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Grandma's Gap Year By Vee Collette
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Before returning home to England at the end of a nursing contract in the Far East, at the age of sixty-five, Vee Collette took the opportunity to travel around Australia and New Zealand staying with... More > friends and in Backpacks. Travelling alone, this is her story of people, places, new friendships and the occasional frustration of being treated like an old lady. This is Vee Collette's first travel book which captures the highs and lows of following a route more often travelled by gap-year youngsters - proving the adage that "you are never too old".....< Less
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Their children had grown up. Carol and Colin Preston, now aged fifty decided to leave their jobs and go travelling for l year. Firstly in an old V.W. camper van, visiting 14 European countries and... More > then backpacking to Mexico, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.< Less
Gap Year Travel Tips By JA Starr
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From cheap insurance to keeping your underwear clean, practical advice for a long trip. New traveler on a first long-haul trip: Save yourself some hard knocks, money and headaches with this unique... More > travel advice book, created from a lifetime of traveling and the practice of mindfulness. It's the mundane nitty-gritty of traveling that no one thinks to tell you. Not, how to buy clothes, but how to launder the ones you have in a bucket, sink or even plastic bag; or which buttons to press in a far-flung launderette. How to: choose good seats and berths on cheap flights and buses, find cheap travel insurance, avoid scams, choose the best bags, fill in visa forms to avoid rejection, avoid bank fees, use foreign cybercafes, safety for the single traveler, and much, much more. The author of Gap Year Travel Tips spent over 20 years on the road, through 55 countries, and here gives the insider info to make your trip safe, low-cost and fun.< Less
Filling The Gap By Lara Shombery
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Georgina’s pre-university summer isn’t turning out to be the wild and memorable few weeks she’d hoped for. With dreams of World Cup glory over and a mind-numbing office job,... More > what’s a girl to do to fill the time? Georgina does the natural thing and develops herself a massive crush on a guy she has never actually spoken to. She reassures herself she’s not stalking this guy, just keeping her eye on him. When the guy in question finds himself on the receiving end of a nasty revenge plan masterminded by a deranged ex-girlfriend, Georgina may be his only hope. MORE INFO AT: Have you read this book? Leave a short review to help other customers.< Less
Jumping the Gap By Rachel Green
Paperback: $10.19
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George enters into a Faustian pact with Jasfoup for another thirty years on this earth. Can you really trust a demon? There might just be a catch somewhere. A play in two Acts
Mind the Gap By Bruce Mellor
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Turn good intentions into success! Do your good intentions sometimes remain so - just good intentions? There is a distinct gap between good intentions and success. After many years of developmennt I... More > am now ready to share with you the simple solution to closing the gap. It is simply brilliant! It is brilliantly simple! Why delay - invest today!< Less
The Gap in the Curtain By John Buchan
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The Gap in the Curtain John Buchan is remembered for his spy thrillers like “The 39 Steps” but he also wrote tales of the supernatural. Whether The Gap in the Curtain is a supernatural... More > tale, or science fiction, or horror, is difficult to say. A brilliant but possibly slightly unbalanced scientist discovers a means of lifting the curtain for a moment and gaining a glimpse of the future. This discovery allows six guests in his country house to see, for a brief instant of time, a page from a newspaper from one year in the future. The book then follows the life of each of the six people up to that date a year in the future, and examines the way they deal with the knowledge they have gained. The trick to it is that what they each see is an isolated fact, taken out of context. It can enlighten, but it can just as easily mislead. They know one thing that is going to happen, but they don’t know how and why it will happen. The knowledge turns out to be surprisingly dangerous.< Less
Stop Gaps By Thomas Taylor
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STOP GAPS explores the tactics and strategies for a high level protective detail and the value of protectors to "find and stop gaps" in their rings of protection before they are exploited... More > by their adversaries. When an unknown intruder penetrates the security surrounding the Missouri Governor's Mansion, Lieutenant Kacey Underwood and her team in the Governor's Security Division try to determine the intruder's identity, motive, and future intentions, before he can strike again. As investigators close in, the intruder takes the initiative, and Underwood and her team will be tested to the limits of their training and abilities. Thomas Taylor knows executive protection operations. As a member of the Missouri Highway Patrol for 30 years, he protected four different governors over much of his career. He served as president of the National Governor's Security Association (NGSA), and has handled security assignments in 19 countries. STOP GAPS is inspired by actual protective details handled by Taylor.< Less
The Big Trip: A Family Gap Year By Martha McManamy
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Taking a year off from the rat race is an idle dream for many, but the McManamy family, including their three teenagers, decided to make it happen. The Big Trip: A Family Gap Year tells how they put... More > high school, college and work on hold while they learned Spanish in Spain and volunteered in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Kenya. Choosing home stays and local transportation over hotels and rental cars, they undertook a deeply immersive journey of “slow travel,” living simply and experiencing life as the locals do. The teenagers contributed their own creative poems and stories to The Big Trip. A vivid account full of adventures and lively observations, the story also offers a template for anyone yearning to undertake an intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey of discovery. It is possible for families to take a Big Trip and enrich their lives without breaking the bank, losing a job, or falling behind in school. This compelling travel memoir motivates us all to follow even the wildest of our dreams.< Less