “forces banks to maintain short-term funding,” regulators need to step in and help banks extend their funding maturities, he said. AAA-rated Scandinavia’s biggest banks are more vulnerable to funding shocks than their peers in the U.S., France and Italy, according to a July analysis by S&P, which measured liquidity risks five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. paralyzed the global financial system.< Less
Argentina, G20, Cambiemos. Del aislamiento al protagonismo global By Ricardo Lafferriere
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Argentina ha sorprendido con un cambio de rumbo que puede dar comienzo a un nuevo ciclo largo de crecimiento. Un liderazgo de características no tradicionales, que incluye sin embargo en su... More > coalición a la fuerza política más antigua del país (UCR, 1891), ubica al presidente Mauricio Macri como el actor principal, aunque no excluyente, de este sorprendente y proceso. Argentina viró a tiempo antes de caer en una implosión terminal al estilo "bolivariano". Su ejemplo es mirado con atención en la región y en el mundo, al evitar caer en la tenaza "populismo o ortodoxia" que ha frustrado a la región en las últimas décadas. Al cuarto año de gobierno, un balance de gestión.< Less
PROTEST By Adrienne Large
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On November 2011, images from around the world will be examined and set for review in a startling new visual book offering, “PROTEST”, with use of small personal funding, the book’s... More > author and independent publisher Adrienne Large and book's co-designer, Laura Tsu, are sharing these momentous images, energy charged personal stories, and empowering examples of how regular people can make a difference and force change when necessary, in their new book, PROTEST (Hardcover and eBook; November 2011). The book’s release is timed to coincide with the closing of the 2011 G20 Summit in France. "Our goal is to take readers through the actual experience of the PROTEST," says Large. "To visually connect and feel what it's like to put your all on the line and stand up and stand out for what you truly believe in; in hopes that it sparks the undying human spirit, which screams, ‘let me be great!’< Less
The Experiment Military Theological Six Six Six Eternal Infinite Order By Anton Cristian Talin
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Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has read this book. Monsignor ...., has telephoned me, for to discuss in private, in the Vatican, with the Pope Francis, about this book. The Book: "The... More > experiment military theological S666N, Eternal Infinite Order", censored of Islam, NATO, G20, FBI, CIA, Vatican, UNESCO, ECHR, etc.! The code video supernatural of telekinesis and telephty from 5 July 2011, country RomaNia, city RomaN, city Roma, SromaN Bethlehem, SeveN, S666N, 26662, 7eve7, 707, devil dracula 666 Israel was arrested SisraelN, Satan Christ Cristo was arrested ScristoN = 117, A=1, Z=26, devil Maria was arrested SmariaN = 75, street SanNio = saint N I, market TreNto 3 N please, NNN, city MilaN= mercyN, country Italy. IN code are 835 books of tarot. The sum in Excel, at all the books between the book "creator" that is on the place 816, and the book "nor a thing" that is on the place 707 7eve7 SeveN S666N, it is 3816, are 111 books between and with books 816 and 707.< Less
The Dangerous Road - And Other Stories of Suspense And Mystery By Shawn Fitzgerald, Jr.
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A collection of short stories about horror, suspense and mystery. From a ghostly encounter in a tiny American town, to a Halloween night full of murder and then to a war torn Los Angeles. For more... More > just take that one last step, and go inside.< Less
LIFO 2: Chap. 3 of 3: "700 for you..." By William Hale
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"You can see all Jerusalem from up here," [exterior sound]
LIFO 2: Chap. 3 of 3: "700 for you..." By William Hale
eBook (PDF): $12.50
"You can see all Jerusalem from up here," [exterior sound]
Conflicted: London's Faces of Protest By Esper
eBook (ePub): $4.81
What does it feel like to be in the centre of a major demonstration? 'CONFLICTED: London’s Faces of Protest' takes readers right inside the action, from Gaza to G20 and beyond. Close-up shots... More > of current protests reveal the emotion and danger of the moment. Portraits of demonstrators and police show the commitment and fear that is part of direct action. In eight chapters – one for each protest – this book covers the major London demonstrations of 2008 and 2009. Photographs show the fury resulting from the Israeli bombardment of Palestinians, grief over terrorist attacks in India, outrage at atrocities in the Congo, anger at police ‘kettling’ at the G20 protests, incomprehension over concentration camps in Sri Lanka and media anxiety about disappearing civil liberties. Foreword by writer and broadcaster Alexei Sayle. Photographs by Mark Esper.< Less
ALI BABBA and the MANY THIEVES By Alexander Cee
eBook (PDF): $2.50
GAY EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT* (5 152 words)* A contemporary version of ALI BABA and the FORTY THIEVES. How can an honest, poor, overwork police officer ever bring down a global group of treasure... More > thieves the newspapers have dubbed 'Ali Babba and the Many Thieves? By working with a select team of police officers, from around the world, that's how.< Less

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